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Category: Motorcycles

  1. A Complete Guide to Student Motorcycle Insurance

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    For many, college is one of the most exciting periods of one’s life. Constantly meeting new people, encountering new ways of thinking, perhaps moving to a new city or even country. The pace of life during this period is famous for being fast, dynamic, and action-packed. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that when it comes time to review options for personal transport that many students are drawn to the idea of purchasing a motorcycle.

    Motorcycles are famous for their speed, agility, and style, and can make the perfect companion for a student’s college years. But, like with any big purchasing decision, there’s plenty to consider before handing over any cheque. When it comes to owning a motorcycle, there are many pros and cons to consider. One of the main points worthy of consideration in the process and cost of obtaining motorcycle insurance - something that most students will be dealing with for the first time. To help with such an important step in the motorcycle buying process, we’ve put together a quick and helpful guide to thinking over purchasing a motorcycle and obtaining the best student insurance for your college years!  A Complete Guide to Student Motorcycle Insurance

    Prepping for the purchase 

    While the specific cost of motorcycle insurance will always vary according to the specifications of the driver and vehicle involved, as well as the legislation of the state in which they’re registering, all insurance comes with a price tag. Many students wondering how much is motorcycle insurance will first have to address their finances before deciding what kind of insurance policy to take out.

    Some students may fear that with all the homework and assignments, their busy college schedules may prevent them from working or saving enough to afford the cost of owning a bike. But, if prepared for in advance, it’s more than possible to put aside adequate funds without any detriment to your studies. Using online services that offer assignment help is a great way to uphold high standards of academic work while freeing up time to help work or save. To make use of these time-saving measures, you can get help from Edubirdie and cut down on the hours you spend at the writing desk. Balancing the time you spend doing assignments and working means that you can comfortably ride to class on the back of your dream bike with peace of mind! 

    Pros of owning a motorcycle 

    -        Price: Motorcycles can thankfully be bought at very inexpensive price points, and generally don’t cost that much to upkeep. Buying second hand or refurbished models can drive costs down even further, far below the price tag that one would find if searching to buy a car. What’s more, bikes tend to squeeze out a much more efficient mileage than other types of vehicles, up to 60mpg for smaller models!

    -        Dynamism: Bikes are, of course, much smaller and more agile than a car, making them a great choice for university students who have to navigate the often narrow streets of college towns in the UK. The nightmare of searching and often paying for parking becomes a thing of the past with a motorcycle, as their small frames mean you can park almost anywhere.

    -        Lifespan: Owing to their low cost, buying a cheap second-hand motorcycle can be an investment for your student years that doesn’t need to drag on afterwards. Many students opt to spend relatively little on a starter bike for their student years and then decide afterwards whether or not to upgrade. 

    Bike insurance requirements 

    Before considering motorcycle insurance costs, it’s important to research what the specific requirements your area may impose when it comes to being insured. Most places will require drivers to purchase liability insurance, which is used to pay out damage or injury costs that may be inflicted on other drivers and vehicles.

    On top of basic liability insurance, some places will also require drivers to have certain insurance additions that cover third party damage or medical expenses. As this varies greatly from place to place, it’s important to get to grips with the requirements specific to your local legislation.

    Types of insurance 

    Most insurance companies will offer drivers the chance to tailor-make their insurance policy to their specific needs. Driving insurance often refers to the basic liability coverage that pays out any damage a driver incurs on others, and collision insurance - meaning coverage for damage incurred as part of a road accident.

    Comprehensive insurance is a broader policy that also offers coverage for damages or losses as incurred off the road or through any means other than hitting another vehicle, such as damage, theft, or animal collision.

    Students looking for cheap motorcycle insurance may be tempted to go for the bare minimum coverage required, but this can be a risky choice in case of major damages or medical costs. Use insurance comparison sites and ask for student quotes to see if companies offer more expansive coverage within your price range. 

    Tip: Student discounts! 

    Many insurance companies will offer specially tailored policy plans to students that come at a discounted price.

    Keeping all this in mind, you can begin your research into buying your student motorcycle and the right insurance for you. In no time, you too can safely enjoy the thrill of riding up to class in full-throttle style! 


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    • Rare Ducati trio to be presented together for the first time
    • MV Agusta celebrates its 75th anniversary with Salon Privé debut
    • Official launch for British manufacturer Langen Motorcycles
    Motorcycles play a key role in the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance ­presented by AXA, and the event attracts owners and enthusiasts from around the world. This year will be no different and is set to include two classes for two-wheeled machinery when the event returns to Blenheim Palace in September.

    Several fantastic motorcycles have already been confirmed for the prestigious concours, including a rare and valuable 1974 Ducati 750SS ‘Green Frame’. One of only 401 produced, all of which were hand-built and overseen by technical boss Fabio Taglioni, this particular example was sourced from Spain by its current owner and returned to the UK for a full restoration. Together with a 1976 750SS by Newton Engineering and 1975 900SS that have also been entered, it completes a full set of iconic round and square-case Ducati v-twin motorcycles. It will be the first time three examples of this kind have been exhibited together in the UK.

    “The Motorcycle display will showcase the best that design and engineering have given us,” said Anthony Godin, who, along with Mike Jackson, is part of the selection committee who will have the difficult task of judging The Exceptional Motorcycles and Exceptional Competition Motorcycles categories, “visitors will get to see the great Café Racers of the 1950s and ’60s, to Choppers from the 1970s and wacky racers from the 1980s.”

    The experts from the International Chief Judge Advisory Group will perform their duties on a ‘virtual’ basis on 23 September, with all bikes being meticulously inspected and class awards decided upon. The class winners and runners-up are selected by the jury, while the top prize, Most Spectacular Motorbike, is chosen by the Duke of Marlborough himself.

    Presided over by Ed Gilbertson (President of the Jury) and Adolfo Orsi (Chief Judge), the jury consists of specialists from different areas of the motorbike world. International restorer and collector Somer Hooker will be joined by Henry Cole – television presenter and CEO of Gladstone Motorbikes. Journalist and concours judge Dennis Frost will also be casting his expert eye over proceedings, and the four-strong panel is completed by commentator and former Grand Prix motorcycle racer Steve Parrish.

    “Salon Privé is always an amazing event in an unbeatable location,” said Parrish. “This year’s line-up promises to be spectacular, and I can’t wait to meet the owners and builders so that we can have a good chat about their exquisite machines.”

    The Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance presented by AXA takes place on Wednesday, and all trophies will be presented at the Motorbike Awards Ceremony on Thursday with judges, owners, press, members of the Salon Privé team and the Duke of Marlborough present. Previous class victors have included motorcycle builder extraordinaire Allen Millyard

    Concours Chairman Andrew Bagley said: “Now in our 15th year, the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance presented by AXA has an enviable reputation for attracting best-of-breed motorcycles and motorcars. The motorcycle entrants are a particularly enthusiastic bunch who will happily regale the history and provenance of their cherished machines, and we are delighted that they continue to support the event as they do.”

    Elsewhere on the lawns of Blenheim Palace, legendary Italian marque MV Agusta will be making its Salon Privé debut via UK partner Krazy Horse. The latest models will be on display, including the retro-look Superveloce and the Brutale 1000RR – the world’s most powerful ‘naked’ motorcycle. They will be joined by the Dragster SCS and the Rush concept ’bike as the manufacturer celebrates its 75th anniversary. Founded in 1945 by Count Domenico Agusta, it won its first World Championship in 1952 in the 125cc class, and by the time it withdrew from racing in 1976, it had won 270 Grands Prix and 38 World Riders’ Championships with great names such as Giacomo Agostini, John Surtees and Mike Hailwood.

    A brand-new British manufacturer, Langen Motorcycles, is set to officially launch at Salon Privé and will be showing off its beautifully engineered 2 Stroke, which was inspired by the ‘ton up’ Café Racers of the 1950s. Langen will be joined by celebrated Bolton-based manufacturer CCM Motorcycles, which was founded by Alan Clews in 1971 and has gained a reputation for creating the most unique hand-crafted ’bikes in the industry.

    Sales Director David Bagley said: “We’re delighted to welcome Langen and CCM to Blenheim Palace – two British manufacturers that will be showcasing unbelievable feats of engineering. With MV Agusta also attending the event for the first time, motorcycle enthusiasts are assured of a mouth-watering display of machinery. Their focus on quality is something that reflects the ethos of the whole Salon Privé week.”


  3. Legendary motorcycles

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    Every boy in his childhood dreamed of a motorcycle. And many adult men realize this dream. After all, a motorcycle is an amazing feeling of speed and freedom.

    Yamaha V-Max: Flying Sledgehammer

    Huge sizes, brutal design and amazing power. Thanks to these qualities, the Yamaha V-Max has become incredibly popular and has received the nickname "Flying Sledgehammer." V-Max was created in 1984, and in 1985 won the title "Motorcycle of the Year." This two-wheeled monster weighed 280 kg, had a capacity of 145 horsepower and accelerated to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. Its maximum speed is 250 km / h. For many years, the V-Max was the fastest production motorcycle in the world.The V-Max is capable of putting serious demands on the tyres.Tyres for your motorcycles you can find on this website This site will help you to pick up tyres using seasons and sizes. 

    Suzuki Hayabusa: Falcon Peregrine Falcon

    This is how the word Hayabusa is translated from Japanese. The name of the model company Suzuki chose not in vain. First, the peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world; speed 290–325 km / h. And this motorcycle at the time of creation (1999) was the fastest in the world, accelerating to 312 km / h. In addition, peregrines hunt thrushes. But Suzuki Hayabusa received the title of fastest motorcycle from the Honda Super Blackbird. In this case, the word blackbird is translated as "blackbird". The irony is obvious. Such bird fights in the world of motorcycles.

    Honda Gold Wing: sofa on wheels  Honda Gold Wing

    This is a motorcycle for long trips. He is considered the most comfortable representative of two-wheeled vehicles. For this, Gold Wing is called a "sofa on wheels" or even a "two-wheeled limousine." Comfortable seat, excellent wind protection, reverse gear, music player, spacious wardrobe trunks for things. It is also the only motorcycle in the world equipped with an airbag. 

    BMW GS: on the roads and tracks

    The motorcycle, which for 30 years remains the most popular in the tourist class of enduro. The abbreviation GS stands for Gelände / Straße - Off-Road / Road. Although in fact the BMW GS can not be called a full-fledged SUV, but it copes with bad roads. This is such a versatile tourist. By the way, on the motorcycles of this series, actors Evan McGregor and Charlie Boorman traveled around the world in 2004.

    Harley-Davidson 42WLA: Liberator of Europe

    The most legendary model of the legendary company Harley-Davidson - 42WLA. Moreover, it is famous not so much for technical characteristics as for history. This model was released in 1942-1945. During the war, the company did not create motorcycles for civilians - all cars were given to the needs of the front. They say that at the end of the war, the German border on the west side was first crossed by this particular motorcycle. For this he received the nickname "Liberator."
  4. Suzuki to rebuild first ever RG500 at Motorcycle Live

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    Suzuki will restore arguably the most important racing motorcycle it ever produced at this year’s Motorcycle Live – which takes place at Birmingham’s NEC 17-25 November – with the rebuild of the G-54, the precursor to the iconic XR14 and RG500 machines that went on to take Suzuki and Barry Sheene to world championship glory.

    Barry Sheene and world championship glory - Suzuki G-54

    The bike will be rebuilt over the first weekend of the show and fired into life on Monday 19 November, before being stripped and rebuilt again over the final weekend ready for a second start up on Sunday 25 November, giving visitors two chances to see the iconic machine being built.

    The restoration will be carried out by former Grand Prix technician Nigel Everett. Everett worked in Grand Prix racing from the early ‘70s through to 1988, when he setup Racing Restorations, working with the likes of Sheene, Mick Grant, Kevin Schwantz, James Whitham, Roger Marshall, and John Reynolds. He also worked with Suzuki in World Superbikes from 1995 to 1997. Also present over both weekends will be legendary Suzuki technician Martyn Ogborne and former Grand Prix ace Paul Smart.

    Suzuki GB’s aftersales co-ordinator, Tim Davies, said, “I think this is the most excited we’ve been for our Motorcycle Live feature build, and that’s saying something as we’ve managed to do some really cool projects in the past, from restoring a Kevin Schwantz RGV500 to building a brand new TL1000S from parts. But this bike – the G-54 – is a really rare and really special thing. It paved the way for Suzuki’s return to Grand Prix racing and spawned the bikes that took Barry Sheene to world championship glory and was raced by some incredible riders in its day. It is probably one of the most important bikes from our history, so to not only be able to restore it using our Vintage Parts Programme but do so with the likes of Martyn Ogborne and Nigel Everett is really special.”

    The G-54 concept was born in May 1973, five years after Suzuki withdrew from Grand Prix racing following regulation changes by the F.I.M. But, after competing in the smaller 50cc, 125cc, and 250cc classes, Suzuki had decided to make a return, this time in the premier 500cc class.

    The bike – where G denoted Grand Prix use only and 54, strangely, stood for 1974 – was designed and built under the stewardship of Makoto Hase and Makoto Suzuki, who had previously been tasked with converting the GT250, GT500, and GT750 machines into the TR250, TR500, and TR750 race bikes. The project pulled in staff that worked on the two and three cylinder 50cc machines, the twin and V4 125cc machines, plus the square-four 250cc machine.

    Barry Sheene got his first taste of the machine in November 1973, but to help keep the weight down the G-54 employed an open cradle chassis with no lower chassis rails beneath the engine. However, despite finishing second in its first ever Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand in April with Sheene aboard, by June the chassis had been replaced with a conventional double cradle design. It was raced by Sheene, Paul Smart, and Jack Findlay that year.

    The bike will be built and displayed on Suzuki’s stand throughout the show, located in Hall 2.

    For more show and ticket information, click here. For information on Suzuki’s Vintage Parts Programme, click here.

  5. Fantastic ‘Suzuki Experiences’ Offered with all Limited Edition Buildbase Suzuki BSB replica GSX-R1000R machines

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    Following the announcement that Bradley Ray has re-signed for the Buildbase Suzuki team and will again race a GSX-R1000R in the British Superbike Championship next season, Suzuki is celebrating re-signing of one the UK’s hottest racing prospects by launching a fantastic ‘Suzuki Experiences’* package for customers of its stunning limited edition BSB replica.
    As well as owning one of just 50 of these exclusive machines, customers will also receive a ‘BSB Experience’ for two, ‘On Track Experience’ and ‘Events Experience’ for two to three great events, during 2019.
    The BSB Experience for two includes race day hospitality, a meet-and-greet with the team riders, grid walk and the chance to watch the race from the Buildbase Suzuki team garage. They’ll also be kitted out with some team merchandise.
    The On Track Experience provides each customer with a complimentary place on one of the legendary James Whitham track days at Mallory Park, Croft or Anglesey, with professional one-to-one tuition from a Suzuki racing ambassador during the day.
    Customers can further benefit from tickets for two to the Southampton Boat Show in September 2019, Motorcycle Live at the NEC in November 2019 and a home round of the MK Dons football team, sponsored by Suzuki.
    Suzuki GB Head of Marketing, Fiona Cole, said,“We’re delighted that Bradley will remain with us in 2019 and build on the experience and results he has gained during his first season with a factory team. He’s proven himself to be one the brightest young talents in the paddock over the last few seasons, making impressive progress from superbike rookie to twice a race-winner this season and Showdown challenger.
    “Race replica machines are desirable among sportsbike customers and the Buildbase Suzuki BSB replica GSX-R1000R is exceptional in both looks and performance. However we’re keen to offer our customers more just great products and this includes access to some of the fantastic partnerships and experiences Suzuki is associated with. This new ‘Experiences’ package being offered exclusively to customers who purchase the BSB replica GSX-R1000R has been warmly received and we’re pleased to be able to help create even more memorable moments for our customers.”
    The limited edition Buildbase Suzuki replica GSX-R1000R comes with the same stunning paint scheme as the team’s race bikes, as well as engine case savers, brake and clutch lever guards, paddock stand bobbins, double bubble screen, pillion seat cowl, tank protector and fuel cap trim, with a Yoshimura R11 exhaust ready for track use. In addition, customers will also receive a Suzuki-branded Ogio kit bag, paddock stand, bike cover and GSX-R garage mat, with the ‘Suzuki Experiences’ package also included until 31 December 2018. An impressive package for just £19,999 RRP and currently available with low rate 3% APR representative finance*, over 3 years with a minimum deposit of £300.