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Category: Tourism & Travel

  1. Why Bikers Should Use Esimatic When Riding Abroad

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    Motorcyclists should definitely have an internet connection when travelling abroad by motorbike. And eSIM technology actually fulfills their needs in a very big way. Today we are going to tell you a few things about why motorcyclists should use Esimatic when travelling abroad. If you like travelling long distances with your motorbike and have recently made such a plan, we recommend you to read this article because you may not have thought of this before.

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    What is Esimatic

    Before explaining why motorcyclists should make use of this technology when travelling abroad, let us first give you a little information about what Esimatic is. Esimatic is a technology that connects you with an internet connection abroad. And thanks to this technology, you experience the security of having an uninterrupted internet where you go. Well, how does Esimatic offer uninterrupted internet to people? It connects to the most reliable local networks in the country you want to go to and connects to the one with the strongest signal from those local networks according to your location and thus you have an internet connection. In case you change your location, it reconnects to the local network with the strongest signal in your new destination and prevents your internet connection from weakening. Thanks to affordable esim data plans, you can have an internet connection suitable for your travelling time.

    Stable Internet Connection

    Since the vehicle used by bikers is more dangerous than cars, it is vital that they can be accessible at any time or that they can reach other people at any time. Because an emergency situation may occur on the road and they need to communicate with people in order to prevent or get out of this situation. Thanks to Esimatic technology, bikers can choose data plans for themselves according to their destination, and thanks to these data plans, they can have uninterrupted internet connection and call any person they want at any time via platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram. At the same time, they can continue to use their traditional sim cards while using Esimatic technology, which means that if someone wants to reach them, they can do so without any problems.

    Free From Local SIM Cards

    People travelling abroad by motorbike usually do not just go to one country and return home from there. They do this in a group and visit more than one country. But when this is the case, if they want to use a local SIM card, they need to buy a different card in each country they visit. Travelling on a motorbike is already quite tiring and people may not like to deal with this. But Esimatic offers a solution to this situation and thanks to the data plans it offers, people travelling abroad by motorbike can have data plans according to how long they will stay at their destination. When they move to another country, they will still be able to use the eSIM data plans they have purchased. This will certainly save them the hassle of buying a new local SIM card in each new country.

    No Roaming Fees

    When travelling abroad, people want to keep their spending under control and the same applies to motorcyclists. If you have travelled abroad before, you will be aware of the roaming charges that local SIM cards impose. These roaming charges can sometimes be annoyingly high and can give users a lot of flexibility, and when people look at their bills, they don't want to pay so much. But this is not the case with Esimatic. Once you buy this technology, you use it until your data plan runs out, and when your data plan runs out, you will not be charged an additional fee, or when your data plan runs out, it will be automatically renewed without your knowledge. Since Esimatic has prepaid data plans, you pay first and then start using the service, so there are no unannounced payments or additional charges that will upset you. Motorcyclists can also use Esimatic if they want to keep their spending under control because nobody likes high roaming charges.

    Instant Usage

    We have already mentioned that motorcyclists may travel to several different countries and may need to use their internet connection in a short period of time. Esimatic technology actually provides people with exactly this. When you use a local sim card, you may have to wait a few days for it to be activated, sometimes it may take a few hours, but in some cases even minutes are important. But if bikers want to take advantage of Esimatic technology, they will be able to activate their data plans in a very short time and start using their internet connection immediately. Thanks to instantly using the internet connection, bikers can find accommodation or places to visit immediately.

    How to Purchase

    In order to benefit from Esimatic txechnology, you must first find out whether your phone is compatible with this technology. To do this, you can review the compatible phones on the main page of the Esimatic website or contact the manufacturer of your phone. What you need to do afterwards is to download the Esimatic application, after downloading this application, you need to examine the country you want to go through the application and the data plans in this country and choose the one that suits you. After making this selection, you make the purchase and download the eSIM according to the country you are going to with the help of the instructions given by the application. After this download, a QR code is sent to you and your internet connection is activated by scanning this code. So if you look at it, this process will actually take a few minutes and will be done in a very short time. As with traditional sim cards, you do not need to wait for the activation process and you can start using your internet connection with peace of mind.




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  2. Biking Across Europe: A Short Guide to Traveling by Bicycle

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    Embark on a European adventure on two wheels! Discover our concise guide to biking across Europe, your key to unforgettable cycling experiences.

    Many kinds of transportation have been popular in Europe for a very long time. After working hard to make travel better, routes between places have gotten very fast and environmentally friendly. Speedy trains and buses connect countries, making it easy to get around.

    Biking is a fun activity and sport in Europe that people of all ages enjoy. With sports betting becoming legal in more places, some people also like betting on professional bike races. But this guide is mostly about biking for fun and sightseeing, not bike sports.

    Riding a bike is an important way for many Europeans to get around towns and cities. It also lets tourists see new countries in an exciting way. Biking offers a lot, from getting around faster to exploring nature trails. Here we will talk about what makes biking in Europe special and some of the top trails.

    What About Biking in the Netherlands?

    When biking in the Netherlands, learn this phrase: “Uitgezonderd fietsers”. It means “except for bicycles” and marks places where cars are not allowed but bikes can still go. As a cyclist, you can go almost anywhere.

    Zandvoort has miles of beaches and beautiful seaside campsites. It also has bike routes through local villages and forests, perfect for mixing cycling with outdoor adventures. It brings you close to the North Sea, where the next major cycling route in Germany begins.

    Can I Bike Through Germany?

    The Elbe Cycle Path in Germany stretches 900km. It passes through major cities like Hamburg and Dresden before ending in the Czech Republic.

    For city travel, Germany’s big cities are very bicycle-friendly. Berlin has wide roads and usually bike lanes. Bike rentals are also easy for visitors to find.

    There are a few main categories of visitors to Germany: Members of the Schengen area and countries with special agreements. Then members of countries with more relaxed entry rules who can visit for 90 days.

    Can I Bike Through Austria?

    Austria’s capital Vienna is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe. Bike lanes are common within the city, and the flat terrain makes exploring easy, even for beginner bikers. In some places, you can rent bikes by the half hour, with a full day of riding costing around 15 euros.

    With 1,660km of bike paths, Vienna is exciting to see by bike and simple to get around. You can easily travel along the Danube River, but the best biking in Austria is outside the city.

    Austria is especially popular for mountain biking. Stattegg, Leogang, and Saalbach-Hinterglemm are all popular mountain resorts for biking. If you want to experience both city and countryside biking, Austria has options for all interests.

    What is Biking Like in France?

    Rural France combines cycling and wine tours in a way few other countries can match. France's traditional old-world regions also make for beautiful, scenic rides. The Route Des Vins winds through vineyards and villages in Alsace. Whenever you need a break, there is usually a village or town nearby that makes a nice stopping point.

    Riding in non-industrial areas helps avoid heavy traffic. If you want a famous challenging bike ride, head to Provence. A long uphill ride through vineyards and villages is difficult but rewarding.

    Bike paths run throughout Paris and almost fully along the Seine River. This makes seeing the sights of Paris by bike easy for tourists. If you want to try cross-country cycling, Paris also connects to EuroVelo 3.

    EuroVelo is a huge cycling network that started in 1995. Its goal is to promote cycling and connect regional and national bike routes across Europe. New additions are made to EuroVelo each year, with the aim of eventually connecting the whole continent.

    EuroVelo Route 3 starts in Spain and enters France through the south. It then passes through Belgium.

    What is Biking Like in Belgium?

    Relative to its small size, Belgium has very diverse bike routes. Bokrijk park in Limburg offers unique cycling trails.

    One section called Cycling Through Water has a carefully built path that lets you bike through the middle of a lake. Another section called Cycling Through the Trees is an elevated bike path 33 feet off the ground that rises above the forest. This gives a bird's eye view of the woods for brave cyclists.

    For those interested in history over nature, Belgium has the Peace Cycle Route. This path goes through Ypres and many WWI historical sites and memorials. It explores Flanders Field itself and where the famous poem was written.

    What is Biking Like in Spain?

    Spain has a variety of cycling routes for all skill levels. A mix of mountain, hilly, and flat terrain offers options for beginners and experienced cyclists. To get away from cities, Spain has the Caminos Naturales.

    Caminos Naturales are nature trails covering over 10,000km. Farmland, forests, and canals are all open and available to explore.

    As mentioned before, EuroVelo Route 3 starts in Spain and goes to Norway. EuroVelo Route 8 also begins in Cadiz, Spain and travels through the Mediterranean, ending in Greece.  Sierra Nevada - Magellan Motorcycle Tours, Spain Grand Tour

    The Sierra Nevada mountains are also a must-see. The rugged terrain is perfect for hiking, climbing, biking, and any outdoor activity. As one of the tallest points in Europe, it’s an amazing destination.

    What About Biking in Portugal?

    Portugal’s warm weather means the country rarely sees snow, except in the north. This allows excellent biking conditions year-round. Fall, winter and spring are ideal seasons, as summer can be too hot for cycling in some areas.

    Portugal’s population is concentrated around Lisbon. The farther out you go, the fewer cars share the road, and the more scenic the backroads become. This makes for relaxing trips through rural villages.

    If you’re in Lisbon, don’t miss biking along the waterfront. 20km of bike lanes provide a nice short seaside ride.

    Can I Bike Through Italy?  Dolomites - Columbus Motorcycle Tours, Grand French Tour, Alps

    Italy has plenty to see by bike. Riding through the Dolomites can easily become a multi-day mountain biking adventure. Charming cafes and villages along the way provide places to rest.

    For coastal views, nothing beats cycling around the Italian lakes. They offer hundreds of kilometers of paths for short or long rides.

    One thing to avoid is August. Italy is busy with tourists and August is one of the most crowded months. For more peaceful cycling, visit during the off-season when weather is still nice.








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  3. A Brief Round-Up of Smartphone Apps That Might Come in Handy for Bikers

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    What can be more thrilling than to climb on the saddle of your bike and set off into the sunset? The feeling can produce a sense of power, freedom, exhilaration. Your riding companion can make the difference between a pleasing experience and a depressing trip. In case you didn’t already know, you can transform your phone into the ultimate touring companion for an east to west adventure. Gone are the days of carrying maps, multiple guidebooks, and phone numbers. Your smartphone is the best companion on the road. Whether you’re riding solo or in group for safety and camaraderie, there are many helpful apps out there. Let’s go over some of the handiest apps for two-wheel riders.

    Google Maps

    If you’d like to follow the roads, for a daily ride, use routes. There’s no right or wrong way to plan a motorcycle tour, so do the best you can and hope for the best. Google has added new features to Maps, including more data about bike routes, showing how busy traffic is or whether your chosen path includes a steep hill. You’ll be able to get a detailed breakdown of the route, so you’ll know what type of road you’re travelling on, whether a major road or a local street. Of course, you’ll need Internet data, even if some parts of the map can be downloaded and viewed offline. Just save an area to your phone. 

    Google Maps uses a mix of machine learning, complex algorithms, and a comprehension of real-world conditions based on imagery and data from government authorities and community contributions. Google and Apple Maps have been struggling to be the leading provider of turn-by-turn directions for some time now. Apple Maps provides routes on bike paths, lanes, and bike-friendly roads and is great for riding hands-free. Many alternatives have emerged, such as Strava, which incorporates social network features. All you need to do is install the app on your phone and your ride record will automatically upload. 


    Eat Sleep Ride makes it possible for you to track your activities and share your efforts, explore bike routes, and get safety features like CRASHLIGHT technology, which automatically detects crashes. When you’re on the road, you can see other motorcyclists using the app and easily reach out to them. Eat Sleep Ride has potential because it was designed with bikers in mind; it doesn’t address multiple genres of GPS tracking. The mobile app features challenges and leaderboards, so go out and collect miles if you want to stand a chance of winning valuable prizes. They make updates to the app from time to time, meaning it gets better every time.


    With Rever, you can plan your routes, draw attention to interesting, well-known roads, and track your epic rides in real time, as you go (distance, duration, and speed). If you’re looking to elevate your riding experience, making it more fun and memorable, decide on the style of ride you want, and Rever will do the rest. Join the community to share your journey, compete in challenges, and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. You can navigate through your route, even in aeroplane mode, which only disables radio signals like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Rever also has weather alerts and SMS safety alerts. 


    Calimoto makes available route recommendations, navigation, and tracking figures – it’s specifically developed for those travelling on motorcycles. Select a starting point, add via points, and the nearest point of interest (restaurants, gas stations, etc.). You’ll get details on the estimated time of the trip and the distance; Calimoto will show how twisty the road is. The free version of the mobile app offers access to more than 50,000 ride routes and a trip planner. The premium version is a little bit expensive, but it does come with a few extras, such as terrain and satellite maps with full-voice navigation. 


    Finally, yet importantly, if you’re not properly equipped with the right information, it’s even more challenging to forecast the weather. Climate conditions can have a significant impact on bike riding. Snow, ice, and rain can affect your performance and even put you in danger. This is why you should take precautions like wearing safety gear, adjusting your riding style, and avoiding venturing into the world during extreme weather conditions. AccuWeather is super easy to use, providing detailed hourly forecasts, not to mention weather alerts. The app becomes increasingly useful as your adventure lengthens. 

    AccuWeather offers data like real and perceived temperature, humidity, air quality, allergens, and so on. And all of this with superior accuracy, no matter where you are in the world. There’s a lot of online feedback about the app, generating five-star reviews and ratings for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. All the information you need can be viewed directly in the Radar section, which features up to the minute reports. Prior to embarking on a motorcycle trip, there’s a lot to consider, from staying safe to the itinerary, but weather concerns are the focus of attention. Luckily, AccuWeather comes to the rescue.


    Regardless of your riding goals, there’s an app out there to help you achieve them. Every now and then, you’ll turn to the smartphone in your pocket – it’s your digital travel assistant. Each of the aforementioned apps provide benefits to bikers, but none requires you to be a tech genius.



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  4. Ideas for Motorcycle Tours Based on Hit TV Shows in the UK

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    To many, motorcycle tours are the best ways to make the most of your bike. Some look for massive stretches of open road, while others seek the windy tracks up and across mountain ranges. For some, plotting these tours can be tricky – especially if you don’t want to follow one of the organised routes from tour companies.

    What can help is coming up with a theme for your tour. That way, you home in on the selection of places that you can visit, and as it’s all from a theme, you add a bit of extra purpose to the trip. Here, we’re proposing ones based on hit TV shows that are not only popular shows, but will also take you to some incredible places.

    Famed period drama set between Reading and Bath

    Its TV run many have ended in 2015, but Downton Abbey is still revered as a near-immaculate British gem, powered by impeccable acting and a terrifically posh setting. The period drama even managed to earn itself several Emmy nominations over in the US, cementing it as a favourite both across the pond and at home. Now, from its storylines to its sets, it boasts an incredible legacy.

    Downton Abbey – Official Trailer

    So, it won’t come as a surprise that Downton Abbey has escaped the bounds of the TV screen and leapt further into pop culture. Of course, it was able to sidestep into other entertainment mediums. Downton Abbey has even found its way into iGaming, becoming one of the most popular slots at the top community site for bingo online. It’s got wilds, free spins, and the smashing Grantham Cup Jackpot is up for grabs!

    For teeing up your real-world Downton Abbey adventure, you’ll need to turn your attention to a circular route that runs from outside Thatcham, down to Andover, over to near Corsham, up to Swindon, further on to Asthall, over to Witney, towards Didcot, and round to Thatcham. This road trip will take you to all of the most iconic locations, including Highclere Castle, Basildon Park, Lacock, The Old Forge in Shilton, and the Avebury stone circle.

    Game of Thrones captured the attention of millions of people around the world, but it just didn’t stick the landing, or whatever comes a season before the landing. Still, you’ll continue to find tour groups venturing to the old filming locations. People still go to Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Croatia to see those locations. Instead of that, maybe turn to the revival of the Westeros setting with the very well received House of the Dragon.

    House of the Dragon Season 2 | Official Teaser

    The series set over a century before the events of Game of Thrones and was filmed in some superb locations, many of which are in the UK. Ballintoy Harbour, Game of Thrones, filing location
    Holywell Beach, St. Michael’s Mount, and Kynance Cove all feature in the show and can be found in Cornwall, or you could go to Surrey to find the set for the opening tourney. In Season 2, Gwynedd and Anglesey in Wales feature in the backgrounds, and they returned to Surrey, only this time for Bourne Woods.

    So, will you be riding out into the classic setting of Downton Abbey, or will you be off to the fantasy realms of House of the Dragon?





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