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Category: Dainese

  1. Dainese Joins the Altagamma Foundation

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    Dainese has joined the Altagamma Foundation, the prestigious association that, since 1992, has been bringing together high-end cultural and creative companies recognised globally as authentic ambassadors of Italian style.
    In becoming a Member of the Altagamma Foundation, Dainese joins such Italian players as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Riva, and Ducati, as well as many others from outside the automotive world. Companies like Gucci, Cucinelli, Bulgari, and Versace, that, just like Dainese since 1972, are true ambassadors of Italian style at an international level.
    For more than 45 years, Dainese has been setting the benchmark when it comes to protection and apparel for dynamic sports. The Company continues to focus on research and development in order to create solutions that allow individuals to express their full potential.
    Dainese Group CEO Cristiano Silei is proud to be associated with the Altagamma Foundation. He said, “For a company like Dainese, which holds style, quality, technology, and research as its core principles, becoming part of such a tight circle of Italian businesses symbolising excellence across every sector, only confirms the positive work we have done up until now. Being a member of Altagamma pushes us to continue along the path that we have taken.”
    Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager at Altagamma, added, “We are especially proud to have Dainese among the Foundation’s members because the company from Vicenza is an all-around trailblazer in the sports apparel field. From motorcycle riding to horseback riding, from winter sports to sailing, Dainese successfully blends functionality and design to create products with significant technical and style content.”

  2. Dainese is Back at Intermot with Explorer and the New D-Air® Product Range

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    After ten years, the Dainese Group returns to INTERMOT with exciting new Touring products and airbag technology. Dainese introduces Explorer, the new product line made especially for on & off road Adventure Touring. The third generation of D-air® products is also debuting, making available the highest level of protection for every type of use, including for female riders. AGV introduces AX9, the helmet that combines the best of both Touring and off road.
    With the release of Explorer, the new Dainese product line, the definition of Touring is updated to incorporate these products, which are the perfect blend of technology, comfort, and safety.
    From the glacial cold of the Arctic Circle to scorching hot deserts, by way of Alpine passes and infinite lengths of road, the Dainese Explorer products are designed to protect pilots and passengers in the most extreme weather conditions.
    Dainese is making use of the experience it gained with MIT in developing the gear for the astronauts who will go on Mission to Mars 2030. Special attention has been given to analyzing, studying, and mapping the lines of non-extension: The areas of the body along which body movement causes neither stretching or contraction. This knowledge has led to a guarantee of unprecedented lightness and comfort in a product with advanced ergonomics and an exceptional fit.
    Designed for on & off road Adventure riding on the planet’s coldest land, the Antarctica outfit is the adventurous soul of Explorer. Antarctica offers exceptional isolation from external temperatures and atmospheric agents. It also embodies Dainese’s technological excellence, providing highly innovative solutions like the Fast-Fit lumbar band that can be adjusted externally to customize the fit without having to open the garment, and the new patented Trixior® material that ensures superior abrasion resistance.
    In Cologne, Dainese will also introduce its new product range with the integrated D-air® airbag, which has been expanded and completely updated to guarantee an unparalleled level of protection and to meet the needs of every type of motorbike rider. Relying on more than 20 years of research and the analysis of over 1,500 deployments, the bag in the D-air® system has been purposely designed to only cover areas of the body that truly require protection. Plus, the protection has been diversified according to track or road use. For the first time, Dainese’s D-air® airbag, the company’s feather in its cap, is now integrated into a divisible suit and also comes in a women’s version for female customers.
    The historic Italian brand AGV is once again proving itself to be the natural extension of the Dainese Group head-to-toe safety system. Pista GP R is the perfect complement to the D-air® product range. It represents the state of the art for technology applied to protection, which is further confirmation of its role as the crowned jewel in the AGV racing product range.
    The new AX9 helmet is being seen for the first time at Intermot. This helmet together with SPORTMODULAR, the 2017 breakthrough, complete the AGV Touring range and stand out as the ideal complements to the Dainese Explorer line.
    AX9 combines the comfort of a Touring helmet with the style of an Off Road helmet. AX9 inherited the visor with Max Pinlock from the world of the Grand Tours, then it added a more comfortable lining and borrowed lightness from the Off Road sector, all of which places this helmet firmly in the top of its category.
    All of the Dainese Group new products being introduced at INTERMOT 2018 will be on display in Pavilion 8, Stand C024-D029.

  3. Dainese Settantadue Co-Headline Sponsor of the Bike Shed London 2018

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    London, May 25th 2018. United by a genuine passion for the heroic years when motorcycling really began, Dainese Settantadue and The Bike Shed are coming together to celebrate the industry’s most exclusive event this year in London.

    The Bike Shed London is the perfect platform for sharing authentic pieces of history and tales of true heroes on two wheels,” says Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group. “The unique atmosphere of the Tobacco Dock makes the Dainese journey of discovery all the more immersive.”

    “We are extremely proud to have Dainese Settantadue as the co-headline sponsor of The Bike Shed 2018,” confirms Anthony “Dutch” Van Someren, founder of The Bike Shed. “Our brands set themselves the same goal of giving customers and fans the best possible experience and the very best products, without compromise. The Bike Shed and Dainese Settantadue share a passion for motorbikes and for motorcycling culture.”

    This is the first time that Dainese Settantadue has appeared at The Bike Shed London. The brand draws authentic inspiration from the history of motorcycling clothing, that of the heroic years, offering garments that combine exclusive yet never nostalgic elegance with technical solutions that are able to satisfy the very highest safety standards.

    The star of the first Dainese Settantadue collection is the leather jacket, a garment that unites generations of motorcycle lovers and never goes out of fashion. The three lines are called Archetypes, Speed Leather and Demon Flower. All created with meticulous attention to detail, they are inspired by the icons of the past. Archetypes takes cult products like the bomber jacket, the classic leather jacket loved by bikers, rockers and 60’s-70’s travelers alike, and brings them up to date. Speed Leather, meanwhile, features jackets such as Toga72, Rapida72 and Freccia72, which are openly inspired by the racing suits that Dainese used to produce when the company first set out on its journey. The exciting new partnership with New York artist Othelo Gervacio has resulted in Patina72, the highlight of the Demon Flower line. Patina72 is made of drum-dyed leather that has been brushed by hand. It takes its name from the work that Othelo created to embellish the lining of the jacket and that characterises the themed T-shirts.

    Over the weekend of May 26–27, motorcycling enthusiasts can discover the entire collection in the exclusive Great Gallery at the Tobacco Dock in London. Giacomo Agostini, motorcycling legend and honorary member of the Dainese and AGV family from the outset, will be there to celebrate Dainese Settantadue’s premiere at The Bike Shed.

  4. Thousands of British motorcyclists and sportsmen benefit from top awards

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    Dainese, the Italian brand responsible for developing the first ever-wireless airbag system to protect motorcycle racers like Valentino Rossi, and the company who are protecting astronaut Thomas Pesquet as he completes a six-month mission at the International Space Station, has recently collected a host of International Awards, propelling the brand once again to the forefront of safety and innovation.

    The Dainese Group, who protect thousands of the UK’s motorcyclists, scooped three awards at the Red Dot Design Awards in the prestigious Product Design 2017 category. The Awards panel gave its seal of approval to the new Dainese Mugello R D-air® race suit, the AGV Pista GP R helmet and the latest generation Dainese Pro-Armor protective products, the three items were selected from 5,500 products, submitted from 54 countries.

    Another top international award Dainese excelled at was the Le Fonti Awards for Innovation and Human Resources, where the company was presented with the ‘Excellence of the Year / Innovation and Leadership’ award in the Hi-tech Protective Wear category. The awards identify and select excellent in the entrepreneurial, financial, industry, insurance and legal sectors. The selection was made with the contribution of a community numbering more than 40,000 qualified contacts in business and The Dainese Group came up top in the ‘Excellence of the Year / Innovation and Leadership’ award.

    Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group commented after both award ceremonies: The Dainese Group has always pursued its mission of advocating and delivery safety in dynamic sports, inspired by the potential of the human being, we study the protection needs of the human body in the most extreme conditions; riding a motorbike on track, downhill skiing, sailing and reaching zero gravity in space. These awards celebrate all the hard work and dedication Dainese’s staff put in embracing new challenges and we will continue to raise the bar of innovation.

  5. Dainese returns to space to revolutionise astronaut safety

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    INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION, December 29th 2016 – Following the September 2015 IRISS Mission during which Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen first tested SkinSuit, Dainese is returning to space protecting Thomas Pesquet, who has been on the Proxima Mission since November 17th.

    The result of a partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Dainese Science and Research Center, and developed to be worn inside the International Space Station, SkinSuit provides “loading” in the head-to-foot direction, in effect recreating gravity’s load on Earth, but in a weightless environment. SkinSuit aims to counteract the stretching of the spine in space, producing large amounts of vertical load without compromising comfort and movement. SkinSuit is completely made-to-measure by Dainese, requiring that over 150 measurements of the astronaut’s body to be taken.

    Dainese, which has always made protection in dynamic sports its mission, confirms its commitment to researching innovative solutions for the protection of humans and constantly looks to the future by exploring possible evolutions of the relationship between nature, art and science.

    Dainese has in fact recently supported SACI, Studio Arts College International, in the symposium “From Galileo to Mars: Renaissance of the Artsciences.” The exclusive event took place November 12 in Florence, Italy, with distinguished guests including NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman; NASA astronaut, engineer and artist Nicole Stott; Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli; architect and designer Guillermo Trotti and artist and professor Lia Halloran. At the event, Dainese showcased its two space suits: SkinSuit and BioSuit. More specifically, BioSuit is a space suit intended for the first human journey to the Red Planet expected around 2030 that applies the “lines of non-extension” concept, being able to apply the necessary mechanic pressure to the astronaut’s body, although without compromising movement.

    The Dainese design approach has always been inspired by nature and its structures, recognising the importance that innovation works at the intersection of design, engineering and science, aiming for the ideal balance between effectiveness, weight and ergonomics. The latest technology resulting from this approach is called D-air®, the wearable airbag that today protects the human body in sports and which is being prepared for the mobility of tomorrow, toward Mars.