The meaning of Biker Friendly Accommodation

When we get asked the question here @ THE BIKER GUIDE "What is Biker Friendly Accommodation?", we have found that those that ask usually already are...
In the main this means you are happy to accept the owners of Motorbikes at your establishment.

This may seem strange to some of you, however it is a sad fact that some people think that Bikers will tear up the beds, cause havoc and terrorise... The reality is the average Biker is middle-aged and middle-class, has a higher than average income and money to spend on life... And as a few of our clients have mentioned, they will leave the place as they found it... nice and tidy.

In fact it is maybe establishments that accept and welcome Bikers that are the cleverest, as they realise that Motorcyclists can provide the tourist industry with a lucrative summer... whatever the weather.

Please note the most important information our visitors are looking for is that you simply welcome them!

It is not a prerequisite or that important that you have garaged parking, drying and/or motorcycle washing facilities, its just we like to include it if you have. In fact the when we asked the team @ THE BIKER GUIDE about washing their bikes when travelling, a great big 'never' was the reply...


Biker Welcome, Let Bikers know you welcome them


Biker Friendly Accommodation - definition