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Category: Touratech

  1. Touratech supports the Rhino Ride

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    Rhino Ride: Together Against Rhino Poaching in Southern Africa

    They mostly appear in the middle of the night, rope down from the helicopters; and often it takes them just a few minutes to do their bloody business: Rhino poachers in Southern Africa. With the Rhino Ride, André Barnard from Namibia and Gavin Green from South Africa are committing themselves to the protection of these impressive pachyderms. The Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach / Germany are supporting this project.

    For about 50 million years, rhinos have been living on this planet. But the survivors of prehistoric times may soon disappear forever, if trophy hunters and poachers can’t be stopped. According to the WWF, between 1990 and 2007 about 14 rhinos per year were victims of illegal hunt. Then - due to the greed for their horns - the numbers exploded. According to André Barnard, 1215 white and black rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa in 2014, and this year, about 1200 have been killed to this day. So, 2015 is going to be the bloodiest year in the history of rhinos. “If this continues, our children won’t see any rhinos anymore”, says André, pointing out that it’s five to midnight. The population of white rhinos in Namibia has decreased to only 5000 animals.

    For this reason, he started the “Rhino Ride” project along with Gavin Green from Cape Town two years ago. Working in the tourism business themselves, the two of them want to raise the awareness of other tour operators and partners for the protection of wild animals in general, and rhinos in particular. Motorcycle stunt rider Dirk Manderbach and Sabine Kastner, CEO of the company “Afrikascout” in Haiger (Germany) are supporting them. Sabine wants to set a good example, knowing that you can also achieve a lot by doing small steps. A single e-mail she sent to several tour operators was the reason that some of them are no longer offering ostrich and elephant riding in their programmes.

    The 2015 Rhino Ride lead through Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. André and Gavin have between  two and four appointments a day on their schedule. In order to be flexible and to avoid traffic jams, they have used motorcycles. But this is not the only reason: “The bikes are ‘door openers’, too. People are more relaxed, there is less distance and it's much easier to get into a conversation”, BMW fan André points out. Therefore, Touratech provided the two “Rhino Riders” with an R 1200 GS LC and an R 1200 GS Adventure. Africa fan Herbert Schwarz, who got to know André in person at the 2014 Travel Event, immediately knew that this project deserves every support.

    André and Gavin are also hoping for support from their partners in the tourism business, as last but not least, it’s the fascinating fauna that attracts holiday makers to the black continent: “If they’d donate just three Euros for each tourist travelling to Southern Africa, a lot could be done in the fight against poaching.” Protecting pachyderms is expensive: Due to the organized procedure of poachers, it is necessary to observe even remote areas from the air on a large scale. In some reservations, the rhinos even get their own bodyguards to prevent them from being slaughtered because of their horns. Rhino horn is considered to be a magic cure and is illegally shipped to Asia in most cases. One kilogramme of horn is worth about 60,000 US Dollars.

    Often, the animals are just anesthetized, so that no gunshot will alarm the rangers, André explains. Then the poachers cut off the horn, disappear as quickly as they came and leave the animals dying in agony. “Each tour operator should be obliged to support the fight against this cruel slaughtering and thus support species protection”, André says. It is not just all about collecting donations but, in the first place to do explanatory work and to raise awareness for the fate of rhinos.

    The Rhino Ride team points out that every cent donated will directly benefit the Chipembere Rhino Foundation in South Africa and the Next Generation Conservation Trust in Namibia. Both organizations do valuable work for the protection of rhinos.

    You will find further information on the Rhino Ride at

    Touratech supports the Rhino Ride

    Stunt rider Dirk Manderbach, “Rhino Rider” André Barnard from Namibia and “Afrikascout” CEO Sabine Kastner in front of the Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach / Germany.

  2. Touratech breaks new ground: Co-operation with Finnish Lynx snowmobiles

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    From Gravel to Snow: Touratech Breaks New Ground

    Motorbike outfitter in a co-operation with Finnish Lynx snowmobiles.

    Bound by a passion for adventure: Touratech, based in South Germany and the leading brand in aftermarket accessories for touring and adventure motorcycles, is to enter into a co-operation with the Finnish snowmobile manufacturer BRP Finland Oy based in Rovaniemi.

    What Touratech embodies in the world of adventure bikes, Lynx is for snowmobile fans. A passion for adventure that fuels innovation, unlimited riding fun and the pleasure found in new experiences and memorable moments are firmly entrenched in both companies' philosophies. Lynx experience in the snowmobile industry and Touratech's expertise in the field of adventure touring are now being bundled, merging in a joint project that was be presented to the public in Hermavan / Sweden on 9 March: the Lynx Commander Touratech, designed for ultimate winter adventures.

    Developer and manufacturer of Lynx snowmobiles, BRP Finland Oy, is part of the Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), based in Valcourt, Québec. BRP is the well-established world leader in the construction, development, manufacture and marketing of motorized recreational vehicles and powersports engines. The company founder built the first tracked vehicle for transportation on snow-covered terrain back in 1937.

    The German motorbike outfitter presented a Touratech styled snowmobile at the Intermot trade fair in Cologne. This was a project vehicle by Touratech’s Head of Sales, Martin Wickert, and one in which a number of developers, under the guidance of chief designer Bart van den Bogaard, have given free rein to their creativity out of their sheer pleasure in crazy ideas.

    It's no coincidence that Touratech is breaking new ground: for months after going on a snowmobile tour, Martin Wickert talked about little else than the speed, the vehicle's power and the tremendous amount of fun to be had riding over a frozen lake or ploughing single trails through deep snow.

    The maiden voyage of the Lynx Commander Touratech has started on March 9 from the "Santa Clause" town of Rovaniemi, Finland. Touratech’s Head of Sales joined professional adventurer Sami Päivike for a snowmobile journey from the Arctic Circle to the Arctic Ocean. Follow their adventure at

    From Gravel to Snow. Touratech Breaks New Ground

  3. Touratech presents anniversary catalogue

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    25 years of "New ideas for the motorbike" / 1924 pages with lots of new items

    Touratech Presents Its Anniversary CatalogueTwenty-five years ago, a passion for travelling in far-off countries, a passion for riding motorbikes, and a simple delight in creating new things resulted in the founding of Touratech. In 2015, the Black forest based supplier of motorbike parts and equipment celebrates its 25th anniversary, something that also features in the new catalogue: with a new record of 1924 pages that are bursting with products and ideas and 200,000 issues in five languages, it brings the whole world of motorbike travel into your own four walls.

    The Touratech 2015/2016 anniversary catalogue contains innovative accessories for lots of new motorbike models such as the BMW R nineT, the Honda NC 700/750, Honda VFR 1200 X Crosstourer and the Suzuki V-Strom 1000; exciting new developments for the BMW R 1200 GS / Adventure, the KTM 1190 Adventure or the Yamaha Super Ténéré, and innovations for chassis, luggage, seat comfort and rider equipment.

    The brand new aluminium pannier ZEGA Mundo, MX Light gloves and the new Touratech helmet Aventuro Carbon that transforms from an airy cross to a universal enduro or comfortable integral helmet in moments, are other new arrivals. And of course, there is also a new clothing collection to mark the anniversary, which is going to be celebrated in style at the Touratech Travel Event in Niedereschach / South Germany.

    All this and much more is to be found in the new Touratech catalogue, which also has the usual comprehensive editorial section. With travel reports from countries including Africa, the USA, India and Cuba; a review of the Travel Event in Niedereschach and the International BMW Motorrad GS Trophy in Canada, plus a detailed look at the history of Touratech, it is perfect for a quiet sit-down with a coffee.

    To help readers navigate their way through this mammoth publication, the Touratech catalogue now has a detailed index and a clear table of contents. While the first section is dedicated to special parts for specific motorbikes, with individual models sorted alphabetically and in descending order of engine size, it is followed by the chapters on luggage, seats, Touratech suspension and universal motorcycle accessories, then rider, travel and navigation equipment.

    Two hundred thousand copies of the 1924-page 2015/2016 Touratech catalogue have been printed in five different languages, and it will be available at all the major trade shows and events where Touratech will be present as well as from Touratech distributors. Copies can be ordered by telephone, e-mail or via the internet – free of charge, as always – and the catalogue is also available online at This version also works with smartphones or tablets.

    Direct link to order catalogue

  4. Tailor-Made GPS Bracket Protects Garmin's New Premium Sat-Nav

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    Touratech handlebar mount and Bike & Car Set as a complete package for the Zumo 590 LM The Zumo 590LM is Garmin's new top-end GPS motorcycle navigator.

    This premium sat-nav device features a larger, even easier-to-read touchscreen display, practical route planning options and universal connectivity. As well as the made-to-measure bracket, Touratech additionally offers the Zumo as part of a Bike & Car Set, which is a complete package for all-round use. Specially developed for the Zumo 590LM, the handlebar mount with tried-and-tested Touratech vibration damping is a must for everyone who wants to extend the life of their valuable navigator for as long as possible. Utilising aluminium and stainless steel, the robust, lockable mount is designed like a hand that encloses, grips and protects the Zumo. Damping elements eliminate vibrations and even shocks, e.g. when riding on gravel roads. The bike's on-board power supply connects to the Zumo via a Garmin cradle built into the bracket. The handlebar mount can be ordered keyed alike with existing Touratech accessories. Available in black and natural aluminium. 065-0790 Handlebar mount for Garmin Zumo 590LM, natural aluminium  065-0791 Handlebar mount for Garmin Zumo 590LM, black   

    Garmin Zumo 590LM Bike & Car Set

    Touratech has put together the Bike & Car Set as a complete package that includes the Zumo 590LM along with everything you need to use the Zumo in your car and on your motorbike. The Zumo is supplied with preinstalled City Navigator® NT maps for Europe (full coverage of 45 countries) including lifetime map updates. We have added the lockable, vibration-dampened Touratech handlebar mount and in-car attachment kit to complement this navigation system's extensive set of features.

    The set comprises the following items: - GARMIN ZUMO 590LM - TOURATECH handlebar mount for ZUMO 590LM, *lockable* - Set of bolts for RAM mount adapters

    060-0531 Garmin Zumo 590LM Bike & Car Set, natural aluminium  060-0532 Garmin Zumo 590LM Bike & Car Set, black

  5. Riding the new V-Strom 1000 to South America

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    A motorcycle adventure for children in need – with Touratech-equipped bikes

    Riding the new V-Strom 1000 to South America"These bikes surpass all our expectations. The equipment and the look are spot on, and the ride is smooth as butter." Claudia and Mirko Nagler were "on cloud nine" when presented with their motorcycles – provided by Suzuki and equipped by Touratech – at the season launch party held at Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach/Germany. In May, they are embarking on the world's first adventure ride with the new V-Strom 1000.

    Two motorcycles, 45,000 km, 18 countries – through North, Central and South America. Claudia and Mirko Nagler expect to take between 12 and 18 months to complete their journey. From New York, they will set off towards Canada, then ride down the west coast until they reach Tierra del Fuego, before continuing on to Brazil. Apart from seeing something of the world and experiencing different cultures, the couple – both native Dortmunders – want to make a positive difference.

    Claudia and Mirko are calling their project "2AR – a challenge to support kids in South America". (2AR stands for "2 Auf Reisen", or "two people on one journey".) They want 2AR to attract attention, persuading people to get involved and do something for a good cause, while also raising awareness for important social projects.

    Suzuki International Europe and Touratech are supporting this motorcycle adventure to benefit children in need in Latin America. Suzuki has provided two new V-Strom 1000 bikes, and Touratech has kitted out the bikes for long-distance touring – with headlight protectors, fairing crash bars, auxiliary lights, sat-nav holder bars, GD hand protectors with spoiler, extra power sockets, tank bags, engine guard panels, pannier racks and ZEGA Pro panniers (31 and 45 litres), long-distance foot pegs, aluminium luggage racks, rackpacks, heated grips, Heidenau K 50 tyres, Scottoiler chain lubrication system, plus specially made decals on the panniers and bodywork. Breathable seats, handlebar bags and crash bar bags will be added. Compañero motorcycle suits in a matching design, sponsored by Stadler, and Nolan X-lite X-551 helmets with communication system complete the equipment.

    "We are delighted that we were able to work with Touratech on this project," said Jan Hendrik Breckwoldt, motorcycle and ATV sales manager at Suzuki International Europe GmbH, during the official handover. "The motorbikes look absolutely superb." Touratech sales manager Martin Wickert, who presented the accessories that were developed for the bikes, thanked Suzuki for their fantastic support. He added that Touratech had worked on these motorcycles for about three months, and was pretty pleased with the results.

     "We have immense confidence in these motorbikes. They are lightweight, strong and handle really well," say a delighted Claudia and Mirko as they look forward to their journey.

    More information about the project is available here