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  1. 5 Protective Clothing to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle

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    There is no greater feeling than riding a motorcycle and feeling the wind on your face. The thrill that a motorcycle gives is something that other forms of transportation can not. However, riding a motorcycle is an activity that can turn very dangerous. Problems with the motorcycle or the road can lead to serious injuries. A lot of people get involved in fatal motorcycle accidents yearly. Still, this doesn't mean that you should stop riding your motorcycle. Protective clothing can help to minimize the risk associated with riding a motorcycle. By protecting different parts of the body, they help the rider to feel safe and secure.  Protective Clothing to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle

    Some of the most essential protective clothing for riding your motorcycle is:

    1. Helmets

    This is by far the most important protective clothing there is. It protects the skull from harm, which makes it very important. The human head is something that can easily be affected by external forces. By riding your motorcycle, you are exposing your head to these external forces. A sudden impact on the head can cause minor issues like concussions or major issues like fractured skulls.

    Therefore, your head must be well protected when you are riding your motorcycle. Helmets are designed to crumple and take most of the impact in case anything happens.

    2. Jackets

    When you think about it, the cooling sensation that comes from riding a motorcycle isn't all that good. It can cause different health issues that can affect the lungs. If this is mixed with the cold that comes from riding in the rain, the results could be disastrous. Jackets are therefore the perfect protective clothing to take care of this. They are comfortable and warm, making the rider feel hot when traveling in cold weather. Also, most jackets are waterproof, so you can ride your motorcycle even when it is raining.

    3. Boots

    Even though it is worn on the leg, this helps to make the rider feel safe. A boot helps to protect the ankle of the rider. Accidents can cause a lot of damage to the legs and ankles. They can crush the legs and ankles of riders. Boots with solid soles help to reduce the impact of such accidents. Also, some boots come with shin protection, which protects the shin whenever it hits the brakes.

    4. Gloves

    Gloves are useful protective clothing for any motorcycle rider. They help to give a good grip on the motorcycle when the rider is riding. Also, the gloves help to keep the hands warm and toasty.

    5. Pants

    Pants are an underrated, yet fairly useful protective clothing. They help to protect the upper legs by keeping them warm and protecting the skin from harm. Some pants are padded at the hips and knees, to protect those parts from excessive impact. Good pants are light and comfortable, yet stable and secure to make the rider stable on the motorcycle.


    The thrill of riding a motorcycle should not make you forget to be safe on it. It is best to wear light and comfortable protective clothing to protect you from unexpected occurrences.

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  2. Tips for successfully growing your motorcycle repair shop

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    So long as people choose to ride motorbikes, there will be a need for professionals offering repairs.
    If you own a repair shop, it can be a lucrative business when run correctly. Yet, there is always room for improvement, and if you would like your business to grow, you should consider some of the many options that can help you to expand. This article will cover some top tips for how you can grow your customer base and improve the efficiency of your workshop.

    Tip 1: Ensure your repair shop is organised  Milwaukee, Packout Rolling Tool Chest
    The more efficient you are, the more profitable your business will be as you can service more motorcycles in a smaller amount of time. Being organised will help to keep tools accessible and easy to find, helping to cut out those aggravating moments when you need to stop working and search for something. One way to keep things tidy and mobile is by using a tool chest on wheels so that you can always have the items you need close by and easily moved around.  

    Tip 2: Update your skills and offer new services
    As new bike models are continuously released onto the market, you will need to keep up to scratch with improved technologies and changes to mechanics. For instance, if you are not trained in sports bikes repairs, you could be losing out on customers that could secure more income for your business. You can improve your skills by regularly attending workshops and training sessions and learning from industry professionals.

    Tip 3: Hire some help
    It might be a good idea to consider expanding your team and hiring someone else to help you out in the repair shop - especially if you have had to turn away potential customers due to not having enough time or resources to do the work. Perhaps an apprentice would be the right fit for your budget? Or you may want to take on someone more experienced? Whatever option you choose, consider the workload you currently have and how quickly you can grow with the resources that are available to you.

    Tip 4: Plan your year
    Motorcycles are seasonal vehicles for many owners, meaning demand for your services, and therefore income, may slow down during certain times of the year - especially winter. Many more people get their bikes out during spring, summer and early autumn. During these warmer months, when there is more business for your shop you should consider extending your opening hours or taking on temporary staff to manage the workload. In the colder months, it may be more worthwhile working on longer-term projects for a select few clients. Another good way to stay ahead of the game is to try and secure work in your pipeline moving into the off-seasons while you are seeing clients regularly.

    Tip 5: Digital presence and marketing for your business
    We live in a digital age where competition is fierce, and many professionals will share content online to increase awareness of their brand. Sharing videos online or creating tailored content aimed at your target audience via a website or social media can be a great way to make a name for yourself and reach a large audience online. Your site and social media channels are also a good place to include customer testimonials that pay tribute to your hard work.

    Owning a business is no easy feat and growing one is even more challenging. If you want to become a well-known name, it’s crucial that you adopt a proactive approach to work and try to improve the quality and range of your services. These five simple tricks should help you to move towards becoming a top player in the industry.

    Have fun and good luck!

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  3. Biggest Risks of Motorcycle Riding and How to Avoid Them

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    If you’re travelling by road, then you’re at a small risk of suffering an accident. This risk varies depending on where you’re travelling, and by what vehicle. Statistically speaking, motorcyclists are in the greatest danger. When you’re on two wheels, you’re not only more likely to be involved in a collision – you’re also more likely to suffer injury and death. While you can claim compensation after suffering a serious brain injury, you can’t easily reverse the damage.  Biggest Risks of Motorcycle Riding and How to Avoid Them

    For motorcyclists, therefore, taking the time to identify the biggest dangers is more than worthwhile. Let’s take a look at a few of the most notorious.

    Biggest Danagers to Motorcyclists on the Road

    Oncoming traffic is undoubtedly the biggest danager that motorcyclists face. If you’re involved in a head-on collision, then you’ll have be exposed to twice the force as if you’d hit the same object at double the speed (assuming that you’re travelling at the same speed as the other vehicle). While passengers and drivers in cars have a lot of protective structures around them, motorcyclists aren’t so fortunate. Even a minor impact can knock you off the bike.

    Junctions are another source of danger. Drivers might not have noticed you – they have multiple demands on their attention when they’re waiting to turn. That’s assuming they haven’t taken the opportunity to take out their phones.

    Overbraking is something that’s likely to throw you over the handlebars. While it might be nececssary to avoid a collission, sudden stopping is something that can pose a danger in itself.

    Car doors are another thing that can take you out when they’re opened unexpecetedly. This is something that’s particularly troubling in cities.

    Finally, we should worry about the condition of the road surface. Grit, gravel and rainwater can all reduce your traction. Gravel in particular can cause the bike to highside – which is a sudden and often deadly rotation of the bike.

    How to Avoid an Accident

    The easiest way to avoid an accident on your bike is to reduce your speed. The slower you’re going, the more easily you’ll be able to react to some of the threats we’ve mentioned.

    You should also be sure that you’re wearing the appopriate safety gear. This includes a helmet, as well as boots, gloves, leathers and body armor.

    You should also be sure that your bike is in good condition. This means regularly assessing your tyre pressures, changing the oils, and testing the brakes. If you’re practiced doing emergency stops. It’ll be less likely that you get thrown off. We should also mention that, in a disproportionate number of motorcycle casualties, drink-driving has been a factor. If you know you’re going to be getting in the saddle, then you should limit your alcohol consumption to zero. Don’t take any chances!



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  4. The windscreen: your motorbike greatest ally

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    The road, the bike, the sun: the dream of any motorcyclist when setting off on a trip is that it will be a great one, but the most important thing on the way is to arrive safely and remember a pleasant experience on the road.

    For that you have to have everything ok, the motorbike, the tyres and something very important a good windscreen according to the route you are going to do because comfort is everything and few things give more security than a good windscreen on the road.  Motorcycle windshields, Sabac

    Why use a windscreen?

    The motorcycle windshields may not look very stylish on your motorbike, but when you're out on the road, wind, rain, insects and even a few rocks come along, this gadget will save you.

    Another vitally important advantage is that when the journey is long and the weather gets rough, especially with strong draughts, we don't have to fight against the wind when riding behind the windscreen, which means we have a better view and are less tired on the journey.

    Which windscreen to choose?

    We already know why it is important to use this device on our motorbike, but which one is the ideal one for my vehicle? There are several factors that will tell us which one is the best, but above all, what we need it for.

    It depends on the journey, the type of riding you have in front of you, whether it is a long or short trip, and whether it is on the road or on dirt roads.

    There are several types of windscreens for scooters and motorbikes, but to be more precise we can summarise them in two types. On the one hand, those that are fixed to the scooters, which can be removed, but do not have the benefits of the second type, which are the extendable ones, a much more versatile alternative that will help you to vary their height, adjusting them to make them wider or smaller according to your needs.

    And if that's not enough, there are also additional screens and spoilers that fit on top of the windscreens to further increase protection.

    Our recommendation? If you're going on a long journey, the best thing to do is to use a wide, long, fixed windscreen to protect you as much as possible from the elements.

    However, if the use is occasional and mostly on close circuits, you can give more importance to the style and wear a small or adjustable one that protects, but also gives a much more aesthetic face to your motorbike. You can see more information on Sabic.

    Take note!

    Now that we have them in place, how do we clean and care for them? To have an optimal and accurate vision of the road it is necessary that they are impeccable and that is why you should wash them very delicately with neutral soap and a well wrung out damp sponge so that your vision is perfect.

    What are they made of?   Motorcycle windshields, Honda, Sabac

    They are made of polycarbonate and acrylic materials. The former is much more expensive, but also more resistant, it is very difficult to suffer any breakage from stones or strong wind, while acrylic is cheaper and more susceptible to scratches.

    Now you know why windscreens are key to your motorbike, so choose the one you need and go out and explore the world.



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  5. New Touratech Retail Store & Distribution Center in Brookfield, CT

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    Touratech USA has opened a new retail store and distribution center in Brookfield, CT. Located only a few miles from the New York border, the company invested in this expansion to better serve its customers living on the East Coast.
    The store will provide riders with an opportunity to see products in-person and speak directly with adventure motorcycling experts. Visitors can try on riding gear and get expert help fitting motorcycle helmets, riding boots and more.
    The Brookfield location will also provide customers with faster delivery times for the company's phone and online sales. Besides riding gear, the store will offer a wide range of Touratech products including crash bars, skid plates, protection items, suspension, luggage and GPS navigation. Adventure riders will also be able to shop other brands including KLIM, Garmin, CruzTOOLS, Backcountry Discovery Routes, Sidi, REV’IT, RAM and Butler Maps among others.
    „We are excited about this expansion because it provides better service for our customers and allows them to experience our brand values with a retail experience. We believe this location will serve as a hub for the adventure motorcycling community on the East Coast. We’ve even partnered with Backcountry Discovery Routes to provide a retail location for BDR maps, stickers and logo-wear.“ - Paul Guillien, CEO, Touratech-USA
    Just outside of the Danbury city limits, the store is conveniently located right off US 7 / US202 and Interstate 84 which provide easy access from all directions. The store is 55 miles from Hartford, CT and 60 miles from the George Washington Bridge which connects New Jersey to Manhattan, NY.

    Touratech-USA East, Brookfield
    67 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT 06804
    1 (800) 491 2926