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With an on-line audience of over over a million*, from over 170 countries and a high site ranking, we have fast becoming 'THE' place to advertise your business to the Biker Community! We welcome any business who cater for Motorcyclists.

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In a survey we found that 89% of our visitors use only when looking for anything Motorcycle related, which is mainly due to the large amount of information included, which is regularly updated and relevant. 

Great online packages from just £95 for 12 months on the website!

The current sections cover a variety of specific area which are of interest to the Biker Community, however if you have something you wish us to include which you do not think is covered in the sections, we will build a section for you... How's that for customer service!  
We offer 12 and 24 month advertising packages, as our visitors use the website throughout the whole year, rather than just certain months.  

If you wish to include your business onto the website, just fill in the form below and we will prepare the listing for you and then get you live. If you would prefer for us to do all the listing (i.e. take the information from your website) just let us know below. If you wish to see the listing prior to it being live, you must contact us, as all adverts which are sent to us via this form and classed as a booking and are legal and binding. 
Please note: We will always check your listing and if needed will add information we deem as relevant to enhance your listing. We are aware that most other website will copy and paste information sent, not checking or updating the text, however we have choosen to check, update and add information if we think it will enhance the listing and response.
If you have more than one image to include, either send the extra images to [email protected] or we will take the extra images from your website for inclusion. 

All questions marked with a * must be answered. We include a code at the bottom to avoid spam, however if you cannot read it simply refresh the code until you can.

For the 2, 3 or 5 photo listing, the form does not allow more than one image to be sent (damned technology!) so either send the extra images to [email protected] or leave it to us to take them from your website. 

As we are a niche website and do not overload the website with lots of companies, our rates reflect this. We also spend a lot of money on the promotion of the website, via various means, including adverts in other printed media, other websites, Google Adwords, sending booklets and promotional items to Cafes, Events and Motorcycle Clubs.

All advertising on THE BIKER GUIDE, must be submitted via the forms. 
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By donating to the National Association for Bikers with a Disability, you can help disabled people to enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling.
By filling in this form and sending it to us you are entering into a contract for the ticked amount of payment between yourselves and THE BIKER GUIDE®.

Payment Options
An invoice will be issued to you, once your listing has been published onto the website. Payment may be made by paypal, cheque or bank transfer.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Some companies will only include listing when payment is received, however we are more trusting than that and hope our clients appriciate this. Payment terms are 14 days from when your advertisement is live or from when any printed advertising is agreeded.
Any nonpayments of any type of advert, agreed by yourself either by sending through a form or by agreement via the telephone, including listings, printed adverts, e-shots, links, etc, that have a fee attached, may be forwarded to a debt collecting agency if they remain unpaid and we reserve the right to refuse to deal with any such companies who we believe have or are wasting our valuable time and efforts.

If you wish to see the listing prior to it being live, you must contact us and request this, as all adverts which are sent to us via this form and classed as a booking and are legal and binding.

Once we have an agreement to any form of advert, that have a fee attached there is no option to cancel.
If we receive a booking for a listing of a certain type/size (for example the top level 5 image listing) and we then do the work, there is no option to downgrade as we have already done the work involved. 
We pride ourselves on the work that we will do in preparing and researching for any client, whether that be on-line or in print. Once a client has agreed to any form of advertising we will prepare and secure your space, which sometimes means that we do not approach any other similar style of business to yourself and also that we turn down bookings as space in printed matter is filled by your adverts.

For this we have a strict 14 days payment terms of any advert being live or agreement of any printed advertisment.

If we have had dealing with a business prior, where payment has been delayed, we may then for any future bookings require pre-payment. 

'If' a client does not renew, we may leave the text (part of or whole) on the website if we deem it to be of relevant information to our visitors. 

* Based on May 2019, monthly figures.