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    Apply for one of 90 free motorcycle CBT courses before January 31, 2021

    Aspiring new riders need to act fast to win one of 90 free Compulsory Basic Training Courses (CBT) with Bennetts’ ‘Ride Free’ campaign before the January 31st, 2021 deadline.

    Bennetts celebrated their 90th year in 2020 by starting a mission to help inspire, encourage and educate new or returning riders on the benefits that life on two wheels can offer.

    By heading to, aspiring and returning riders can access a range of information on how to get started, which motorcycle kit to choose, trusted reviews on security products, combined with top tips and guidance on what bikes to get and how to pick a good one. This dedicated online portal is also the place to apply for the 90 free CBT courses.

    Applying to win a CBT course takes just a couple of minutes, requiring a few details and asking why the applicant wants to ride. The successful applicants will be notified within ten working days of the campaign coming to an end, after rigorous judging from the panel that includes former Olympic snowboarder turned presenter, Aimee Fuller.

    The CBT courses are managed by Bennetts’ campaign partner, RideTo, who work with a UK nationwide network of trusted training centres. They will schedule the courses during the first half of 2021 (Covid restrictions permitting) and will also offer applicants the opportunity to save £10 off a CBT booking. Bennetts PR, Brand and Events manager, Luke Brackenbury, said, “From the applications so far, it’s clear that there are a lot of people who want to start riding motorcycles: our judge, Aimee Fuller, certainly has got a tough job on her hands to choose the 90!

    “Even more exciting for motorcycling is the spread of ages of applicants that want to get behind some bars, and that’s why Bennetts is already working on a second phase of Ride Free to continue to help people get more from motorcycling.”

    Ride Free is supported by Bennetts Rewards - a unique platform designed to help all motorcyclists get more from motorcycling. It’s populated with a huge range of offers and discounts, unmissable deals and money-can’t-buy experiences for riders both on and off the bike. Access to Bennetts Rewards is free for all riders who purchase insurance directly with Bennetts or also available as a paid for 12-month membership.

    Visit to find out more.

    #RideFree #UnlockYourFreedom

  2. 3 Tips For Betting On Motorcycle Racing

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    With betting now playing a huge part in the world of sports, it’s no surprise that motorcycle racing also has a huge following when it comes to gambling.

    As a sport that is so unpredictable, motor sports offer great appeal to punters, who enjoy the test of trying to work out how a race could unfold and who they want to bet on to win it.

    However, if you are new to betting or fancy have a punt on the next British Superbikes race, then you need to make sure you are aware of some vitally important tips for betting.

    In this guide, we are going to talk you through the top three, which all act as great information for the first time bettor or a reminder for those experienced gamblers.

    Know Your Sport

    At some stage in our lives, we’ve all experienced some form of beginner’s luck, whether that is getting a bargain from a new bike shop or playing a new game and winning. Eventually though, that luck tends to wear out and that is where knowledge and experience is needed.

    The same ‘rules’ apply in gambling, where for most people you tend to lose more times than you are going to win, so to improve your chances, it helps to have a good understanding of the sport or event you want to bet on.

    As we already mentioned, motor sports can be unpredictable, but if you have an idea on what the best bikes are and who the best drivers are, then you’ll be setting yourself up for a better chance of backing a winner. Also form is another factor to consider, with some riders performing better at some venues.

    To be an even better punter, you need to have a good grasp of the variables and how they might affect a race. These often include the surface type, length of the race and even the weather. If you are able to identify which rider is best suited to the conditions, then you can be more confident in your bet.

    Do Your Research

    As you’ve already guessed, the best punters in the gambling world are often those that have the most knowledge. From knowing the difference between a favourite and a each-way shot, to having an idea on what bet type to place, the more you know about gambling, the better your chances of winning.

    It’s always wise to do your research before placing any bet, and there are numerous websites, such as, that can give you tips and betting advice on all the latest sports betting markets.

    There are also plenty of people who make a living through the sports betting community online and share expert advice on a range of sports, including motorcycling racing. A quick look through social media will flag up plenty of potential people to follow and as long as they have a strong number of followers, it’s always worth checking in on their advice for a second opinion on your bet.

    Understanding The Odds

    One of the main factors involved with the gambling industry are the odds, which can be displayed in fractional or decimal format depending on your bookmaker. In Europe, they tend to come in the decimal form, with the United Kingdom opting for the more traditional format of fractions, which often show as 2/1 or 5/1.

    If you are a newcomer to betting, the general rule is that the number on the right of the fraction is your stake, and the number on the left is the amount you stand to win if your selection is correct. For example, if you place a £1 cash bet on a 5/1 winner, you will win £5, plus your £1 stake will be returned. If you put a £1 bet on a 5/1 selection and it loses, you will lose your £1 stake.



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  3. How to get the best stickers for your bike?

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    Are you looking for stickers for your bike? Or do you have a design and want to know which type of sticker is best for you?

    We are here to help you get the best stickers for your bike. They'll withstand the scratching, water & anything else you throw at them.

    We'll talk about materials that work and throw in a few ideas we've found to inspire you to get the best custom stickers.

    Let's get stuck in.

    Firstly, which materials will work for you?

    When looking at custom stickers for your bike, you need the following:

    • Plastic stickers with a medium-strength adhesive; this will ensure they stick to the paint, chromed or other similar material found on your bike. The medium-strength adhesive will not peel away paint when removing the sticker.

    • Laminated stickers that protect the printed layer. A laminate is a transparent, plastic film that can have a gloss or matte finish. It will protect the ink from scratches, scuffs, fading in the sunlight and any chemicals the sticker may come into contact with when cleaning.

    Here is a breakdown of how a sticker it made so that you can see each layer:

    1. A clear gloss laminate protects from sunlight, scratching & water.

    2. Printed in full-colour using the latest technology with incredible detail.

    3. You can choose a coloured material to create your desired result.

    4. A medium-strength adhesive is perfect for your bike.

    5. The thick backing keeps your sticker flat and makes them easy to peel.

    These die-cut stickers will all work. They are all laminated with a clear, gloss over-laminate. They also all have a medium-strength adhesive. You can also choose from a few different colours to create incredible effects. Die-cutting simply means they're cut to any custom shape you want.

    Now you know which type of sticker will work, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


    1. Vintage biker skull; this would look great as a custom shape sticker printed on mirror silver or gold. 


    2. This sticker could go on your bike or inside your car window. Get it as a transfer sticker or a front-adhesive sticker for the best effect.


    3. Need to decorate your garage. We love this as an oversized wall graphic.

    We hope this information & examples have inspired you. We've love to hear what you apply custom stickers for. Please let us know in the comments below.



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  4. RSTA response to Spending Review and National Infrastructure Strategy

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    The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has welcomed the Chancellor’s emphasis on the need for a well-maintained local road network.
    The National Infrastructure Strategy, launched today (25th November 2020)  by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak as part of his Spending Review, underlined how “well maintained local roads allow for faster and reliable journeys, boosting local businesses and serving all road users.”
    The Strategy confirms the Government commitment of £1.125 billion of local roads maintenance funding in 2021-22 including £500 million for the Potholes Fund to fix potholes and surface roads. This will be supported by £260 million allocated to Local Authorities in 2021-22 for shovel ready local transport schemes through the Integrated Transport Block, including public transport and active travel upgrades. The government is also investing £310 million in 2021-22 in upgrading the road network. Altogether, this means that the government is investing £1.7 billion in local roads in 2021-22.
    “Whilst the additional £500 million funding is not new, having already been highlighted in the March budget, the government’s commitment to maintaining the capital maintenance block allocation for improving the local road network, despite the significant public borrowing costs of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, is welcomed and represents a significant overall increase,” said Paul Boss, RSTA chief executive. “We will continue to work with both national and local government to ensure proactive cost effective investment in, what the National Infrastructure Strategy rightly calls, ‘one of the UK’s most valuable public assets.’
  5. Mitas celebrates 2020 FIM Speedway Grand Prix world title with Bartosz Zmarzlik

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    Mitas, part of the Trelleborg Group, celebrates 2020 FIM Speedway Grand Prix World podium finish with Polish hero Bartosz Zmarzlik, Great Britain’s icon Tai Woffinden and Swedish star Fredrik Lindgren, all of which ride Mitas Speedway Competition tyres.

    Gustavo Pinto Teixeira, Vice President Two Wheels and Specialty Tyres, says: “We are pleased to see another great achievement by our riders in the 2020 season. Speedway racing has always had a special place in the heart of Mitas, being the origin of our motorsport activities. We are delighted that the greatest Speedway riders still recognize Mitas as the best choice.”