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Tailor-Made GPS Bracket Protects Garmin's New Premium Sat-Nav

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Touratech handlebar mount and Bike & Car Set as a complete package for the Zumo 590 LM The Zumo 590LM is Garmin's new top-end GPS motorcycle navigator.

This premium sat-nav device features a larger, even easier-to-read touchscreen display, practical route planning options and universal connectivity. As well as the made-to-measure bracket, Touratech additionally offers the Zumo as part of a Bike & Car Set, which is a complete package for all-round use. Specially developed for the Zumo 590LM, the handlebar mount with tried-and-tested Touratech vibration damping is a must for everyone who wants to extend the life of their valuable navigator for as long as possible. Utilising aluminium and stainless steel, the robust, lockable mount is designed like a hand that encloses, grips and protects the Zumo. Damping elements eliminate vibrations and even shocks, e.g. when riding on gravel roads. The bike's on-board power supply connects to the Zumo via a Garmin cradle built into the bracket. The handlebar mount can be ordered keyed alike with existing Touratech accessories. Available in black and natural aluminium. 065-0790 Handlebar mount for Garmin Zumo 590LM, natural aluminium  065-0791 Handlebar mount for Garmin Zumo 590LM, black   

Garmin Zumo 590LM Bike & Car Set

Touratech has put together the Bike & Car Set as a complete package that includes the Zumo 590LM along with everything you need to use the Zumo in your car and on your motorbike. The Zumo is supplied with preinstalled City Navigator® NT maps for Europe (full coverage of 45 countries) including lifetime map updates. We have added the lockable, vibration-dampened Touratech handlebar mount and in-car attachment kit to complement this navigation system's extensive set of features.

The set comprises the following items: - GARMIN ZUMO 590LM - TOURATECH handlebar mount for ZUMO 590LM, *lockable* - Set of bolts for RAM mount adapters

060-0531 Garmin Zumo 590LM Bike & Car Set, natural aluminium  060-0532 Garmin Zumo 590LM Bike & Car Set, black

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