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For any business which you would like to recommend to the on-line visitors of THE BIKER GUIDE g, just fill in the form below:
Please note: If you are the owner of a business or have a connection to, then please see the section on how to advertise with us, as this form is purely for genuine recommendations*.

Biker Recommendations
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Please note

When we receive a recommendation of a Cafe/Meeting Place, we then send a message to the owners inviting them to send in their details.

We are aware that while a Cafe/place MAY be Biker Friendly, they may not want to promote themselves as being this way, so we ask owners to clarify before they are included onto THE BIKER GUIDE website.

This might sound strange, but many years ago, when we started to include Cafes onto THE BIKER GUIDE from recommendations only and not sent from the owners, there was some issues with places not wanting Bikers on mass arriving and some with not suitable parking for those arriving on a Motorcycle.

Since then we introduced a policy, where the owners need to send in their own information and to clarify they want to be included. Of course this takes longer, but in the last ten years we have only had two reports from Bikers saying a place was not suitable (a new owner and the other not welcoming Bikers anymore).

Recommendations will only be included as text*, if we (or when we) have the listing included on the website**, within the Biker Friendly Cafe sections/pages.
* Text as a review, if appropriate. 
We will always follow up recommendations sent through to us, however we cannot guarantee that they will be included onto the website. We need the owners of Cafes to send and confirm their own details to be included.
**Owners of a Cafe business need to send their details via this form
For Accommodation, we will inform said accommodation we have been told they are Biker Friendly and invite them to place a listing.