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Devils Bridge, from Rich Climbs A Hill Woodside Cafe, Bikers Welcome, Via Gellia Road, Matlock, Derbyshire Poole Dream Machines - Final night of the season    
Navigation Inn, Bike Meet, Buxworth, High Peak, Derbyshire Original Tea Hut, Bikers, High Beech, Epping, Essex The Iron Bull Roadhouse, Bike Night Thursday, Basingstoke, Hampshire




























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* Please note, that the above list is mainly put together from visitor recommendations and is by no means a complete list of Meeting Places in the area stated. We encourage visitor feedback and recommendations, so if there is somewhere you have been and would like to tell others about it, then please do.
We strive to check listings at least yearly for any updates, closures or change of business. However, we would advise that before you head off to any of those listed for a specific visit that you check ahead - otherwise have a great ride!
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