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Category: Organisations

  1. Ben launches new health checks for automotive industry people

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    Automotive industry charity, Ben, is launching new health checks for automotive people, offering the chance for those who work in the industry to have a personal MOT for their physical and mental health.

    Ben Health Checks can be booked by any automotive employer wanting to invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees. In today's fast-paced world and work environment, with multiple additional challenges, prioritising employee health and wellbeing has never been more important for any business. This is further supported by results from Ben’s Health & Wellbeing survey which indicate that 99% of respondents said they had experienced an issue with their health or wellbeing over the past 12 months.

    The health checks offer the opportunity for automotive employees to have one-on-one conversations about their physical and mental health with a qualified health professional. The health checks also identify potential issues and also suggest making positive changes so people can live and work well.

    Ben is offering two types of health checks; one focusing solely on physical health (20 minutes) and another that is a full MOT, checking both physical and mental health (30 minutes). In the physical health check, four tests are carried out including resting heart rate, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. The health professional will then discuss results with each employee and compare them with national health guidelines to provide a clear understanding of their current physical health. In the physical and mental health check, employees will undertake the same physical health tests as well as a mental health check-in to see how they are feeling in terms of levels of stress, mood and worry and coping day-to-day.

    To start the roll out of Ben's Health Checks, the team will be attending the upcoming UK Garage & Bodyshop Event from 5-6th June at the NEC, offering attendees the opportunity to learn more and have their very own health check.

    Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, said: “It’s never been more important for employers to prioritise employee health and wellbeing, especially at the moment when there are multiple work and life pressures on our automotive family. Employee absences can be linked to lifestyle-related illnesses, with factors such as alcohol, obesity and smoking known to be at the root of many health conditions.

    “With 1 in 3 automotive people reporting to be struggling with their mental health or wellbeing, providing a health check is a proactive step, empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing so they can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. By booking Ben Health Checks for your employees, you’re not only investing in your people and your business, you’ll also be supporting your industry charity."

    To learn more about Ben Health Checks and schedule a session for your employees, visit All health checks are delivered on site to allow for minimal disruption to the working day and they are private, confidential, and carried out on a one-to-one basis with a qualified health professional.

    It’s free to attend the upcoming UK Garage & Bodyshop Event from 5-6th June – so sign up by clicking here and receive your free Ben Health Check!



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  2. Check in for the motorcycle season

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    • Check your bike’s battery is fully charged
    • Half of all bike breakdowns are due to non-start or cut-out issues
    • Mechanical issues cause a third of breakdowns

    The motorcycling season is kick-starting and riders need to make essential checks to avoid common breakdown issues, says leading provider Start Rescue.

    “Our data shows that half of all motorcycle breakdowns are due to the engine not starting or cutting out,” says Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Rescue. “Non-start issues, such as a flat battery, account for 34% of call-outs, while a cut-out where the engine stops unexpectedly make up 16% of calls. That’s why it’s vital to keep your bike’s battery properly charged or replace it when necessary.”

    A further 30% of motorcycle call-outs are due to: general mechanical faults (13%), gearbox and clutch issues (11%), and problems with the chain (6%). Other issues can be caused by tyres and fuel systems that have degraded while the bike has been stored over winter.

    Most motorcycle breakdowns happen within a short distance from home, which is why Start Rescue motorcycle cover includes Local Recovery up to 10 miles and most policies include National Recovery too.

    Lee Puffett adds: “Our dedicated motorcycle cover is among the most affordable on the market. As well as motorcycles, we also cover scooters and mopeds, and our operatives have the correct equipment to repair or transport your treasured motorcycle.

    “We are the quickest to respond to a breakdown and reach 77% of call-outs within 30 minutes to an hour. You can also take out personal cover if you’re riding pillion, so you are still protected in the event of a breakdown.”

    Start Rescue has just been named Your Money’s Best Breakdown Provider 2024 and the judges commented: “This shows you can win if you provide outstanding customer service, appealing products, and cater for Brits on a budget.”

    Start Rescue has a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, a five-star Defaqto* rating and has achieved Which? Recommended Provider status for five years running. Start Rescue has also been awarded best Breakdown Cover provider in the Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards 2024 (, scoring 4.9 out of 5 for overall satisfaction with a 94% recommendation rate.

    In the What Car? Survey of Best Breakdown Cover Start Rescue come top for best response time, reaching 77% of call-outs in 30 minutes to an hour and didn’t leave anyone waiting for more than two hours. Start Rescue also won best in the survey for performing temporary repairs that let people continue with their journeys.

    Launched in 2009, Start Rescue is an integral part of the nation’s fourth largest breakdown and recovery service, Call Assist, which now has more than two million UK customers.

    For further breakdown advice, please visit



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  3. ‘Give a little…’ to support automotive people and their families who are struggling or in crisis this Christmas

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    Ben has just released a new short film as part of a Christmas appeal so the charity can provide vital support to even more automotive families who are struggling, or in crisis, this winter.  Ben - Support for Life

    Inspired by popular supermarket Christmas TV advertisements, Ben’s new film aims to raise £300,000 throughout December and January to ensure that automotive families don’t go without. 

    The new film uses the tagline ‘When you give a little, we can change a lot’ and focuses on a family who are struggling to make ends meet.

    Ben is calling on those in the industry to share the film and donate as much as they can afford to help the charity provide life-changing support for automotive families. This year, there will be many more people worried about keeping the roof over their heads and heat in their homes, as well as putting food on the table. Funds raised will also bring gifts to go under the tree and put smiles on faces this Christmas.

    Watch the film now!
    Click here

    The film was created, directed and produced by creative agency, MOREVER.

    Over the last 12 months, Ben supported 231 households who couldn’t afford to put food on the table or heat their homes and an additional 103 households who would have otherwise become homeless. And, as part of last year’s Christmas families project, Ben supported 78 families who were struggling financially - a total of 118 adults and 99 children. The charity also wants to ensure automotive people know they can turn to Ben if they need support.

    Matt Wigginton, Director of Partnerships, Engagement & Income, said: “Times are tough, really tough, and there are thousands more people in our automotive industry who urgently need our support. Every year, more people are turning to Ben. Too many people are struggling to make ends meet and keep their families warm and safe this winter. Please share our new film far and wide and give as much as you can afford so we can be there for those who need us. On behalf of all the families who will benefit from our Christmas appeal, thank you. You may never know the people it helps, but we want you to know the difference it makes.

    “Together, we can make a life-changing, often life-saving, difference to the lives of our automotive family.”

    Ben is here for our industry people this winter so if you work, or have worked, in the automotive industry we urge you to get in touch now if you’re at breaking point via our free and confidential helpline. Ben is already supporting many automotive families in the run up to Christmas. Don't suffer in silence, contact our helpline: 08081 311 333 or use our webchat at You can also access Ben’s out of hours text support line by texting BEN to 85258.

    When any member of our automotive family is struggling or in crisis, we all rally to support them.

    Ben - Support for Life

  4. Ben releases new short film for International Men’s Day

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    Ben, the automotive industry charity, has just released a new short film to raise awareness about the topic of suicide on International Men’s Day, for which this year’s theme is ‘zero male suicide’. 

    The short film, called ‘Alright mate’, also aims to challenge perceptions and is a longer piece of video content, at around 8 minutes long, so Ben encourages automotive industry people to dedicate the time to watch it.

    One of the main characters, Aidan (Ade), is played by Alastair Ellery who starred in the Netflix film, The Strays. It was filmed and directed by Chris Harris.

    Watch the film now!
    Click here

  5. Ben launches exciting new challenge ‘Race Across Britain’ based on popular TV series

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    Following the huge success of BBC TV series 'Race Across the World', Ben is recruiting teams to take on a new UK-based fundraising challenge for the automotive industry, called Race Across Britain.

    This event will raise vital funds to support people who are struggling or in crisis and is proudly supported by LKQ Euro Car Parts.

    Ben is challenging automotive industry people to pair up with colleagues and take on this new and epic 3-day race across Britain in February 2024. The event will raise funds for Ben during a time when the charity is supporting more people than ever during the cost-of-living crisis.

    A maximum of 50 teams of two people will be challenged to reach set checkpoints throughout Britain from 26th – 28th February 2024. The teams will have a strict budget to cover all food, travel and accommodation. They won’t know any of the checkpoints beforehand so they can’t plan or pre-book travel or accommodation.

    Participants also won’t be permitted to drive themselves, but they can use any form of public transport and cycle, run or walk. Teams will need to plan their own routes carefully and tactically, travelling from one checkpoint to the next. They will be able to take on extra challenges along the way to earn additional budget and help them progress.

    Take on Race Across Britain
    Find out more and sign up now!

    Matt Wigginton, Director of Partnerships, Engagement & Income said: “We’re so excited to launch this new and epic race next year! With no planes, no smart phones and no plans, Ben’s Race Across Britain is set to be frenetic and lots of fun. It’ll be a true test of ingenuity, resolve and anyone and everyone in our industry can take part.

    “We know our automotive family loves a bit of healthy competition, so this is the perfect way to have some fun while also supporting your dedicated industry charity. Demand for our services has reached levels never seen before, with one person every 10 minutes contacting Ben for support. That's putting huge pressure on our ability to manage such a dramatic increase in demand. Race Across Britain is a brilliant way to show your support for our automotive family, and every penny raised will make a positive difference to people's lives. Get involved!"

    Andy Hamilton, Group Chief Executive Officer at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said: “Once again, Ben has pulled out all the stops to create a fun and engaging event to raise critical money for their vital services. As the automotive industry’s charity partner, we’d be lost without them. It’s a pleasure for LKQ Euro Car Parts to sponsor their Race Across Britain event. We’re looking forward to seeing some of you at the starting line!”

    Whenever any member of our automotive family is struggling, or in crisis, we all rally to support.