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  1. Hot News story - Helmet Number Plates are to be introduced!

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    UK motorcyclists will need to display a front number plate, under new laws passed by the British Government it was announced this morning.  

    Motorcyclists will need to apply to the DVLA by 31st April 2024 and purchase an envelope-sized sticker (at a cost of £69.99) – which they will need to attach to the front of their helmets (as pictured).  Helmet Number Plates are to be introduced

    The UK’s top traffic cop, Mr Ivan Dumbass, said "Bikers have been getting away with speeding offences for far too long!", claiming that 69% of bikers caught speeding by traffic control and speed cameras escaped a fine because of the lack of front number plates.

    Will you buy a sticker or run the risk of a £999 fine?








    Update after noon on 1st April...
    We try and make it very obvious it is a joke with PMSL, Dumbass, 31st April AND posted on 1st April! (Also apologies for a repeat of an old joke)
    Have a great April everyone!


  2. Today THE BIKER GUIDE is 14 years old!

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    Today THE BIKER GUIDE is 14 years old!

    On 8th January 2009 the button was pressed and we went live on the great world wide web... and 5114 days later we have millions of visitors from across the globe who regularly use the website to enhance their Biker lifestyle...

    The aim was (and still is) to bringing together a collection of information specifically for the Biker Community, with an extensive business directory included, all on one free and easy to use website... and I guess we did it and will continue to do so!

    We would sincerely like to thank all our all our visitors, customers, contributors and supporters.

    THE BIKER GUIDE® - Established 8th January 2009 - Today THE BIKER GUIDE is

    THE BIKER GUIDE® - Established 8th January 2009!