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We have very popular sections on the website for Biker Friendly Meeting Places, cafes, bars, regular Motorcycle meets, hangouts and general gatherings throughout the UK. See section here:
The list is mainly put together from visitor recommendations as we encourage visitor feedback. However with over 500 places included we do ask the owners* of such a place to send us their own information to clarify and so that we include correct information. We are also aware that while a place MAY be Biker Friendly, they may not want to promote themselves as being this way, so we ask owners to clarify before they are included. 
We strive to check listings at least yearly for any updates, closures or change of business, however we have now put together a simple form from which any such place can check their own information and/or send us through updates**, new information and places, along with giving you the opportunity to take out extra advertising to promote your business to this large and loyal audience. 
Send us your information here...

All questions marked with a * must be answered. We include a code at the bottom to avoid spam, however if you cannot read it simply refresh the code until you can!

We have free* and paid for listings** within these sections. If you wish to include your business onto the website with a photograph and more details than just the line entry and where it will sit at the top of the section, just fill in the form here.

Cafe and Meeting Places information - free
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For any paid for listings ticked - By filling in and sending us this form you are entering into a contract between yourselves and THE BIKER GUIDE for the amount stated.

Once sent, any extra advertising cannot be cancelled. 



* Due to the large amount of places we include on THE BIKER GUIDE and as inclusion is predominately free, we need the owners of places to confim the information we have is correct, by simply sending their information (name, address and bike night related) via the form for inclusion, where you can confirm you are the owner.

** Is you wish to include information other than the name, address and bike night details (such as what you have on the menu, opening times... ), then you will need to take a paid for listing, which will sit towards the top of the section. 

For the £20 vouchers as a prize 

Due to the high level of Biker Friendly places included with us and due to the limited amount of competitions we can offer at any one time, we prioritise who we can indeed include as a competition starting with those who choose extra promoting with us such as the premium listing and/or the e-shot service.

Space within the competition pages is planned in advance and is offered to clients of THE BIKER GUIDE® in the 1st instance. For anyone who shows an interest (marked on the form) and would like to offer a voucher as a prize, if we can include you we will contact you prior to the competition launch. 

We are constantly checking the information we have is correct and updated, which we are sure you can understand if very time consuming. If we find during these checks that we have had no contact from an owner ever or in the past 2 years, then the information may be removed.

To ensure your Biker Friendly cafe, pub and/or meeting place is included then please check what we have is correct and send updated information via the form - as above. 
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