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Category: Tourism & Travel

  1. Back Roads Of Spain - Review from Traverse magazine

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    Outstanding! Back Roads Of Spain, Spanish Adventures On A Moto Guzzi Centauro was Duncan Gough's first published book of his travels through Spain, covering a ten-year span.

    Packed with stories of his earlier exploration of the Iberian Peninsula Back Roads Of Spain has a little for everyone, stories that will make you laugh, cry, and even wonder why.  Back Roads of Spain, Motorcycle Travel book, Duncan Gough

    Gough has a unique writing style that is engaging and not pretentious yet will have you pulling out a map and wanting your own Spanish adventure, it even had us checking out the web to find pictures of the bird life mentioned in the book, you see Gough is an avid birdwatcher. He combines this love with that of motorcycle travel to produce beautifully written anecdotes of his adventures.

    As well as the descriptive examples of architecture, landscapes, cultures and people, Gough includes a little philosophical examination to generate thought provocation whilst not taking himself or the thought of motorcycle travel too seriously. It's a wonderful way of including the reader and works well enough to have you power through Back Roads Of Spain in an hour or so, then flip back to page one and start again. And like travel, you'll find things you hadn't discovered first time around.

    If you're heading to Spain, or even if you're not, Back Roads Of Spain is a must.


  2. Back Road Campsites Of Spain - Review from Traverse magazine

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    There’s little doubt that Duncan Gough is an expert in the Iberian Peninsula and with that comes a wealth of experience he passes on to fellow travellers through a series of beautifully illustrated books and guides. The latest offering, a revised second edition, from Gough is Back Road Campsites Of Spain, and like the name suggests is a brilliant accompaniment to any traveller wishing to moto camp throughout Spain.

    Gough has put together a selection of his favourite camp spots that take in the entire nation, all include detailed information regarding the site, costs, amenities, location, and more. As is the norm with all of Gough’s books, Back Road Campsites Of Spain is beautifully craſted, professionally written and highlighted by Gough’s own water-coloured sketches, all with a level of detail that many larger publishing houses could learn from, as it shows that Gough has a long and deep love affair with the Iberian Peninsula, its people, cultures, and landscapes.  Back Road Campsites of Spain, Duncan Gough

    An aspect we like with Back Road Campsites Of Spain is the detailed list of wildlife to look for as well as identifying bird species with detailed silhouettes to look for, again drawn by Gough. If you are planning a ride through Spain, and/or Portugal, then getting your hands on any of Gough’s books wouldn’t be a bad place to start. It doesn’t matter if you are on two wheels or more, these books are the perfect accompaniment, especially Back Road Campsites Of Spain.




  3. Back Roads To The Catalan Pyrenees - TRAVERSE Magazine Review

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    Back Roads To The Catalan Pyrenees: Biscay Ports To El Pont De Suert is the 2018, first offering of an eight-part series of travel books by Duncan Gough covering everything Iberian Peninsula. As with all other books by Gough, it doesn’t disappoint. Packed with useful information and interesting travel anecdotes Gough completes Back Roads To The Catalan Pyrenees: Biscay Ports To El Pont De Suert with beautifully detailed hand-illustrated maps, scenes, and inspiring photographs.   

    Back Roads to the Catalan Pyrenees - Duncan Gough

    Back Roads To The Catalan Pyrenees: Biscay Ports To El Pont De Suert is a wonderful way to start exploring Spain and Portugal, Gough’s knowledge of the region often surpasses that of even the locals and he’s extremely glad to be able to share this beautiful region of Europe. Through Back Roads To The Catalan Pyrenees: Biscay Ports To El Pont De Suert, Gough shows the ‘real’ Spain through his personal knowledge and thoroughly researched information, it provides a genuinely intimate look at the region.

    If you’re thinking of travelling the Iberian Peninsula make sure you grab a copy of Back Roads To The Catalan Pyrenees: Biscay Ports To El Pont De Suert and all other books by Gough. They’re a must for any traveller.



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  4. Exploring the Open Road: Bikers' Perspective on Cruise Travel

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    For most bikers, a vacation means hitting the open road on two wheels, embracing the freedom of their bikes, and enjoying untamed adventure wherever the road takes them. But sometimes even the most seasoned riders look for something new, a way of experiencing the world differently and seeing an alternative perspective on travel.

    Enter cruise travel. Cruising might sound like the polar opposite of biking (and in many ways it is!) but it is a great way for bikers to explore new destinations and get a very different kind of thrill from exploring the world.

    So if you’ve been riding for years and are looking for something novel this year, consider an all-inclusive cruise. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons why cruise travel can appeal to bikers, and how they can make the most of their adventures on the high seas.

    A Change of Pace

    After spending years exploring the world in the saddle, the idea of letting someone else take the wheel is undeniably appealing. While nothing beats navigating winding roads and breathtaking landscapes yourself, there is a lot to be said for a change of pace, and the chance to relax and unwind while still satisfying a sense of adventure. With a cruise, bikers can still enjoy a vacation where the surroundings are in constant motion, with a new destination on offer every day, but without the stress and exhaustion of driving themselves everywhere.

    Exploring New Destinations  Hotel Barges for Biking Cruises

    One of the main areas of overlap between a biking and a cruise vacation is the chance to explore a variety of new destinations in one single trip. However, where a cruise offers a difference is the opportunity for exploration without the hassle of planning routes or seeking out appropriate accommodations. A cruise vacation will offer bikers a plethora of scenic coastal roads, historic cities, gorgeous coastlines, and charming villages, all able to be enjoyed from the comfort of a luxury stateroom, with three delicious meals a day prepared for them, and plenty of other entertainment on hand for any downtime. Whether it's cruising along the rugged coastline of Norway, 
    exploring the winding roads of Tuscany, or discovering the vibrant culture of the Caribbean, a cruise offers a journey bursting with excitement and beauty.

    Onboard Amenities

    Most bikers might be used to roughing it a little while on vacation, as a getaway in the saddle and on the road tends to be DIY and rugged. A cruise vacation brings a whole new level of comfort and luxury that, just once in a while, is hard to beat. From exquisitely appointed staterooms and first-class fine dining restaurants to onboard amenities like spas, swimming

    pools, and climbing walls, a cruise ship is an exceptional option for anyone wanting to see the world in comfort and style, exploring exciting new destinations while always having somewhere exceptional to come back to after a long day of fun. A cruise means that bikers can enjoy the finer things in life while still embracing their adventurous spirit.

    A cruise might not be the first option that springs to mind for bikers contemplating a vacation, but it offers a unique opportunity to explore new destinations and enjoy the freedom and thrill of the open seas while also taking advantage of comfort and luxury. A cruise brings culture, art, food, architecture, and natural beauty together, adds a sprinkle of adventure and excitement, and combines it all to create a truly awe-inspiring vacation option for almost anyone to enjoy!




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  5. Summer Nights in Scotland

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    Summer nights in Scotland are some of the most beautiful. Catch a red sky at night sunset, and it'll blow your mind. Scotland is just one of the most beautiful places on the planet - 14 million people travel yearly to see the beauty. Some call it the land of myths, but we think it's the land of beauty. Keep reading to learn about summer nights in Scotland.

    Summer Nights in Scotland  Sunset in Balmaha, Scotland - Ramon Vloon, Unsplash License

    We'll talk about the summer mornings because we also love them, but the summer nights will steal your heart. Scotland is known for, well, being freezing, so you really can't beat a warm summer night. But how can you spend a traditional summer night in Scotland? We have a few ideas. And it's very culturally Scottish.

    You could try authentic ceilidh dance in a small village hall. The lively music and spirit are great, and it's not typically what tourists do. You can wander through a night market in Glasgow or Edinburgh - they're always good. Local artisans and culinary delights create a lively atmosphere.

    Dining al fresco at a coastal eatery is already incredible. Travel down the coast with luxury motorhome hire in Edinburgh (also a great experience), and you'll find an endless list of traditional pubs serving the best food. The seafood is some of the best. Search on TripAdvisor before you go for advice.

    Or you could stroll through the serene ruins of St Andrews Cathedral or Edinburgh Castle. There's an endless list of things for you to do.

    The Best Place to Catch a Sunset

    Of course, you need to catch a Scottish sunset. Summers in Scotland usually have a good 16 or more hours of sun each day, with the sun setting at about 9:20 pm in August. You're guaranteed to catch a good sunset (well, UK summer isn't reliable).

    The Isle of Skye is a great place to go - it's popular with locals and tourists. 
    The Loch Lomond reflective surface also makes a sunset look incredible. Rannoch Moor is massive. The open landscape is perfect for watching a dramatic sunset. Or you could take your motorhome (if you rent one), and take it to the remote Outer Hebrides. It's a great sunset experience.

    If you're more urban, the sunset from the Glasgow Necropolis is incredible.

    You'll be able to find tons of sunset experiences, even without trying. There's something about a Scottish sunset that's mesmerising, and so are the sunrises. More on that in the next section.

    The Best Places to Catch a Sunrise

    Sunrise can be just as beautiful as the sunset if you're watching it from the right place and can see it.

    In our opinion, the east coast offers gems like the beaches of St Andrews, where the sun rises over the North Sea. If you catch this on a clear day, it looks stunning.

    The summit of Ben Nevis, the UK's highest peak, is one of the best, but not everyone will find climbing to the highest peak of Ben Nevis in the morning. Well, you couldn't anyway. 

    You'd be doing a nighttime hike. It takes, on average, 7-8 hours to climb to the summit of Ben Nevis. You will get an incredible Highlands view, though.

    The hills of the Scottish Borders are also great - you can see for miles so you're almost guaranteed to see the sunrise. And they're not as tricky to get to as the summit of Ben Nevis.

    The Best Locations To Spend The Night

    Have we made you want to spend some summer nights in Scotland? Compared to some parts of the UK, it's not expensive at all.

    Scotland's clear summer nights are perfect for stargazing and catching the best sunsets. You won't regret even just spending a weekend there. Galloway Forest Park, known as Dark Sky Park, will give you some of the best stargazing experiences in Europe. If you want a tranquil retreat, the remote beaches of the Outer Hebrides are stunning.

    Look online for some of the top places to spend the night.

    Summer nights in Scotland are just the best - the natural beauty will blow your mind. Natural beauty is completely what Scotland is about. It doesn't matter where you stay or what you'll see - summer nights in Scotland will be some of the best. And because it spends half the year in the cold, everyone is making the most of it. The Scottish hospitality in the local pubs will make you feel welcome.

    Isle of Skye - Ray F Walton




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