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  1. This October half-term the British Motor Museum is delighted to be participating in the national Where’s Wally? Spooky Museum Search! Families will be able to hunt for Wally around the Museum to spell out a spooky phrase from hidden letters, and receive a special “I found Wally!” bookmark on completion of the search.

    The activities are part of the national Where’s Wally? Spooky Museum Search, organised by Kids in Museums and Walker Books, to celebrate the release of the new Where’s Wally? book, ‘Spooky Spotlight Search’. There will also be the chance to enter the Where’s Wally? and Kids in Museums grand prize draw competition to win an ArtFund Family Membership and a bundle of Where’s Wally? goodies.

    Families can also enjoy Rocket Science with ‘Professor Pickle and Doctor Pumpkin’ every day at 11.30am, 12.30pm & 1.30pm except Wednesday 28 October. The 25 minute live scientific spectacular is full of cool, interactive demonstrations and rocket inspired science.  Shows will take place in a large conference room with marked out spaces to allow for social distancing.

    On Wednesday 28 October from 11am - 3pm there will be an outdoor Rocket Workshop delivered by the STEM ambassadors from MOD Kineton. Children can design and build their own Rocket and see how far it flies from the pneumatic rocket launcher. These activities are suitable for 5 years plus with adult supervision.

    Emma Rawlinson, Life Long Learning Officer at the British Motor Museum said “We are delighted to be able to host a range of fun and COVID safe activities for visitors to enjoy over the October half term! In addition to Where’s Wally? and Rocket Science there’s also a family tour to help you explore the Museum via your mobile device and an activity bag to take home!”

    The Museum will be opening daily for half-term from Friday 23 October to Monday 2 November. All visits must be pre-booked with no more than 6 in one party, in line with the ‘Rule of 6’. Visitors must wear a face covering at all times and observe social distancing.

    All activities are included in the Museum admission. Activities are suitable for 3+ years, unless otherwise specified. Activity bags are subject to availability. For more information about the half term activities please visit and to book tickets please visit

  2. Due to the worsening situation and rising infection rate of Covid-19, Mortons Media Group has reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics show, planned for October 10-11 at Stafford County Showground.

    This long-established event has always been a firm favourite with motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Europe, and with the increase of cases worldwide, Mortons feels this is the safest thing to do, for the well-being of visitors and traders.

    Not only is the show a highlight in the event calendar, it is also a strong social event for visitors at the show, with people naming a ‘day out with their friends’, as one of  the top three reasons for going. Given the current restrictions with the ‘rule of six’, and the increasing localised lockdowns nationwide, Mortons believes this is the most responsible course of action to take.

    The Stafford Shows will continue in 2021, with the popular Carole Nash International Classic MotorCycle Show scheduled to take place over the weekend of April 24-25. The team will be looking to bounce back by putting on the biggest and best show of its kind in order to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

    Meanwhile Mortons will continue to hold regular outdoor autojumbles at Newark showground and Kempton Park, as currently planned.


  3. For many, college is one of the most exciting periods of one’s life. Constantly meeting new people, encountering new ways of thinking, perhaps moving to a new city or even country. The pace of life during this period is famous for being fast, dynamic, and action-packed. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that when it comes time to review options for personal transport that many students are drawn to the idea of purchasing a motorcycle.

    Motorcycles are famous for their speed, agility, and style, and can make the perfect companion for a student’s college years. But, like with any big purchasing decision, there’s plenty to consider before handing over any cheque. When it comes to owning a motorcycle, there are many pros and cons to consider. One of the main points worthy of consideration in the process and cost of obtaining motorcycle insurance - something that most students will be dealing with for the first time. To help with such an important step in the motorcycle buying process, we’ve put together a quick and helpful guide to thinking over purchasing a motorcycle and obtaining the best student insurance for your college years!  A Complete Guide to Student Motorcycle Insurance

    Prepping for the purchase 

    While the specific cost of motorcycle insurance will always vary according to the specifications of the driver and vehicle involved, as well as the legislation of the state in which they’re registering, all insurance comes with a price tag. Many students wondering how much is motorcycle insurance will first have to address their finances before deciding what kind of insurance policy to take out.

    Some students may fear that with all the homework and assignments, their busy college schedules may prevent them from working or saving enough to afford the cost of owning a bike. But, if prepared for in advance, it’s more than possible to put aside adequate funds without any detriment to your studies. Using online services that offer assignment help is a great way to uphold high standards of academic work while freeing up time to help work or save. To make use of these time-saving measures, you can get help from Edubirdie and cut down on the hours you spend at the writing desk. Balancing the time you spend doing assignments and working means that you can comfortably ride to class on the back of your dream bike with peace of mind! 

    Pros of owning a motorcycle 

    -        Price: Motorcycles can thankfully be bought at very inexpensive price points, and generally don’t cost that much to upkeep. Buying second hand or refurbished models can drive costs down even further, far below the price tag that one would find if searching to buy a car. What’s more, bikes tend to squeeze out a much more efficient mileage than other types of vehicles, up to 60mpg for smaller models!

    -        Dynamism: Bikes are, of course, much smaller and more agile than a car, making them a great choice for university students who have to navigate the often narrow streets of college towns in the UK. The nightmare of searching and often paying for parking becomes a thing of the past with a motorcycle, as their small frames mean you can park almost anywhere.

    -        Lifespan: Owing to their low cost, buying a cheap second-hand motorcycle can be an investment for your student years that doesn’t need to drag on afterwards. Many students opt to spend relatively little on a starter bike for their student years and then decide afterwards whether or not to upgrade. 

    Bike insurance requirements 

    Before considering motorcycle insurance costs, it’s important to research what the specific requirements your area may impose when it comes to being insured. Most places will require drivers to purchase liability insurance, which is used to pay out damage or injury costs that may be inflicted on other drivers and vehicles.

    On top of basic liability insurance, some places will also require drivers to have certain insurance additions that cover third party damage or medical expenses. As this varies greatly from place to place, it’s important to get to grips with the requirements specific to your local legislation.

    Types of insurance 

    Most insurance companies will offer drivers the chance to tailor-make their insurance policy to their specific needs. Driving insurance often refers to the basic liability coverage that pays out any damage a driver incurs on others, and collision insurance - meaning coverage for damage incurred as part of a road accident.

    Comprehensive insurance is a broader policy that also offers coverage for damages or losses as incurred off the road or through any means other than hitting another vehicle, such as damage, theft, or animal collision.

    Students looking for cheap motorcycle insurance may be tempted to go for the bare minimum coverage required, but this can be a risky choice in case of major damages or medical costs. Use insurance comparison sites and ask for student quotes to see if companies offer more expansive coverage within your price range. 

    Tip: Student discounts! 

    Many insurance companies will offer specially tailored policy plans to students that come at a discounted price.

    Keeping all this in mind, you can begin your research into buying your student motorcycle and the right insurance for you. In no time, you too can safely enjoy the thrill of riding up to class in full-throttle style!