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THE BIKER GUIDE® brings together a collection of information on everything that the Bikers' Heart desires, including Rallies, Shows, Competitions and News, along with an extensive business directory and has fast become a website that is trusted and visited frequently as a fantastic source of any information to do with the Biker community.

Similar to an on-line magazine with lots of up-to date and relevant information, all on one very easy to use website, where specific information or listings can be found in 2 or 3 clicks.

The main aim of is to have information relevant to riding a motorcycle all on one easy to use website AND with no annoying registration/sign up to see it...

As Bikers ourselves we aim to provide an informative website for our loyal and increasing in size audience, rather than just a directory with no content or information, as many other websites are - in fact we spend approximately 40% of our time sourcing and including such information and promoting the website, to Bikers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, to help all involved gain the utmost response.

Our visitors are using the website on a daily and weekly basis and so they are more likely to look and use the businesses included on the website rather than search the www for information. We have no intensions of packing the website full of lots of people all in the same area competing against each other and so we build sections as we build clients, rather than have blank and very annoying pages.
We will always be promoting this website direct to Bikers both through the internet, social media (we have facebook groups/page of over 30,000) and also directly at Bike shows, Rallies, through Bike Clubs and a variety of other means and will not just be reliant on search engines. In fact we are always working to ensure that everyone involved gets the ultimate response.

As we are passionate about Motorcycles and everything that goes with it, our visitors are extremely important to us and we welcome feedback and recommendations and encourage a lively and friendly community where visitors actively contribute. We also run regular competitions to win tickets to events, holidays at biker friendly places, clothing and many other great prizes - all free to enter.

We have visitors from over 170 countries, with UK, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and France being the most popular, along with the site being high on Google on most relevant searches. ie: Biker Friendly accommodation, Motorcycle Clothing, Bike Rallies, Biker Camping, etc...
With regular visitors and a high site ranking, we have fast become 'THE' place to advertise your business to the Biker Community.

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Our ethos

We are not interested in including lots of places/businesses all competing against each other in the directory sections and so we build sections when we have content rather than have very annoying blank pages. It is also important to point out that we want to include quality rather than quantity... another reason that you the advertisers will get a better response. For example, we only include genuine 'Biker Friendly' places and will check information before including onto the website, as our visitors are very important to us. We have even turned down bookings, where we deemed the parking would not be approved by our visitors... that is how passionate we are!

The website is very user friendly, where most listing can be found in 2 or 3 clicks and we pride ourselves on including businesses who are genuinely interested in the Biker Community rather than to make a quick buck, pound or euro from them and so we offer quality advertising packages, where we will always check and add information for you which is relevant to our audience, so that you get the ultimate response.

We have many years of experience in advertising, marketing and the promoting of companies and will be only to happy to give you honest advise and feedback in helping you to choose what is best for your business... Under no obligations. We also provide tips on how to improve your own websites and seo, including the difference between hits and visitors, how naming the images on your website can improve your own seo and other relevant information which we learn of as the great www develops!

We can also assist you with any marketing campaigns, designing of any advertising materials, public relations, articles for press releases/websites, distribution of leaflets to the Biker community... in fact anything to help promote your company.
And finally...

With a collection of information to attract and retain visitors, an extensive business directory (think Yellow Pages for Bikers) and promoting direct to Bikers we have fast become 'the' trusted Biker source of information. In fact, we receive regular feedback on our Guestbook pages from our happy Bikers...

As we do not overload the website with lots of places in the same area, our rates reflect this. We also spend a lot of money on the promotion of the website, via various means, including adverts in other printed media, other websites, Google Adwords, sending booklets and promotional items to Cafes, Events and Motorcycle Clubs.

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