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Category: Tourism & Travel

  1. Sat nav v maps on a Motorbike...

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    I used to like the idea of being spontaneous and also did not fancy using a sat nav however once you have tried to get a room somewhere to find you cannot get one as they are full due to a local festival, over priced (Italy circa 2001, 11 pm in a roadside motel style @ €175 comes to mind) , you cannot find one (sounds strange I know but there are miles and miles of nothing in parts of Germany and France - well apart from excellent scenery) and to book into somewhere and find it awful, we now do as above - i.e. find a final destination and plan route around it. 

    We use a combination of Biker Friendly accommodation on and if there is nothing in the area we want we also look on other accommodation websites. 

    We did a trip a couple of years ago with the final destination being Colditz Castle, which you can stay in. Went in July for 3-ish weeks with everything booked, set into sat nav and you know what - thank goodness as it rained everyday but one. We would set off with the next place in the sat nav - take off route when we wanted and arrive at destination stress free.

    We stayed at some great places, travelled fantastic roads and routes, ate well, found our way easy even with the many roadwork diversions and would pass by others at the side of the road battling with a big wet soggy map to find their way. We did also pack a map as back-up or to look at a vaster area on a larger scale, however we are happy to say it return dry and not soggy. 

    I think once you have used a sat nav on a big trip which gets you to destinations easy, gets you out of a diversion and back on route, helps you navigate/find food and petrol, you wonder what you did before the United States militaryreleased the technology for GPS!

    In fact travelling without the technology and maps on hand is a gamble... So check out Online Casinos  and try your luck.

    OK Garmin, Where are we now by Nigel Grace

  2. Time for Downtime: The Best Ways to Relax in Dartmoor

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    Dartmoor is a beautiful place and perfect for a retreat. Whether you need a break from city life or simply want to get out and enjoy a new area of the UK, Dartmoor is the place to go. Relax, rejuvenate, and get rid of your stress. With this guide, you’ll master your downtime.

    1. Get Out in Nature

    One of the best things to do in Dartmoor is to explore the countryside. Dartmoor is, after all, the largest moorland in the south of England, and also features the largest area of unglaciated upland. This makes for stunning landscapes and truly tranquil walks.

    Heading out and enjoying nature walks, or even just sitting down for a picnic, does wonders for our health and wellbeing, and with so many great trails in Dartmoor, you are spoiled for choice.

    If you need help picking out some stunning walks to enjoy during your time in Dartmoor, here are our favourites:

    Fingle Gorge  Fingle Gorge

    This is a spectacular riverside walk that promises sweeping views and enchanting sounds.

    Easdon Tor

    This rock-topped hill is only ten minutes away from Moorland View on foot. Head up and enjoy 360-degree views of the area. Perfect for a sunny, clear day and especially during sunset.


    Grimspound inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hounds of Baskerville. It is known for its 24 Bronze Age roundhouses, so head on out and tour them for yourselves. 

    River Bovey

    For a flat, lovely walk, head from Moorland View to Bovey Castle. You’ll enjoy wildflower woodlands, stone bridges, and of course, end up at one of the best attractions in Dartmoor.

    2. Enjoy the Spa Facilities Available

    There are so many great spa facilities available in Dartmoor to continue your downtime from the city. 

    Relax and get pampered in a variety of locations in the area, including the stunning Bovey Castle.  

    Bovey Castle  

    Bovey castle features the Elan Spa, which offers excellent packages and views of the River Dart. 

    The Lorrens Ladies Spa  

    This ladies-only spa is elegant and offers award-winning services right on the English Riviera.  

    Wear Park Spa  

    Another award-winning spa, this one is located in a stunning manor house on the Exeter Gold and Country Club grounds.  

    1. Have a Quiet Evening In  

    Don’t be afraid to have a quiet evening in when you are in Dartmoor. Curl up with a good book, or if your idea of relaxing in your downtime is going online for livecasino tables, then go for it. All you need is to either find a good nook or snuggle in bed. If you need any help with where to stay that will best compliment cosy nights in, our top suggestions include:  

    • Warren House Inn 

    • Two Bridges Hotel  

    • The Globe Inn Chagford  

    Your stay in Dartmoor should be relaxing and allow you to destress. Make your trip here a regular treat and explore the entire area to its fullest. Find your favourite haunts, and don’t be afraid to just spend a night in without a care in the world. Dartmoor is here for you, year after year, so experience it slowly and enjoy it luxuriously.  


  3. 7 Of The World's Best Motorcycle Rides

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    If you love motorcycling, then you know that there's no better way to enjoy your weekend than taking out that trusty old bike on a road trip. The feeling of the breeze hitting your face and the exhalation of your speeding motorcycle allows you to enjoy incredible views in the way you enjoy best. Here's a list of the top seven motorcycle rides you may want to try on your next expedition.

    1. Ceuta To Marrakesh Loop In Morocco

    Covering over 2500 kilometer, the Ceuta to Marakesh loop journeys through the exotic realm of ancient souks (bazaars), kasbahs (citadels), and desert cultures.  After getting off the Ceuta ferry, bikers can ride to Fez through the wild Rif Mountains, before traversing the Atlas mountains and getting to the Sahara at Erfoud.

    1. The Australian Great Ocean Road

    As a well-seasoned cyclist who's looking for a place to have fun after redeeming the bet365 bonus code, this famous Australian road should be among your top three picks. The Great Ocean Road is not only renowned for its great bends, but also lots of beautiful wildlife and straight paths for you to run wild. Expert bikers can take the trip in a single, though it's recommendable to take two days to enjoy the experience fully. Australian Great Ocean Road - Lorne,

    1. The Amalfi Coast

    For those looking for a quiet holiday destination filled with picturesque sceneries, Italy has got your back. When riding, the tarmac nirvana located on the achingly beautiful Amalfi Coast on the Sorrentine Peninsula offers you a great biking adventure, despite being only 60 kilometers long. However, what it lacks in the distance is well compensated in the gorgeous scenery it offers.

    1. Pyrenees Loop in Spain and France

    When it comes to breathtaking sceneries, both Spain and France boast of some of the most stunning expanses ever known to man. As such, it shouldn't come as a surprise to see that the two countries share one of the favorite loops for bike lovers. The 1500 mile loop extends from the gorgeous Bilbao city to the Biarritz beachside, though you can ride through the French Mediterranean coast and Andorra. 

    1. Hanna Highway, Maui

    The stunning Maui island in Hawaii is a gorgeous scenery for both the locals and tourists, though hurtling down the 100Km road on your motorbike makes the experience even more incredible. The area is sweltering even during the cold seasons, so it's best to pack light. However, you needn't forget your protective gear.

    1. Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam

    Located in the historical country of Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh trail is highly popular with motorcyclists. The 1000 mile road from north Saigon (Hanoi) to the South is steeped deep in beauty and history, allowing riders to enjoy the stunning Vietnamese mountains, hinterland, and rice terrace. Even better, the locals are friendly and highly welcoming to the visitors.

    1. Pacific Coast, USA Pacific Coast Highway, USA

    If you're an adventurous motorcyclist in the US, the entire west coast will make a fantastic road trip. You can enjoy a drive through the iconic scenes of Los Angeles and San Francisco, or travel through the backwood of highway 1 & 101 that takes you to Portland, Oregon.

  4. A UK Motorbike Road Trip for Football Fans

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    Road trips give you the freedom to travel for whatever reason you want, visit many places along the way, and take in the scenery as you are going. It’s awesome to combine a motorbike trip with other hobbies and interests. 

    Here is a simple UK road trip for football fans. It takes you through some of the UK’s major cities, with each offering a solid dose of football madness. You can adjust the trip as you see fit, adding stops and destinations. If you support a specific team, then you will want to add their hometown to the route, so that you can visit their stadium and catch a home game.

    Main Destinations

    The main destinations for this motorbike road trip are London, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow. Here’s why:

    London – London has more football clubs than any other city in the UK. There’s Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Crystal Palace and more. London is also home to Wembley Stadium, the largest stadium in the UK and the second-largest in Europe. You can take tours of the stadium for £19 per person, exploring the stands, tunnels, press conference rooms, and ending with the ‘Exhibition of Champions’, showcasing 56 years of European football. 

    Liverpool – Liverpool FC overcame expectations to beat Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup last year, making them the reigning champions of Europe in just about every way.

    Liverpool FC are top of domestic and European football at the moment, makin

    Liverpool FC are top of domestic and European 
    football at the moment, making the city one of the best destinations for your
    motorbike road trip.


    Fans can take a full tour of Anfield Stadium, including the Liverpool FC and Steven Gerrard Collection museum at the end. If you’re really into it, then you can even stay at the Bill Shankly Hotel, a dedication to the team’s former manager. Liverpool city is also home to Everton, who have just as much history though not as many honours. 

    Manchester – Manchester is home to two very successful football teams: City and United. As such, this is a city that is full of football pride. You could visit the Old Trafford Stadium (or Etihad if you prefer Man City), check out the National Football Museum, and even stay in the Hotel Football. If you can get to Manchester for derby day, then you’re in for a real buzz! You don’t have to get tickets to enjoy the game; the bars and pubs will be rammed. 

    Glasgow – You could skip out Glasgow to keep your road trip short, but keeping it in lets you see much more of the UK’s finest scenery. The drive up from Manchester to Glasgow is, for the most part, spectacular. Detour through the Lake District, where you can find plenty of biker friendly accommodation to stop off, and then head up into the wilds of Scotland. Glasgow is home to one of the fiercest football rivalries in the UK: Rangers Vs Celtic. You can also visit the Scottish Football Museum.

    The Route - See here

    The beauty of any road trip is that you can plan your own route, so don’t be afraid to tamper and go where you went to go. You can also take on this trip in either direction, starting in London or Glasgow. Starting in London and ending in Glasgow will leave the best scenery till last, but true football fans may want to finish off with the Wembley Stadium tour.

    From London, you can take the M40 up towards Birmingham, then the M56 North, turning off on the M62 to Liverpool. The same motorway, the M62, will take you from Liverpool to Manchester. You can then take the M61 and M6 North to Lancaster.

    Around Lancaster, you have the opportunity to change up the route and see the nicest National Parks the country has to offer. I recommend the Lake District, turning off near Kendal to take the stunning A591 straight through the Cumbrian Mountains, rejoining the route at Carlisle. From there, it’s the A74 and M74 to Glasgow, again through beautiful scenery. 

  5. Big Tour Savings Riding NEW Yamahas

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    Tenere, Tracer 900 GT and Bolt motorcycles now available for our September 2019 Wild Wild West guided tours. They offer great value for money with savings of £600 per bike on our 2 week tour and £450 on the one week tours.

    For those of you who've ever asked about lighter bikes then these Yamahas make an ideal alternative to our fleet of Harleys.  And, combined with the opportunity to ride all the best bits of the American West and the golden state of California, what's not to like!

    On the Wild Wild West tour it's difficult to pick the top highlights....

    • Grand Canyon
    • Monument Valley and Navajo lands
    • Death Valley
    • Yosemite
    • Bryce Canyon
    • Zion National Park
    • Historic Route 66
    • Las Vegas glitz and glamour
    • San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge, Napa wine valley, Alcatraz)
    • Pacific Coast Highway and Big Sur
    Call Linda NOW on 01256 771770 to take advantage of the Yamaha Wild Wild West tours offer. 

    And for all other fabulous Silver Jubilee offers CLICK HERE

    Orange & Black can also arrange flights, accommodation, specialist travel insurance and any other travel requests you have.

    Ride Safe

    David Grist