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Category: Motorcycles

  1. BMW Motorrad presents the all-new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

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    "The appearance of the new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure is sure to attract attention. The big GS is not only visually different from its almost dainty sister. Never before have seating comfort, ergonomics and wind and weather protection been so harmoniously combined with precise handling, exceptional suspension comfort and smooth running. The new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure has set itself the goal of becoming the benchmark for large adventure motorcycles.”

    Christof Lischka, Head of BMW Motorrad Development

    The new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure: When it comes to motorcycle adventure and long-distance touring, this is the rock in the surf. An almost completely newly designed model with enhanced adventure expertise across the board.
    Crossing the Sahara in searing heat, climbing the Himalayas or exploring the Amazon rainforests - for more than two decades the big BMW GS Adventure with flat twin boxer engine has been synonymous with such long-distance motorcycle journeys with a passenger and lots of luggage. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, and to provide adventurous motorcyclists with even more adventure expertise, BMW Motorrad has almost completely redesigned the engine, chassis, bodywork, design and storage concept of the new R 1300 GS Adventure compared to the previous model, taking the cornerstones of the BMW GS Adventure to a new level.

    The legendary twin-cylinder boxer engine is once again at the heart of the new
    R 1300 GS Adventure. The new design, first introduced on the R 1300 GS, is much more compact than its predecessor thanks to a transmission located under the engine and a new arrangement of the camshaft drive. It generates 107 kW (145 hp) from 1,300 cc at 7,750 rpm. Maximum torque is 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This makes it by far the most powerful BMW boxer engine ever to be produced in series.

    At the center of the new suspension is the sheet metal shell main frame made of steel, which in addition to being significantly optimised in terms of installation space also offers higher levels of stiffness than the predecessor model. In place of the previous tubular steel construction, the new R 1300 GS Adventure now has an aluminium lattice tube rear frame made of aluminium tubes and forged parts. The EVO Telelever front wheel guide with flex element and the revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide also provide even greater steering precision and riding stability.

    New electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) as standard equipment ex works, with dynamic adaptation of the damping and spring rate, and also load compensation.
    The previous Dynamic ESA Next Generation electronic suspension itself offered a high level of ride safety and riding fun on a wide variety of terrains with its dynamic adjustment of the damping and adjustable spring basis at the rear. The new electronic

    Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) now goes one step further, combining the dynamic adjustment of the front and rear damping with a corresponding adjustment of the spring rate (“spring stiffness”) - depending on the selected riding mode, riding condition and manoeuvres. The automatic adjustment of the spring basis ensures load compensation. This makes for an even more thrilling riding experience on all surfaces. Whether solo, with passenger or with bulky luggage - DSA ensures an even higher level of ride safety, performance and comfort.

    Adaptive vehicle height control and adaptive vehicle height control comfort with vehicle lowering as optional equipment ex works.
    The new adaptive vehicle height control and vehicle height control comfort are available ex works as optional extras for the chassis of the new R 1300 GS Adventure.

    With adaptive vehicle height control, the new R 1300 GS offers fully automatic adjustment of the vehicle height to suit the operating conditions, ensuring maximum comfort without having to compromise on riding dynamics and lean angle freedom. The vehicle height is lowered by 30 mm when stationary and at low speeds.

    The new R 1300 GS Adventure can also be fitted with the optional adaptive vehicle height control comfort system for smaller riders, or for particularly good accessibility and even easier handling. It has all the features and functions of the vehicle height control, and a standard height that is 20mm lower.

    Four riding modes now standard. “Enduro” riding mode for an enhanced off-road riding experience.
    Even in the standard version, the new R 1300 GS Adventure now has four rather than three riding modes to suit individual rider preferences. The “Rain” and “Road” riding modes allow riding characteristics to be adapted to most road conditions. With the “Eco” riding mode it is possible to achieve the maximum range on a single tank of fuel, while the additional riding mode “Enduro” enables an enhanced riding experience off the beaten track with a specific set-up for off-road use.

    Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) for fully automatic clutch actuation with manual or automated shifting for even more riding enjoyment as optional ex-works equipment.
    With the new Automated Shift Assistant (ASA), BMW Motorrad offers an innovative technical solution to make motorcycling easier and more comfortable. True to the motto "Simplify your ride", the riding experience is further enhanced by the automation of the clutch and gear shift, without sacrificing the emotionally important dynamics of the gear change.
    The Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) will also be available as an option on the
    BMW R 1300 GS from model year 2025.

    Full LED headlights in new matrix design and auxiliary headlights as standard. State-of-the-art LED light units all round with turn indicators integrated into the hand protectors.
    BMW Motorrad is regarded as the pioneer par excellence when it comes to motorcycling safety and related innovations. Accordingly, the new R 1300 GS Adventurer offers a new, very small and attractive full LED headlamp with a novel, distinctive light icon as standard. The light unit consists of one LED unit for low and high beam along with four additional LED units for the daytime running light and the side light. The new R 1300 GS Adventure also features two extra-flat auxiliary headlamps with LED technology that blend harmoniously and safely into the bodywork. This combination illuminates the road with unprecedented clarity, thereby ensuring even better perception in traffic. State-of-the-art LED light units with newly designed LED turn indicators – integrated in the hand protectors at the front, function-integrated at the rear – round off the lighting concept of the new

    R 1300 GS.

    Riding Assistant with Active Cruise Control (ACC),
    Front Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Change Warning and the new
    Rear End Collision Warning (RECW) for safe and convenient motorcycling as optional equipment ex works.
    The new R 1300 GS Adventure is already equipped with Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) with braking function as standard. The Riding Assistant offers many more functions as an optional extra ex works. It consists of the components Active Cruise Control (ACC),

    Front Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Change Warning and the new
    Rear End Collision Warning (RECW). The new Rear End Collision Warning (RECW) system signals an impending rear end collision to following traffic by flashing the hazard warning lights with a higher frequency. The Rear End Collision Warning (RECW) system will also be available on the BMW R 1300 GS presented last year from model year 2025.

    New aluminium top case and new aluminium cases with integrated magnetic couplings as electrical interfaces for USB charging sockets and lighting as well as an optional volume extension are available as optional equipment ex works.
    A robust 37-liter aluminium top case and a top case holder with vibration-decoupled top case plate, electrical interface for lighting and USB charging socket as well as integrated passenger grab handles are available as optional accessories for the new

    R 1300 GS Adventure. The load capacity is up to 8 kg.

    The new aluminium cases, each with a load capacity of up to 10 kg, are also ideal for transporting luggage easily and safely. The total capacity is over 73 liters (37 liters left, 36.5 liters right). They are simply, quickly and securely attached to the innovative case holders made of forged aluminium. The magnetic coupling integrated into the left-hand case holder acts as the electrical interface for the USB charging socket in the left-hand case. The optional 10-liter volume extensions per case provide even more storage space. Made from high quality aluminium, they are quick and easy to fit.

    30-liter aluminium fuel tank with clever mounting options and rubberised storage area. Effective wind and weather protection with windshield and hand protectors with hand protector extensions.
    The new R 1300 GS Adventure comes with a completely new design that sets it even more apart from its sister model, the R 1300 GS. A key component of the outer skin in the central bodywork area of the new R 1300 GS Adventure is the 30-liter sheet-aluminium fuel tank, which is largely uncovered. It was particularly important to BMW Motorrad's development engineers that the tank, with its large outer skin, also does justice to its additional function as a luggage carrier in a special way. That's why three fastening elements have been screwed onto the upper tank panelling for easy and simple refuelling and quick access to the smartphone charging compartment. This clever solution offers individual fastening eyelets for items of luggage and at the same time provides an articulated mount with snap lock for the 12-liter tank bag with waterproof inner bag and outer bags, which is available as an accessory.

    The sheer width of the tank inspires confidence and provides effective frontal weather protection. The large windshield, combined with the two large transparent wind deflectors, also provides effective protection from the wind and weather, making for a uniquely quiet and comfortable ride, even on long journeys. Rubberised tank trays to the left and right of the upper tank covers are also standard. They provide non-slip, secure storage for utensils during stops.

    The new R 1300 GS Adventure: The very highest level of touring and off-road expertise in an attractive basic variant along with the variants Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719 Karakorum.
    Even in its basic version, the new R 1300 GS Adventure leaves no doubt about its purpose. Finished in solid Racing Red, it has an athletic, well-trained look that invites you to embark on dedicated motorcycling adventures. The silver tank, black and red seats, black handlebars, black rims and red hand protector extensions provide a striking contrast.

    In the Triple Black model variant, the new R 1300 GS Adventure shows its elegant face. Accents in perfectly coordinated shades of black and the aluminium fuel tank finished in high-quality Tinted Clear Coat are the hallmarks of this exceptional character. Black elements such as the standard engine protection bar with silver inserts, handlebars and wheel rims are combined with grey hand protector extensions, large aluminium radiator cowls and black/grey heated seats for the traditional Triple Black colour scheme. A luggage rack and high windshield with large wind deflectors complete the Triple Black look.

    The GS Trophy model features a sporty colour scheme. Racing Blue metallic paintwork is complemented by eye-catching solid Light White and solid Racing Red stripes. Textured powder-coated parts in Avus Black matt metallic create exciting contrasts with the aluminium parts. Red and black seats and red hand protector extensions combine with the stainless steel engine protection bar and black cross-spoke wheels to create an attractive colour scheme. Black grilles in front of the radiators and auxiliary headlamps provide effective stone guard protection. The smaller sport windshield and sport grab handles for the passenger further emphasise the GS Trophy's sporty character. Large radiator cowls with lashing eyes and aluminium fuel tank shelves also provide robust docking points.

    Option 719 Karakorum presents the R 1300 GS Adventure in the exclusive colour Aurelius Green matt metallic. Gold-coloured lines and the Shadow milled parts package complete the high-quality appearance, as does the "Opt. 719" badge on the tank cover. Golden anodised components such as the wheel rims and handlebars are particularly eye-catching. The standard engine protection bar is painted black and the hand protector extensions are grey. In addition to the small aluminium radiator cowls and protective grille on the auxiliary headlamps, there are two black/grey heated comfort seats, a luggage rack and a small sport windshield.

    The highlights of the new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure:

    • The Automated Shift Assistant (ASA) with automated clutch operation makes motorcycling even more convenient and offers an exciting riding experience through automated gearshift characteristics in accordance with the selected riding mode.
    • Completely newly designed boxer engine with bottom-mounted transmission and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timing and valve stroke on the intake side.
    • Most powerful BMW boxer engine ever.
    • Powerful response across the entire engine speed range, exemplary fuel consumption, emission levels, running smoothness and refinement.
    • Power output and torque: 107 kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm and 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.
    • Knock sensor system for optimised travel suitability.
    • Completely redesigned chassis compared to the predecessor model with sheet metal main frame and aluminium lattice tube rear frame. Even greater steering precision and riding stability thanks to new EVO Telelever with flex element and revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide.
    • BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS as standard.
    • Four riding modes as standard.
    • Engine drag torque control (MSR), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Hill Start Control (HSC) as standard.
    • Driving Modes Pro with additional riding modes as optional equipment ex works.
    • Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard.
    • Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) as optional equipment ex works, with dynamic adjustment of the damping and spring rate, and also load compensation.
    • Adaptive vehicle height control comfort and sport suspension as optional equipment ex works.
    • Matrix LED headlights and newly developed auxiliary headlights integrated into the body as standard.
    • Headlight Pro with adaptive headlight as optional equipment ex works.
    • Hand protectors with integrated turn indicators as standard.
    • 30-liter aluminium tank.
    • Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) with brake function as standard.
    • Riding Assistant with Active Cruise Control (ACC), Front Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Change Warning and Rear End Collision Warning (RECW) for safe and convenient motorcycling as optional equipment ex works.
    • Smartphone charging compartment with integrated USB socket and 12 V on-board power socket as standard.
    • Seat heating for rider and passenger for enhanced touring suitability as optional equipment ex works.
    • Handlebar risers up to 30 mm as optional equipment ex works.
    • Wide range of seat height variants as optional equipment ex works.
    • Connectivity: Multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen and numerous features as standard.
    • RDC, Keyless Ride and heated grips as standard.
    • Intelligent Emergency Call as standard (market-dependent).
    • Attractive basic variant along with the model variants Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719 Karakorum.
    • Extensive range of optional equipment, original BMW Motorrad accessories.

    Increased range of standard equipment in the new
    BMW R 1300 GS Adventure compared to the previous model:

    • Heated grips.
    • Keyless Ride (steering, ignition and fuel tank lock).
    • Tyre Pressure Monitor.
    • Engine drag torque control.
    • BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro.
    • Cruise control DCC with brake function.
    • DSA.
    • Auxiliary headlights.



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  2. The All-New 2025 Indian Scout models heading to ABR Festival

    Posted on

    Test ride the new Scout Bobber and Scout Classic
    See the flagship 101 Scout in the metal

    Indian Motorcycle has announced that the highly anticipated 2025 Indian Scout models will make their UK debut at the Adventure Bike Rider (ABR) Festival from 27-30 June 2024.

    Motorcycle enthusiasts will have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to test-ride the all-new Scout Bobber and Scout Classic with the stunning 101 Scout showcased on display to allow attendees to admire its design and features up close.

    To experience the Scout Bobber and Scout Classic firsthand, ABR Festival visitors can head to the Indian Motorcycle stand to book their test rides and experience the thrill of the new Bobber and Classic models firsthand.

    The 2025 Scout Bobber and Scout Classic will be available for test rides during the following times:

    Thursday, 27th June: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM (VIP ticket holders only)
    Friday, 28th June: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Saturday, 29th June: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Sunday, 30th June: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

    Visitors should not miss this unique opportunity to ride and experience the latest in Indian Motorcycle innovation and be part of the excitement surrounding the launch of the 2025 Indian Scout models.

    Final tickets are still available for the ABR Festival at

    For more information on Indian Motorcycle visit and follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

  3. BMW R 12 Custom 'Street Ride' Reveal

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    • BMW Motorrad commissions first-ever BMW R 12 custom build: ‘Street Ride’ by Pier City Cycles
    • The BMW R 12 ‘Street Ride’ was showcased in front of thousands of bike enthusiasts at the Bike Shed Moto Show in London’s Tobacco Dock
    • BMW Motorrad Product Manager, Carina Hoefler shares her positive thoughts about R 12 custom 

    BMW Motorrad UK unveiled the first-ever custom BMW R 12 'Street Ride', which was expertly crafted by Brighton-based customisers Pier City Cycles at the prestigious Bike Shed Show in London from 24th to 26th May.

    The BMW R 12 'Street Ride' showcases a blend of classic and modern design elements. It features a striking glittery orange tank by Valkyrie Paintworks, creating a 1970s feel. The customisations also include a bespoke headlight cowl, front mudguard, rear shock, and exhaust system, effectively highlighting the custom capabilities of the BMW R 12. 

    The Bike Shed Moto Show, renowned for celebrating creativity and craftsmanship in motorcycle culture, provided the perfect stage for the reveal of the BMW R 12 'Street Ride'. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts and industry experts, including BMW Motorrad Product Manager Carina Hoefler, attended the event. Carina expressed her excitement about the build, stating:

    "The customisation possibilities of the R 12 are endless, and I think the Pier City Cycles R 12 custom, 'Street Ride' , is absolutely showing its potential! It emphasises the retro look of the bike with its shiny metallic paint job, giving off a nice 70s vibe. They added their own bespoke touches, including the removal of the airbox, which I like very much. I think it's beautiful and it fits the bike perfectly - they did a brilliant job." 

    Carina also participated in the Bike Shed Moto Show's ‘Shed Talk’ live on stage, where she shared BMW Motorrad's developmental ideas behind the new R 12 nineT and R 12 and its approach to innovation and customisation.

    Click on the link below to find out more about the R 12 or contact your local BMW Motorrad retailer for a test ride:


  4. Suzuki reveals two new colour options for GSX-R125

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    Two new colour options are now available for Suzuki’s GSX-R125, including a retro-inspired blue and white livery that pays homage to the GSX-R lineage and history.

    A blue tank and nose sit above white side panels and belly pan, which are adorned with the familiar blue stripes running from the front up onto the seat unit. Lightweight blue wheels complete the look.

    It is joined by a more subtle all-black version, which is is accented by red decals and red wheels.

    The learner-friendly race replica boasts an incredible power-to-weight ratio in the class with a free-revving, DOHC single cylinder engine, plus keyless ignition and low-rpm assist.

    Find out more about the GSX-R125, here.

  5. V-Strom 800RE Tour joins Suzuki lineup

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    Suzuki has added a V-Strom 800RE Tour to its lineup, which comes with 112 litres of aluminium luggage and a saving of £706.94.

    Buyers can choose from either silver or black three-piece luggage, comprising a top box and panniers, and with an OTR price of £11,199, customers will save £706.94 over equipping the standard V-Strom 800RE with the individual accessories.

    Available in blue, matt steel green, or black, the V-Strom 800RE Tour expands Suzuki’s V-Strom 800 range to four models, all of which use the firm’s new 776cc parallel twin engine with its 270-degree crankshaft design, delivering an abundance of smooth low-down drive and midrange thrust.

    The 800RE models come with 19” and 17” cast aluminium wheels and Nissin radial calipers. Aluminium, rubber-covered foot pegs are set 14mm further rearward and 7mm higher than the V-Strom 800DE, and aluminium tapered handlebars are 13mm lower and 23mm further forwards. They’re also 15mm narrower. Like the DE, suspension comes courtesy of Showa, but with a focus on superior on-road performance there is 150mm of travel front and rear.

    A bi-directional quickshifter comes as standard, and there are three selectable power modes and three choices of traction control settings, which can also be switched off. All the information is displayed via a colour TFT dash, nestled behind a large, wind-cheating screen.

    For more information on the V-Strom 800RE Tour, click here.