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  1. The UK is blessed with some fine roads that are perfect for bikers, and they are also lucky that there are many friendly bunkhouses and hotels. The list of biker friendly pubs is not too shabby either. Sometimes though, it is nice to know that there might be some other entertainment available on a trip.

    The last year saw many travel restrictions that curtailed long journeys, or even unnecessary short ones. So, it seems that now restrictions are loosening and the lockdowns are once again over, it might be time to get back on the road if you haven’t already.

    Here are some ideas for destinations, some of the roads are included but of course, half the fun is making up your own route.

    Choosing a destination for a bike trip

    For some, the journey is everything, but for others, the destination is of as much importance too. One of the most enjoyable things about travelling around the UK is that there is something for everyone.

    Some people enjoy travelling between the big cities, while others prefer the country roads, discovering new areas, and making new friends in out-of-the-way pubs. Anyone can plan a motorbike trip for football fans, or they can head to Wales to the Snowdonia National Park.

    Not too far from Snowdonia is Wales’ highest pub, the Sportsman’s Arms, in Denbigh by the moors. This is the fun of choosing destinations for a bike trip, as long as time allows, you can just keep adding more on.

    Cat and Fiddle / Forest Distillery    Cat and Fiddle Road, A537

    While on the subject of the highest pubs, the Cat and Fiddle was built in what is now the Peak District National Park back in 1813. It was the second-highest pub in the UK, and now has the honour of being the highest distillery instead. 

    Renamed and opened as the Forest Distillery, the Cat and Fiddle has been renovated and can receive visitors there and at the sister sites nearby. Part of the pleasure of heading to this destination is the route.

    The A537, or Cat and Fiddle Road, will take you from Macclesfield to Buxton and has been a popular route for bikers for years.

    Alea Casino in Glasgow

    For those who like a flutter or who fancy their chances of taking down the house, the Alea Casino in Glasgow is a perfect destination for a night’s fun. The gaming floor has the usual range of slots and casino games such as blackjack and poker. For those who have been practising their skills online at EnergyCasino this is the opportunity to play poker for real.

    For anyone who doesn’t enjoy gambling, there is live entertainment at the weekends and the Waterfront Restaurant for a tasty meal. Even if casinos aren’t your thing, the route here might be.

    To get to Glasgow you can follow the route from Fort William, through the wonderful scenery of Glen Coe, and on to the big city itself. Take some time out to follow the short but stunning Glen Etive Road too. 

    Brighton & Hove

    It is nearly sixty years since the Mods and Rockers met and clashed in Brighton. Now it has been joined to Hove and been named as a city. While many of the roads around the seafront and centre are becoming pedestrianised, the place is still worth a bike trip. 

    Brighton itself is home to the British Airways i360 observation tower, the Royal Pavilion, and of course, Brighton Pier. No trip to the city is complete without a stroll down the pier, a bag of chips, and a few quid in the arcade.

    The north and south Lanes offer the chance to amble around window shopping before stumbling on one great pub after another. When it comes to eating, there is no end of choice, and no one could fail to find something they like.

    The Game of Thrones

    This trip doesn’t technically involve any entertainment destinations, more it happens to visit several sites that were used in the filming of the Game of Thrones TV show.

    For any serious fans of the books and show, and those who also enjoy stunning scenery, then the Antrim Coast Road in Northern Ireland is a must. 

    Traveling from Belfast to the Giant’s Causeway means taking in a wonderful route. Along the route, you can visit sites such as Dunluce Castle. Before you head off, download the app from the Official Northern Island tourism website. This will show all the Game of Thrones filming locations along the Causeway coast.

    Stonehenge and Salisbury Plains

    Again, not strictly an entertainment destination but Stonehenge is a simple drive from London. Once there, you can enjoy the 300 sq km that is Salisbury Plains. This involves plenty of green lane routes that you can legally cruise around for a leisurely drive.

    If you need something more action-packed then try the nearby escape rooms, or go skydiving. There are plenty of B&Bs located near Stonehenge, and after a long ride around the plains, a nice pint and a comfy bed will be appreciated.

    This trip is suited to someone wanting a leisurely ride close to London and avoiding other cities. If you had previously done the Glasgow trip above, then make use of a chilled-out evening in a B&B to practise your gaming in an online casino. Then you’ll be ready to win on your next trip. 


    There are far more worthy destinations in the UK than could fit into this article. For those who love a bit of seaside and kitsch, then Blackpool might be for you. For others, Edinburgh can offer culture and some fine modern restaurants.

    Head through the home counties and take in towns like Marlow and Henley-on-Thames. There are fine pubs along the Thames and plenty of sightseeing to do. 

    Or, now the weather is here perhaps a longer trip is due. Head to Cornwall for a few days of biking between towns and discover beaches, coastal paths, and great sights such as Minack Theatre, and Padstow Harbour.




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  2. Everything we mentioned so far would be nothing without the help of our partners, which are an integrant part of the Gresini Family. The commercial department is a key pillar of Gresini Racing and has been managed for the last two decades by Carlo Merlini, the commercial and marketing director of Gresini Racing.

    This is a crucial moment in the development of this side of the project: many #GresiniFamily existing sponsors have already decided to join this new effort in the premier class and also new sponsor are coming onboard, given the strong attraction by the incomparable stage of MotoGP.

    How does the MotoGP project come to light from the commercial side of things?
    Putting together a budget for a project normally requires a lot of dedication and great work method. In our case, there have been some factors that have surely taken the work complexity on a different level – first and foremost the huge loss we had to face last February: this is an incommensurable void which will never be filled. Aside from this emotional aspect, complexity was also generated by the level of budget that we need build when it comes to a MotoGP project and by the fact that, after seven years of joint venture with Aprilia, we found ourselves back to square one with regards to budget building.

    The network of relationship we have in place with our existing and prospect sponsors was extremely useful and allowed us to develop discussions far earlier than usual and eventually to get to the point of signing a contract with Ducati with an already well-shaped budget.
    The business model of an “independent team” requires a very careful risk management and I must say that this has been one of the biggest learning of the over 20 years of work alongside Fausto.

    New and ‘old’ allies
    This new Gresini MotoGP project was a precious opportunity to offer our partners in the lower categories a chance to follow us in this new journey, to develop the sponsorship in the premier class with all the perks it has, starting from the TV audience numbers and media attention it gets. We have already announced that established partners such as Federal Oil, Astra Otoparts, YouAll e Kapriol will be onboard. But obviously, a new chapter is also a chance for new partners to enter the #GresiniFamily, and I would like to mention that Flex-Box was among the first ones to embrace the Ducati Gresini MotoGP project, and did so in the key role of title sponsor.

    Indonesia still has a key role…
    Our deep, decade-long roots in Indonesia are well known. This is a bond that comes from the fact that Indonesia is a key country for the MotoGP universe, as the series has over there the biggest following in the whole world. For us, Indonesia has become our main foreign market, in which we have developed very important partnerships. The opportunity to jump onboard the Gresini’s MotoGP platform was taken first and foremost by Federal Oil, as the Gresini Moto2 title sponsor decided to move its commitment to MotoGP by becoming to my knowledge the first-ever Indonesian sponsor in the premier class! And then also an historical partner such as Astra Otoparts has joined the challenge and others will follow.



    If it is true that being able to have dreams is key to build such a big project, as well as to believe in your own work, choose the manufacturer and the riders you think are more fitting to the project, there is also a lot more to focus and work on…
    This is why we had a chat with Michele Masini, a long-time Gresini Racing member, who next year will be the sporting director of the Gresini MotoGP project.

    How is the MotoGP project created from the sporting side of things?
    First of all, I would like to say that I’m very proud that the Gresini family has put their faith in me for the Sporting Director position. I have been with Gresini Racing since 2008 and it is an honour for me to be following first-hand this MotoGP return as independent team for the first time in seven years. 

    It was Fausto’s dream and perhaps this is the base: the extra motivation he gave us to make sure Gresini Racing could return to past glory. The goal is to make sure the team positions itself again as the reference point among the MotoGP satellite teams

    We’re working side by side with Ducati on all fronts; the goal is to have a team with a high technical level but at the same time a young and ambitious one: it will be a mix of trusted Gresini Racing people with some new entries who have an important amount of experience with Ducati.

    How will the team be structured?
    The team will consist of around 25-26 people. Twenty of them from Gresini Racing and five people from Ducati Corse: a track engineer and an electronic engineer for each rider and a spare parts manager. 

    Next steps from a structural point of view
    We’ve been working for a year in order to find a top-level structure for what concerns hospitality and team trucks. During the next weeks we will have a clearer idea about the graphics, which is overseen by Drudi Performance. The goal is to get to November with a winter test graphic which will resemble our 2022 image. 

    What are the goals of the project?
    We want the best synergy with Ducati because we are aiming at being the reference point of Borgo Panigale as a sort of junior team, where riders can develop and grow. We want to work well together and with a team spirit, because we are and always will be the #GresiniFamily.
  4. The Manchester Bike Show due to take place on 11th & 12th September has now been postponed.

    The Manchester Bike Show will now take place on 2nd & 3rd April 2022 at Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Longbridge Road, Stretford, Manchester, M17 1SN

    As organisers of The Manchester Bike Show we once again find ourselves between a rock and a hard place with regard to running or postponing the show. On the first two occasions when the show was postponed at EventCity in March 2020 and March 2021 the decision to postpone was fairly clear cut and taken out of our hands on each occasion by both the government and the venue. The latest decision to postpone was much less clear cut especially given the government’s decision to open up the economy on 19th July. The majority of the main manufacturers/dealers were booked in to attend on 11th / 12th September as were a good number of trade exhibitors and clubs, plus advance tickets were selling well and we were looking forward to a good show. However, we have been contacted by a number of dealers informing us that they will no longer be attending the September show for two main reasons. Firstly against a background of rising Covid cases the dealers don’t want to put their employees at any greater risk than necessary and equally these same employees, who are mostly young, are reluctant to put themselves into that situation anyway. Secondly there is currently a supply issue in both the car and motorcycle industry whereby the dealers have already sold out of the stock they were holding pre-pandemic and they can pre-sell any stock they can currently get their hands on, so there seems little point in going to all the effort of organising a stand with nothing to put on it. These dealers all assure me that new stock will be on the way by the end of 2021 and they will all be present when the show comes back to Bowlers on 2nd / 3rd April 2022.

    We are well aware that we could have gone ahead irrespective of the withdrawal of key exhibitors but we are not prepared to sacrifice the reputation of the event for short term financial gain. Hopefully you will support us in this decision and we look forward to seeing everyone again at Bowlers in April 2022.


    Advance tickets for the show at Bowlers on 2nd / 3rd April 2022 will be available to purchase from Ticketline shortly. Keep an eye on the Manchester Bike Show’s Buy Tickets page for updates. Any tickets purchased for the March 2020 show at EventCity and September 2021 show at Bowlers will be valid for entry to the April 2022 show at Bowlers.

  5. It is no mystery that the Gresini MotoGP project was Fausto Gresini’s secret wish. A dream which, we’re absolutely sure, he would have carried out with his own hands. His early disappearance surely put Gresini Racing in front of a complex reality, a reality which his wife Nadia Padovani was able to shape after Fausto.
    From here, the Gresini MotoGP project was born, a project which found in Ducati Corse the right ally and then in Di Giannantonio and Bastianini an all-Italian line-up, one which is romantically tied to the history of Fausto – and of Gresini as a company.


    “To continue in the sign of Fausto was and still is our mission and – to do so the best way possible – the return to MotoGP as an independent team was an obligatory step. The last months were really intense, loaded with work and emotions and together with the team with focused our efforts to create the best possible MotoGP project. Ducati Corse and Fausto were in talks already at the end of last season and I think choosing Borgo Panigale’s manufacturer was the right call, even though I’m not forgetting about the important partnership with Aprilia these past years.

    Regarding the riders… what can I say? Talent, speed, ambition and their success are in front of everybody’s eyes, and I believe MotoGP will be their stage for many years to come. They are very young, and the fact that it was indeed Fausto who ‘discovered’ them and brought them on the world stage makes me think that it is a line-up he would have approved with full grades.”

    “Getting to the top doesn’t happen every day. Next year I will be racing in the most premier class in this sport, and this is an incredible dream. The first day it will be like getting into the big league: it will be a whole new, huge experience, doesn’t matter how it ends up. Going from Moto2 to MotoGP will be tough: 100 more horsepower, more people in the pit-box, more commitments, more buttons on the handlebars… It will be a huge change, but I feel I’m ready and I can’t wait.”

    “It is a fantastic thing to be back with Gresini Racing, a team that is like a family to me and who strongly believed in me in the past. In fact, it was the first one to believe in me. We have been together for three years and I only have good memories. Obviously, I would have loved to start this new journey with Fausto, but the Gresini Family is named this way for a reason, so I will have a lot of friends close by who will help me. We found the agreement with Ducati that we were looking for and I’m sure next year we will have a very competitive bike. I will be much readier for this category entering 2022 and with even greater motivation.”