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Category: Products & Clothing

  1. Celebrating 20 years of Tucano Urbano

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    Born on the street, Tucano Urbano represents the urban rider who wants riding to be as simple and safe as possible, whilst always remaining stylish. This year, Tucano Urbano celebrates twenty years since the brands inception; marking two decades of innovative product development, new riding solutions and expanding horizons in the world of two-wheels.
    Diego Sgorbati, Tucano Urbano CEO, said: “Looking back over the past twenty years, it is clear how far Tucano Urbano has come – from a small Italian brand with a niche product, to an international brand that now spans across every avenue of two-wheel riding. What’s vital to our success is our team; Tucano Urbano is made up of riders passionate about what we do so we approach every opportunity with enthusiasm and constantly push the boundaries of what we can create. We’ve already got a lot in store for the next twenty years.”

    BORN IN 1999
    Tucano Urbano started twenty years ago in Milan as a brand striving to make life on two-wheels simpler, safer and more engaging. Scooters were very common in Milan, born from the idea that life should be free and easy – an idea synonymous with the brand vision of total mobility. Since then, the Tucano Urbano brand has become a point of reference for urban riders.
    Light, straightforward and nippy in the city; scooters are designed to provide an easy ride. Urban riders don’t have time to put on bulky winter kit or worry about the weather reports, so when Tucano Urbano introduced the Termoscud®, the original leg cover, in 1999, there was finally a solution to a comfortable ride even in winter months. Tucano Urbano didn’t stop there, announcing more and more model-specific designs and design improvements such as the patented anti-flap S.G.A.S inflatable system, plus thermal control, anti-theft and smart holder systems, and spreading the technology to other big cities across the globe.

    Thinking against the stream, Tucano Urbano use modern technology paired with quality materials and an abundance of creativity to craft ideas into clever solutions, and year after year, the brand has continuously introduced a host of innovative products that make scooter and motorcycle riding more practical and protected. The original leg cover has since been joined by technical apparel, inventive accessories and dependable rainwear aimed for both scooter and motorcycle riders alike.
    In 2012, new partners arrived at Tucano Urbano, bringing a fresh approach to the expansion of the brand. Maintaining the four core pillars of the brand; cleverness, essentiality, practicality and value, Tucano Urbano started to grow with new clothing retailers and customer groups and shifted to focus on new international countries.
    In order to remain at the forefront of product innovation and design, Tucano Urbano pay close attention to the ever-evolving customer needs and trends. More recently, Tucano Urbano has launched two new brands; TU Bike, the new range for urban cyclists, and T.ur – Spirit of adventouring, the new clothing and accessories brand designed specifically for touring and off-road riders, expanding their product range to cover every type of rider, terrain and lifestyle.

    About Tucano Urbano
    Established in the late 90’s in Milan, Tucano Urbano produces urban-contemporary clothing and accessories traditionally linked to the world of two wheels. Tucano Urbano constantly enlarge the scope of the brand to reach a wider, international public of all ages and passions that appreciates a metropolitan, practicable style and, above all, the creativity of an original product.


  2. Why Blaze Wear heated clothing is a two-wheeled commuter’s best friend…

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    Commuting on two wheels has a number of benefits, however, one downside is that two-wheeled commuters are exposed to the elements. One way riders can protect themselves from the elements is by ensuring their riding kit is performing well – keeping them warm and dry.

    Here’s why Blaze Wear heated garments are a commuter’s best friend…

    • There are options to suit all

    Blaze Wear offer a choice of 5V battery-powered and 12V vehicle-connected apparel so riders can choose a garment with the power option that suits them.

    The 12V vehicle-connected range includes: Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner, Heated Motorcycle Trouser Liners, Heated Motorcycle Glove liners, Heated Motorcycle Over Socks and a Heated Motorcycle Vest.

    5V Battery-powered items include: Heated Base Layer Tops and Pants, Heated Boot Socks and Active Gilets for both men and women.

    • Comfort is key

    The whole line-up has been specially designed with optimum comfort for wearers at the heart. As well as being made from lightweight materials, the heated helmets integrate flexible carbon fibres – which are the thickness of a single hair – meaning the heating elements are unobtrusive, bending and flexing so not restricting any movement.

    • Say ‘goodbye’ to bulky layers

    Thanks to the garments being heated, riders no longer need to bulk up on heavy layers. All heated clothing from Blaze Wear has a choice of three temperature settings meaning that riders can choose the level of heat that suits them and the weather conditions – not only does this give the rider more choice, it also makes the items versatile for all year round riding. 

    For more information on the full Blaze Wear line-up, please visit:

    About Blaze Wear

    UK-based heated clothing specialists, Blaze Wear, offer a heated clothing range for a variety of activities – including outdoor pursuits, horse riding, fishing, equine, skiing, workwear and motorcycling.

    Designed in the UK, the line-up has been specially tailored to ensure they offer outstanding comfort and intuitive usability. The heating elements integrate flexible carbon fibres – all of which are the thickness of a single hair. This ensures the heating elements are unobtrusive and bend and flex with the user, as well as even heat distribution and optimum heat.

    A range of 5V battery-powered and 12V connected garments are available as well as a dedicated heat therapy range, designed with advanced therapeutic deep tissue heat technology utilising Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Blaze Wear launched its 12V Moto range, specifically designed for motorcycle riders late 2018.

  3. Mitas will reveal TERRA FORCE-EF and TERRA FORCE-EH enduro tyres at Erzbergrodeo motorsport event

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    Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, will reveal a new generation of Enduro and Extreme Enduro tyres at Erzbergrodeo, the motorsport event held from 30th May to 2nd June 2019 in Eisenerz, Austria.

    Compared to the previous generation, Mitas TERRA FORCE-EF and TERRA FORCE-EH feature improved performance on a wide range of off-road surfaces than its predecessors. A larger footprint allows better grip in various riding conditions, while spaced knobs are designed to provide great clean out ability in mud or sand.

    “Mitas TERRA FORCE-EF and TERRA FORCE-EH are successors to the popular and widely known Mitas Enduro and Extreme Enduro off-road tyre ranges. The new generation was developed and tested in cooperation with many professional riders. Knowing that many riders are happy with our current Enduro and Extreme Enduro tyres, these will remain part of the extended portfolio of Mitas off-road tyres,” explains Ksenija Bitenc, director of the Mitas Motorcycle Tyres division.


  4. From Birmingham to Marrakesh in TCX…

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    This weekend, hardcore punk band Cancer Bats frontman, Liam Cormier, set off for an adventure of a lifetime which will see him cover over 2000 miles as he rides from Birmingham to Marrakesh, Morrocco, for Scram Africa 2019 – wearing TCX Drifter boots.

    He will then take part in the 930 mile on-road and off-road route of the Scram Africa event. Starting and finishing in Marrakesh, the route includes sections of the Paris-Dakar tracks and full sand dunes as well as crossing the Atlas mountains and the famous Dades Valley.

    The day after finishing the seven-day ride on his custom-made Mutt Motorcycle, Canadian Cormier will then meet with his bandmates and start his tour through Europe, ending at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival in the UK on 25-26 May.

    Excited about his adventure, Liam said: “I can’t wait to get started and it seems like everyone I’ve spoken to about the trip is into it. I love the idea of riding a bike that’s not known as a ‘typical’ adventure bike and I’ve also picked the riding kit I’m wearing carefully so that I’m protected but also don’t look like I’m about to ride thousands of miles. I hope that my trip encourages people to ride what they have for whatever they want to do on it.

    “The Drifters are the perfect boots to tackle a huge adventure like this. They offer versatility for both on and off road adventure and not to mention they’re waterproof. For me, when leaving on a trip where I don’t know what I’ll be coming across its great to know that one boot will have me covered for the whole thing. More hardcore than the average boot, but still comfortable. I can’t wait to rip some desert!”

    The Drifter WP boots features a soft brown leather upper with added gear change protection,double stitching and intermediate footbed to make it robust, plus microfibre front and rear folds. It has a waterproof lining and internal protection against heat in chamois leather. The boot fastens using three wear-resistant, interchangeable aluminum buckles with an ergonomic design. The soles have a deep tread and there are inserts in the ankle area and polyurethane shinbone protection. The Drifter WP is available in sizes 36-48 and has an RRP of £259.99.

    Liam will be documenting the trip across his social media channels, find him on Instagram @Treadwellclothing.

    Cancer Bats frontman, Liam Cormier - From Birmingham to Marrakesh in TCX

  5. Help Kick-Start Amoreantos’ Latest Pendant Design Into Production

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    Sterling silver jewellery that shines like chrome looks great with leathers and makes a great conversation starter. Wearing a pendant like art tells people something not many people know about you. Or what are you most passionate about?

    Amoreantos is an upcoming jewellery design duo called Abbi and Tim from the Midlands, UK. They think that their 925 sterling silver pendants will bring character to your purchase.

    Amoreantos’ latest design called Exélixi meaning ‘evolution’ reminds us of how we learn that love is not always a place of safety and security. This pendant is currently available on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for projects where a funding target needs to be raised to complete the project. Their campaign has already raised 100% funding in the first 8 days. Amoreantos is offering the pendant as a reward for backing the project at a fraction of the suggested retail price. Exélixi will then be available in their online shop which can be found on The Biker Guide.

    Link here to the campaign for Exélixi on Kickstarter.

    Abbi said, “Our sketches are perfected in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, 3D printed and reproduced through the lost wax cast process in small casting runs in the famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter (UK). Weighing over 7.78g, this pendant will be hallmarked by the London Assay Office. It’s all or nothing funding, and we have already reached our goal which we would like to maintain, so don’t miss your opportunity to get this awesome pendant.”

    Help Kick-Start Amoreantos’ Latest Pendant Design Into Production