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THE BIKER GUIDE g® - The Essential Guide for Bikers.
"After trying a few other websites that 'supposedly' advertise biker friendly places and getting virtually no response, I have recently signed up with THE BIKER GUIDE. I cannot believe it took me so long, as within 3 weeks the 12 months advert I placed has already been paid for (and more) with a booking for next June. I am going to be honest - the other websites I have tried were cheaper, but you know a waste of money, £25 quid here, £35 there - it all adds up!"


"We have only just started to have bikers staying... it has been great! Really hope we get more coming to stay. All really nice people . 5 of our bikers 5 said they saw us on THE BIKER GUIDE." 

Jacquie @ Motherby House in Penrith, Cumbria

Post Office B&B booked and within the month sent us this - "Just thought I would let you know we have our first Biker guests coming in week Monday, saw us via your website. Great stuff, keep them coming!

"We have received great feedback from your listing of The Empire Diner and speaking to the Bikers that have come in lately, it is because they have looked on your website and seen that we are Biker friendly and wanted to check us out, which is brilliant.
Thought you may appreciate the feedback too, although I'm sure you already know how great you are anyway!"

I had a very good season and we never had more Biker visitors than this year. A lot of people found us in the booklet or on your website. Keep up the good work." -  Mark @ Moto-Hotel du Col de Bussang

"Best information mag around for Bikers"

"Advertising with THE BIKER GUIDE, has worked well for us and the book even more! We have already reserved a place in the book for the next edition!" 

"We do have a lot of English guests and they found us at THE BIKER GUIDE. We love to have more guests from England! They love it here!" Adrie & Faby @ Pension Lindental 

"I found a card at a café and also the booklet, along with a few of my friends saying how good the site was and how most Bikers use it now to find places to stay, so I thought I would give it a try. I can see why it is popular as it is just so easy to use with good clear information. As an advertiser the service I got after filling in the form was brilliant. They took what I had wrote, added to it, tweaked it and added links - its a shame other websites do not care as much for their customers as most these days just take your hard earned cash, throw the listing onto the website (mistakes an all) and then phone your neighbours. Well done to THE BIKER GUIDE and the team there. ;)" -  Tracey @ the best Biker Friendly Place!

"Your site is excellent, we have had great feedback from guests who have found us on your site and been pleased to book somewhere that welcomes bikers rather then them trawling through lots of hotels calling and getting nowhere"     Debbie and Peter @ Rosscourt

Wow, that was super fast! Thank you very much for the advert – it looks super and your description write up, is excellent! - Tricia @ Brittany Thatched Cottages

"I was recently persuaded to advertise on THE BIKER GUIDE by one of your sales ladies. I admit to being sceptical but, at the price, decided to give it a try. After only a few weeks of advertising and considering the time of year (I started in November), I have just had my first 6 night booking for next September! Had to write and say well done. I am impressed" 

"Just to say I have 20 bed nights from advertising with you in less than a year, so that is great! Hopefully I will get additional ones, however it's 20 more than I would have had !"-  Sue @ Osprey Hotel

"It is incredible how many British visitors we had this year. A good part of them found us on thebikerguide.com."

"Great site run by good people for great bikers!"
Gary @
The Full English Guest House, Whitby

"Stormin' the Castle worked with THE BIKER GUIDE this year to promote the rally, having launched a new website in 2012. This year we wanted to attract more visitors, THE BIKER GUIDE ran a competition to win tickets for the rally and also included a premium add about STC in every e-mail shot they did. I was surprised by the click through rate putting THE BIKER GUIDE 3rd in our referrals statistics.

Sharon has been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to working with her and the company again next year."

Greg STC Advertising


"I advertise on many other sites and I think your site is by far the best looking and most professional"  Martin @ Maison St Georges.

In a survey we asked our clients "What do you think of the level of service you have received from THE BIKER GUIDE?"


"Fantastic" - Raubaun House

"Very friendly and helpful staff" - Cathy @ La Turliere
"Very good. Sharon is always very helpful" - Mairead White, Cnocnafeola Centre
"Fantastic" - Rosedene
"Fantastic" - Strathmore Hotel
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THE BIKER GUIDE g® - Bringing the Biker Community Together!
THE BIKER GUIDE - Brining the Biking Community together!
* Based on May 2019 monthly figures
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