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  1. 7 Essential Maintenance Tips for Students Who Ride Motorcycles

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    Riding a motorcycle is not just about the thrill or the speed; it's a lifestyle, especially for students who find it a convenient and affordable transportation. However, this two-wheeled beast needs regular care to keep running smoothly and ensure your safety on the road. Here are seven essential maintenance tips that every motorcycle student should follow. Remember, these tips are not just about keeping your ride in top shape but also about saving money and avoiding unexpected breakdowns.   Motorcycle touring, Ride Motorcycles

    1. Regularly Check Your Tyres

    Your motorcycle's tyres are the only point of contact with the road, making them critical to your safety. Ensuring they are in good condition involves more than just a glance. Ensure your tyres are in good condition before each ride - spend ample time on their maintenance. If you lack the time to do this properly, you can carve some extra hours from your busy schedule by hiring a college essay writing service to write some of your college essays. This way, you can prioritize safety without jeopardizing your grades. Here’s what you should do to ensure your tyres are always in pristine condition:

    ● Check the tyre pressure regularly - incorrect pressure affects handling and fuel efficiency.

    ● Inspect for wear and tear - look for any signs of cracking, cuts, or embedded objects.

    ● Monitor tread depth - low tread depth means less grip on the road, especially in wet conditions.

    ● If you notice uneven wear, rotate your tyres. This simple step can significantly extend the life of your tyres.

    2. Stay on Top of Oil Changes

    The engine is the heart of your motorcycle, and oil is its lifeblood. Regular oil changes are crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your engine.

    ● Use the right type of oil recommended by your motorcycle manufacturer.

    ● Check the oil level frequently and top it up if it's low.

    ● Change the oil and filter according to your motorcycle's maintenance schedule, usually every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

    ● Ignoring oil changes can lead to engine wear and tear, affecting performance and possibly leading to expensive repairs.

    3. Keep the Chain in Check

    The chain is what transfers power from your engine to the rear wheel. A well-maintained chain ensures your motorcycle is performing efficiently.

    ● Clean and lubricate the chain regularly to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.

    ● Check the chain's tension; an overly tight or loose chain can cause issues.

    ● Inspect for wear and replace if necessary. A worn chain can snap, leading to dangerous situations.

    4. Brakes Are Your Best Friend

    Never underestimate the power of well-maintained brakes. Your life depends on them!

    ● Check the brake pads and discs for wear. If they are worn beyond the recommended level, replace them.

    ● Ensure brake fluid is at the correct level and replace it at intervals suggested by the manufacturer.

    ● If you notice a spongy feel to the brake lever or pedal, bleed the brakes. This removes air bubbles from the brake lines, ensuring effective braking.

    5. Battery Maintenance Is Key

    A dead battery can leave you stranded. Battery maintenance is often overlooked but is simple to manage.

    ● Keep the battery terminals clean to ensure a good connection.

    ● Check the battery level and top up with distilled water if it's a non-sealed type.

    ● Regularly charge the battery, especially if you don't ride your motorcycle often, to keep it from dying prematurely.

    6. Pay Attention to the Lights and Electricals Lights and electricals are essential for motorcycle safety and legal reasons. They ensure you are visible to other road users and can see where you're going.

    ● Regularly check all lights - headlights, brake lights, turn signals - for functionality.

    ● Inspect wiring for any wear or damage and repair or replace as necessary.

    ● Replace bulbs with the correct type and wattage as specified by your motorcycle's manufacturer.

    7. Keep It Clean

    Lastly, keeping your motorcycle clean is not just about aesthetics; it's about longevity.

    ● Wash your motorcycle regularly to remove dirt and grime that can cause corrosion.

    ● During the cleaning process, check for any leaks or damage, as this is a good time to spot issues.

    ● Apply a protective coating to the paint, chrome, and metal parts to protect against the elements.

    In Conclusion

    These seven essential maintenance tips will ensure your motorcycle remains reliable, safe, and enjoyable. Remember, regular maintenance saves money in the long run by preventing major repairs and ensures your safety and the safety of others on the road. So, take the time to care for your two-wheeled companion; it will surely pay off.

    Author: Mary Herd

    Mary Herd combines her passion for storytelling with her love for the open road. As an article writer, she brings to life the joys and challenges of motorcycle culture, sharing insights from years of riding. Mary's work is fueled by her belief in the power of adventure and the freedom found on two wheels.






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  2. Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect E-Bike for You

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    With increasing popularity in recent years, e-bikes have dominated all kinds of urban commuting, recreational cycling, and even professional sports. The mixture of environmental consciousness, technological growth, and health benefits has somehow helped maneuver these electric-powered bicycles toward betterment. But with so many options available, it is imperative to look for a suitable e-bike that best suits individual specifications. Considerations of location, utilization, motor strength, and battery capacity, coupled with preferences regarding appearance, all play a pivotal role in ensuring an optimal riding experience. This enhances comfort and performance, which together maximize the enjoyment and utility of this transformative mode of transportation.

    Understanding E-Bikes   Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect E-Bike for You, GRUNDIG GCB-1 E-Bike Ice

    An e-bike is a kind of bicycle with an electric motor that does propulsion along with human power. Depending on the model and the user's settings, e-bikes can provide varying levels of pedal assistance or even fully electric propulsion, in contrast to conventional bicycles that are entirely human-powered. They usually have a rechargeable battery powering the motor, which is controlled through a handlebar-mounted display or control panel. E-bikes come in different varieties designed for different functions and terrains, such as commuter e-bikes purposely suited for city touring, mountain e-bikes built for off-road adventures, and so on. Each type is constructed with specific elements and features to cater to the needs and likes of various riders in diverse cycling environments.


    When it comes to assessing your needs for an e-bike, one should identify the primary purpose of the bicycle—be it commuting, leisure rides, fitness, or any other reason. Considerations should encompass the distance one usually covers and the terrain he or she would be traversing regularly, the desired speed, and the required carrying capacity for any baggage or passengers. For commuting, things like reliability, comfort, and storage options could be deemed important, while leisure riders may find comfort, maneuverability, and battery life more important for longer trips. For fitness, higher levels of pedal assist may be a priority, as well as a more lightweight design for improved performance.


    While figuring out a budget for purchasing an e-bike, try to balance affordability with quality. Find out what usage you intend for and what investment in an e-bike that satisfies your needs and preferences would cost you. E-bike prices can be quite variable, from the expensive to the inexpensive. Basically, the lower-priced e-bikes, due to using materials of lower quality, can sometimes cut down on advanced functionalities, leading to underperformance, lifespan, and comfort. On the other hand, pricier e-bikes generally entail better construction, powerful motors, longer battery life, better suspension, and additional features such as built-in lights, mounting points, or digital displays. While opting for the cheapest option may be tempting, a higher-quality e-bike investment could yield reliability, performance, and satisfaction in the long run. Ultimately, carrying out research, test-riding different models, and placing essential features within your budget will work out best for e-bike purchases.

    Brands and Models

    Several reputable manufacturers, as well as offering reliable systems and high-performance electric motors, partner in some form or another with other companies to create e-bikes that are popular for their ability to withstand the challenges of tough terrain and be powerful. A strong brand in the industry is GRUNDIG, well recognized for its advanced technological innovation and designs, providing one of the best e-bikes for street cruisers. This company is one of the best e-bike manufacturers out there, and the GRUNDIG GCB-1 E-Bike is currently one of their best products and is a good choice for you when you want to roam the busy streets of a city.

    Considering various factors, such as motor strength, battery capacity, range of rides, overall quality, comfort features, and reviews from other customers, when seeking popular e-bike models within your budget can guide your selection process. When seeking the ideal e-bike for your cycling pursuits, it is advisable to delve deeper into the different brands and models, taking into account your preferences and requirements.

    Maintenance and Support

    You should also consider evaluating the manufacturer or retailer's after-sales support, warranties covering all incidents, and whether it is possible to purchase parts when needed. The e-bike needs to be washed, oiled, and checked frequently for it to perform well and last a long time. Other techniques to promote a longer battery life include proper battery care and maintenance. Although an e-bike may need more maintenance than a traditional bike, planning for those expenditures can assure consistent pleasure and dependability over time, maximizing the value of your investment.



    Summing it all up, the right e-bike for an individual may vary and will depend on his or her experience with it. Selecting the right e-bike is based on the intended purpose, terrain, specific features, and budget. Whatever your reason for riding, whether it's commuting, leisure, or fitness, investing in a good e-bike fitted for your lifestyle is sure to make you feel comfortable, perform better, and feel satisfied. So, for those thinking of commencing their e-bike journey, go ahead and do so with confidence, for it will take only the right e-bike that will give a satisfying experience.





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  3. Best Three-Cylinder Bikes For Living In England

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    There’s no doubt that the two-cylinder bike configuration already packs plenty of punch, but honestly they’re a bit utilitarian. Of course, the other side of that coin is the four-cylinder engine, which scream with the vigour of a dedicated opera singer, but they are also generally impractical and not at all efficient. 

    And so that brings us to the happy medium that are three-cylinder bike benefits. These are the top bikes for living in England and bringing character and flair without killing practicality.

    10. Yamaha MT-09

    We would be remiss not to mention the bike that all of Yamaha’s three-cylinder bikes are based off of. Its reliable engine introduced a beautiful refinement without an ugly price tag to follow at just over $10,000. Of course, as the influence of greater evolutions, the MT-09 rests at the number ten spot, but it is well-earned nonetheless.

    • Power - 117 HP

    • Torque - 69 lb-ft

    9. Yamaha XSR900

    In 2016, Yamaha introduced the XSR900 to the market in the hopes of reinvigorating the delicate balance between classic design and contemporary technology. Six years later, it made a few core updates, including an improved suspension and the addition of the 890cc engine, and the versatile bike is now one of the best on the market.

    • Power - 118 HP

    • Torque - 68.6 lb-ft

    8. Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+

    You might be noticing a trend in this list by now, and that’s no accident. Yamaha’s third entry on the list shows how well it has the three-cylinder down to a science. Another versatile bike, the Tracer 9 GT+ uses a semi-active suspension, benefiting from a comfortable chassis to ensure its riders could ride around to all the Biker-friendly pubs in England without a speck of discomfort. No stopping for a drink, though!

    • Power - 115 HP

    • Torque - 69 lb-ft

    7. Triumph Speed Triple  Speed Triple RS, Youles Triumph

    No stranger to “best of” lists, Triumph’s Speed Triple has always been thought of as one of the best three-cylinder bikes for living in England. Whether you’re taking a short jaunt to a cafe or want to travel across the UK with it, the Speed Triple will turn heads wherever you go. Plus, there are quite a few options to pick from, including the huge 1200 RS.

    • Power - 177 HP

    • Torque - 92 lb-ft

    6. MV Agusta Brutale 800

    Some of the nicest looking bikes on the market come from MV Agusta, and the Superveloce, also featured on this list, is living proof of that. Of course, so too is the Brutale 800, which definitely lives up to its name. In fact, the staggering bike is precisely the sort that might make an eager bettor find no verification betting sites on and bring his confidence to the track. And, as an added bonus, the Brutale 800 is utterly jam-packed with the best electronics.

    • Power - 140 HP

    • Torque - 64 lb-ft

    5. Triumph Rocket 3

    It’s true - like Yamaha, Triumph also dominates the three-cylinder market with a great foundational design under its belt. In fact, there are four bikes from Triumph on this list, but this is definitely one that stands out. Its power is chart-topping, and it’s incredibly heavy, but both of those work in conjunction to remain perfectly nimble, even around corners. 

    • Power - 165 HP

    • Torque - 163 lb-ft

    4. MV Agusta Superveloce 800

    Few things compare to the feelings stirred up by a beautiful Italian motorcycle, and there is perhaps no better example of this than MV Agusta’s Superveloce 800. The design simply takes your breath away, and the ride proves that it’s more than just a pretty face. The manufacturer even recently launched an Ago edition to honour world champion Giacomo Agostini, who clinched fourteen titles with MV Agusta’s help.

    • Power - 147 HP

    • Torque - 65 lb-ft

    3. MV Agusta LXP Orioli

    It takes a particular rider to consider dropping nearly $30,000 for an adventure bike that wasn’t made by Triumph or BMW, but it seems clear that MV Agusta has its sights on this niche market, aiming to scoop up those who want something a little different from the usual GS and Tiger options. Here, you get crash bars, a sturdy Sachs suspension, and LED auxiliary lights to help navigate the cloudy climate better.

    • Power - 124 HP

    • Torque - 75.23 lb-ft

    2. Triumph Daytona 660

    An all-new offering from Triumph, the Daytona 660 does not feel imposing, which benefits new riders hoping to gain more confidence on the throttle. Of course, it’s not just for beginners by any stretch of the imagination. The redline increases to 12,650 RPM from its original Trident iteration, but packages it all up in a chic, reasonably priced chassis.

    • Power - 93.7 HP

    • Torque - 51 lb-ft

    1. Triumph Daytona Moto2 765

    Speaking of Daytona, we end the list with the Moto2 765, Triumph’s last word on high-performance triples. It takes what it learned from the Daytona 675, like its sharp handling and on- and off-track capabilities, and kicks it all up to eleven. The result? Precision agility unmatched in Daytona’s history - and the perfect bike to take around England and all of Europe.

    • Power - 128 HP

    • Torque - 59 lb-ft







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  4. Customising Your Ride: Personalising Your Motorbike

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    Personalising your motorbike is a thrilling endeavour that allows you to express your individuality and create a ride that reflects your style and personality. From custom paint jobs to performance upgrades, there are endless ways to transform your bike into a unique statement of self-expression.

    Read this guide to explore various ways to personalise your motorbike, from aesthetic enhancements to functional modifications, so you can ride in style and make your mark on the road.

    1. Custom Paint and Graphics  Stardust produces, motorcycle paints, kits, custom

    One of the most impactful ways to personalise your motorbike is through custom paint and graphics. Consider working with a professional painter or graphic designer to create a custom paint scheme that reflects your personal style and vision. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colours, sleek monochrome designs, or intricate airbrushed graphics, a custom paint job can transform your bike into a true work of art.

    2. Aftermarket Accessories and Add-Ons

    Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your motorbike with aftermarket accessories and add-ons. From chrome accents and decorative trim to performance upgrades and ergonomic enhancements, there are countless options to customise your ride.

    Consider adding a custom exhaust system, LED lighting, upgraded handlebars or grips, and a sleek windscreen or fairing to enhance both the appearance and performance of your bike.

    3. Custom Seat and Upholstery

    Upgrade your motorbike's comfort and style with a custom seat and upholstery. Work with a skilled upholsterer to design a seat that provides optimal support and comfort while complementing your bike's overall aesthetic.

    Choose from a wide range of materials, colours, and textures to create a seat that's as stylish as it is comfortable – whether you prefer classic leather, modern suede, or exotic animal prints.

    4. Personalised Decals and Emblems

    Add a personal touch to your motorbike with personalised decals and emblems. Design custom decals featuring your name, initials, or favourite symbols, and apply them to various parts of your bike for a unique and eye-catching look.

    You can also create custom emblems or badges to replace factory logos and add a touch of exclusivity to your ride. Many people like to have a unique number plate which is a great option, just make sure you know the number plate rules in your area.

    5. Performance Tuning and Engine Modifications

    Take your motorbike to the next level with performance tuning and engine modifications. Work with a reputable mechanic or performance shop to optimise your bike's horsepower, torque, and handling characteristics.

    Consider upgrading your engine components, suspension system, brakes, and tyres to enhance performance and responsiveness on the road or track.

    6. Custom Lighting and Electronics

    Illuminate your motorbike in style with custom lighting and electronics. Install LED accent lights, underglow kits, or halo headlights to add a touch of flair and visibility to your ride.

    You can also upgrade your bike's electronics with a custom audio system, GPS navigation, or smartphone integration for added convenience and entertainment on the road.

    7. Signature Accessories and Personalised Gear

    Complete your personalised motorbike set-up with signature accessories and personalised gear. Invest in custom-designed helmets, riding jackets, gloves, and boots that reflect your personal style and provide maximum protection and comfort while riding.

    You can also accessorise your bike with custom number plate frames, keychains, and other accessories that showcase your love for the open road.


    Personalising your motorbike is a rewarding journey that allows you to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose to customise your bike with a custom paint job, aftermarket accessories, performance upgrades, or personalised gear, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. With a little creativity and imagination, you can create a motorbike that's as unique and distinctive as you are, turning heads wherever you ride. 





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  5. The mighty ‘Hogslayer’ to roar again at Dragstalgia.

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    The Norton twin-engined machine that dominated motorcycle drag racing back in the 1970's is to feature at this year’s Dragstalgia event at Santa Pod in July, 5th-7th.

    A small group of seasoned drag racing motorcyclists wanted to recognise the huge contribution that US rider Tom ‘TC’ Christenson, and engineer and tuner John Gregory, made to the sport of motorcycle drag racing. It is especially relevant following Tom Christenson's passing in 2023.

    Today’s announcement appropriately comes on the day that John Gregory celebrates his 90th birthday. Photojournalist Keith Lee has kept in touch with John for over 50 years, and has passed on very useful information from him to help run the bike. John commented: “It is great that you guys are doing this. I just wish I was there to see it run again.”

    From a kernel of an idea, Neil Baskerville, son of Ray, who was a respected builder and rider back in the day, approached Chris Illman to ask what were the chances of approaching the National Motorcycle Museum to see if we could borrow Hogslayer to display at Dragstalgia as a fitting tribute to Christenson and Gregory.

    Chris, who has a long standing relationship with the National Motorcycle Museum, approached Museum Director James Hewing, to ask if he would grant permission for Hogslayer to be released for display at Dragstalgia. Not only did he readily agree, but suggested: “If you can get it running again and ridden, that would be a real bonus!”

    That was an offer not to be refused, and hopefully a long held dream turned into a reality. What more encouragement do we need?

    Having been on static display at the National Motorcycle Museum for some 20 years since coming from the USA in 2004, it was clear that a considerable amount of work would be required. Plans are currently in place to relocate the machine to secure premises in Hertfordshire, where recommissioning will be carried out.

    The prospect of seeing and hearing Hogslayer’s mighty roar again at Santa Pod will make this year’s Dragstalgia an event not to be missed.

    Watch this space!