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Category: Motorcycles

  1. 5 Protective Clothing to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle

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    There is no greater feeling than riding a motorcycle and feeling the wind on your face. The thrill that a motorcycle gives is something that other forms of transportation can not. However, riding a motorcycle is an activity that can turn very dangerous. Problems with the motorcycle or the road can lead to serious injuries. A lot of people get involved in fatal motorcycle accidents yearly. Still, this doesn't mean that you should stop riding your motorcycle. Protective clothing can help to minimize the risk associated with riding a motorcycle. By protecting different parts of the body, they help the rider to feel safe and secure.  Protective Clothing to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle

    Some of the most essential protective clothing for riding your motorcycle is:

    1. Helmets

    This is by far the most important protective clothing there is. It protects the skull from harm, which makes it very important. The human head is something that can easily be affected by external forces. By riding your motorcycle, you are exposing your head to these external forces. A sudden impact on the head can cause minor issues like concussions or major issues like fractured skulls.

    Therefore, your head must be well protected when you are riding your motorcycle. Helmets are designed to crumple and take most of the impact in case anything happens.

    2. Jackets

    When you think about it, the cooling sensation that comes from riding a motorcycle isn't all that good. It can cause different health issues that can affect the lungs. If this is mixed with the cold that comes from riding in the rain, the results could be disastrous. Jackets are therefore the perfect protective clothing to take care of this. They are comfortable and warm, making the rider feel hot when traveling in cold weather. Also, most jackets are waterproof, so you can ride your motorcycle even when it is raining.

    3. Boots

    Even though it is worn on the leg, this helps to make the rider feel safe. A boot helps to protect the ankle of the rider. Accidents can cause a lot of damage to the legs and ankles. They can crush the legs and ankles of riders. Boots with solid soles help to reduce the impact of such accidents. Also, some boots come with shin protection, which protects the shin whenever it hits the brakes.

    4. Gloves

    Gloves are useful protective clothing for any motorcycle rider. They help to give a good grip on the motorcycle when the rider is riding. Also, the gloves help to keep the hands warm and toasty.

    5. Pants

    Pants are an underrated, yet fairly useful protective clothing. They help to protect the upper legs by keeping them warm and protecting the skin from harm. Some pants are padded at the hips and knees, to protect those parts from excessive impact. Good pants are light and comfortable, yet stable and secure to make the rider stable on the motorcycle.


    The thrill of riding a motorcycle should not make you forget to be safe on it. It is best to wear light and comfortable protective clothing to protect you from unexpected occurrences.

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  2. Indian Motorcycle Celebrate Dealer Excellence

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    Indian Motorcycle UK dealer awards congratulate achievements as the brand enjoys record growth.

    UNITED KINGDOM – Indian Motorcycle dealers from across the region gathered at the brand’s first in-person business conference since 2019. Representatives from the UK’s 19 dealership locations were rewarded with first-class accommodation and hospitality while taking the opportunity to explore the all-new Kensington based Indian Motorcycle Brand Experience Centre, located within the imposing ground floor footprint of the Hilton London Olympia.

    Despite the trading challenges of the previous two years, Indian Motorcycle UK has seen expansion of its dealer network sites and record sales growth across all key market sectors for the sixth year running; motorcycle unit sales have increased by +26% YOY 2021 vs 2020 and Parts, Garments & Accessories sales increased by +35% in the same trading period.

    Andy Simpson, National Sales Manager, Indian Motorcycle: “We are happy to report buoyant growth in the Indian Motorcycle UK business, our committed dealer network continues to invest heavily in the FTR, Scout, Chief and our premium touring platforms to maximise the local market opportunity. Our loyal partners are capitalising on Indian Motorcycle’s market leading new product offering, assisted by robust sales and marketing support, and yet we are still to fulfil our full retail potential as our network continues to expand with carefully selected retailers – The future is bright for Indian Motorcycle dealers, and we enjoy celebrating that success with our network.”

    Key to the networking event were the Indian Motorcycle 2021 Dealership Awards, presented by Andy Simpson, to celebrate the achievements and commitments to the Indian Motorcycle brand across all aspects of business delivery.

    2021 Award Winners

    IMR / IMRG Outstanding contribution, for support and development of their dealership rider community. Presented to Dave Martin.

    Outstanding customer care. Presented to Colin Moore

    Outstanding destination dealer. Presented to Paul Beamish.

    Outstanding contribution to the Indian MC brand. Presented to Rocco Micallef.

    Outstanding sales performance. Presented to Rebecca Hicks


    Outstanding dealership ambassador, awarded to an exceptional dealership employee or representative. Presented to Levi Tusoon.

    For more information on Indian Motorcycle visit and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. Sunra launch ROBO-S UTILITY electric scooter

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    Sunra UK has today announced the launch of its new ROBO-S UTILITY model; a specially equipped electric scooter aimed at offering businesses a cost effective and zero emission solution for delivery and utility needs.    Sunra launch ROBO-S UTILITY electric scooter

    ●  Zero emission and significant reductions in running costs    

    ●  Fully removable and fast charging batteries

    ●  Flexible and practical carry and storage solutions

    ●  More than 200 litres of combined weatherproof carrying capacity

    ●  Heightened rider comfort and protection from the elements

    Based on the proven ROBO-S model, that has received critical acclaim, most recently from Motorcycle News, who after a week-long test, declared “Petrol wouldn’t get a look in now”, the new UTILITY model offers the same ease of use and budget saving efficiencies with additional functionality and carrying capacity too.

    Logan Black of Sunra UK explains, “We wanted to bring a cost effective EV solution to small business and fleet operators alike. While the ROBO-S is already being used for this application in standard form, our goal was to offer a machine off-the-shelf that fits the needs of this ever increasing segment of users.

    “With the UTILITY model, we’ve developed and tested key accessories that can allow business users to deploy the ROBO-S for a variety of uses and jobs . The large rear rack can be used in isolation or with an array of different sized top-box options, while the addition of a large, full-size windshield and phone holder keep staff much better protected and connected too. We also plan to offer communication solutions, location trackers and extra weather protection from tried and tested partners.”

    Offering a range of over 60 miles and a maximum speed of 50mph, the ROBO-S UTILITY offers business users a swift, yet efficient solution. And thanks to fast charging batteries that can be swapped in less than 60 seconds, the UTILITY can be used in any location, effectively keeping businesses moving for longer without the need to use fixed charging points.

    With considerably reduced service requirements and costs, along with handy user-friendly features such as an additional 24 litres of underseat storage, finger-print recognition and its own alarm and immobiliser system, the ROBO-S UTILITY is a practical and dependable delivery solution. Add in HP and lease options, as well as bespoke service and maintenance packages, and the ROBO-S UTILITY offers one of the most complete cost effective solutions for fleet users and small businesses.



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  4. Zero Emission Rider Training with Sunra

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    Following an unprecedented year for new motorcycle registrations in 2021, where the industry saw a 9% increase overall and a staggering 146% increase in electric bike registrations, Sunra UK is pleased to announce collaborations across the UK with training schools turning to EV products for training.   Zero Emission Rider Training with Sunra

    With the pandemic clearly impacting on commuter habits, the motorcycle industry as a whole certainly benefited from the increased adoption of powered two-wheelers, with the majority of registration increases coming from the smaller capacity and commuter segment.

    With an obvious increase in CBT and rider training uptake, proactive training schools have been keen to adapt to the new generation of rider, utilising the benefits of EV models in the training environment, with some even taking advantage of zero emissions to offer an ‘any weather’ solution to training indoors.

    Logan Black of Sunra UK commented, “While the registration figures in general are clearly great news for our industry, what’s really encouraging is the adoption of EV and as a result at many training schools too. A big part of the appeal appears to be down to our products being less intimidating than ICE counterparts, but of course there are many other advantages too, including lower cost and ease of use too.”

    Sunra dealers, Saltire Motorcycles, based in Edinburgh are one such dealer who have turned to EV use for their training school in conjunction with Sunra, not only seeing the general benefits of electric in the training arena, but in also offering a unique approach with an indoor training school.

    Jethro Sheppard of Saltire Motorcycles commented, “The use of EV models has really hit a sweet spot for our rider training services. Not only has it made it easier for training, but using Sunra instead of petrol-powered scooters has made a significant saving in running costs for the business too. it’s also a far less intimidating first step on the motorcycling ladder and having an indoor space for training too is an absolute game changer when it comes to initially training new riders also. For us there really are no negatives to EV in this environment and it’s great to see customers go through the training and choose an electric bike themselves too.”

    As the uptake in electric scooters and motorcycles continues to grow, thanks partly to the increasing emergence of Clean Air Zones across many UK cities, Sunra UK is pleased to support an ever-growing network of training schools, with many dealers running their own schools as well as supplying into the training network too. The team at Sunra UK welcome discussion with any interested training schools.

  5. A Microscopic Review of E-Bikes

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    Bikes and bicycles have always been around as efficient and relatively cheaper modes of transportation. With the current surge in oil prices, people are moving towards electric bikes or e-bikes for their ecological transportation needs. Electric bikes are pre-equipped with electric motors to help in pedaling. While this makes the entire traditional procedure of pedaling easier, there is more than what meets the eye.

    Topmost Advantages of Electric Bikes

    Regular Exercise

    People who own electric bikes tend to ride them more often than they ride other modes of transportation. Cycling has always been regarded as one of the best and easiest methods to get the right amount of exercise in a busy life schedule.

    People who ride electric bikes use them for the commute daily. This provides an effective exercise regimen twice a day and keeps the body in a healthy shape and condition. It regularly revitalizes your body with energy and keeps many cardiac problems at bay.

    Moreover, folks who are into sports love exercise any way they can get it. However, some people get their adrenaline rush by betting on sports. If you want to find tips and tricks for online betting on sports, click here to find out more.

    Eco-friendly Commute

    Global warming is on the rise, and every day we are killing mother earth with more and more CO2 emissions because of the luxuries we avail. Electric bikes cut back the emission of harmful gases and keep your entire commute eco-friendly.

    A commute on an electric bike keeps your body fit and protects the environment by using eco-friendly resources for pedaling, such as lithium batteries.

    Strengthen Muscles and Bones

    Regular exercise and cycling also provide nourishment for the bones and muscles. This is why more and more senior citizens are opting for electric bikes. It keeps the heart young and bones healthy.

    Electric bikes are heavier than the normal ones, and the amount of energy taken to pedal these bikes provides the perfect amount of strengthening exercise for all the elemental organs. It takes care of joints, bones, and muscles and increases the rider's core strength.

    Cheaper Mode of Transportation

    Who among us doesn’t look for new ways to cut back on unnecessary expenses? The entire middle-class community is constantly looking for ways to increase their savings. Well, electric bike motors only cost you 5-8 cents every day, and you will only have to spend $1-$2 for an entire month. Instead of taking the long and tedious public transportation, you can not only enjoy the commute with your electric bike but also save mother Earth, nature, and your money at the same time.

    Bottom Line

    With the advancements in science and the busy routine schedule of the modern era, no one has the time to work out and get the right amount of exercise daily. Electric bikes are bliss for everyone who manages a tedious and tiring daily life.  wheel-lake-e-bike-bike-water-bicycle-tour-Piqsels

    Your commute to and from work will invigorate you with the perfect zing of revitalizing energy if you use an electric bike. Enhance your way of life with an e-bike and live to the fullest.




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