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Category: Organisations

  1. Who are Blood Bikers?

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    Blood Bikers might sound like a less than friendly motorcycle gang, but in reality, this is actually an organization that saves lives and makes a huge difference to healthcare. Essentially, blood bikers provide a professional rapid response medi-cal transport service to the NHS transporting things like blood, surgical instru-ments, human donor milk, medication and more recently COVID-19 serial testing.  The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes

    A Noble Charity

    Run by unpaid volunteers, blood bikers have roots going back over 50 years with the rapid response motorcycle charity providing a highly valuable service to the NHS and public as a whole through delivering key medical products in the quick-est possible way. The group is constantly growing too, which means that they can provide a nationwide service and make a big difference to public health

    Life as a Blood Biker

    Motorbike insurance specialist Carole Nash supports Manchester Blood Bikes and looked into what a day in the life of this important role is like with Malcolm - a Blood Biker from Sunderland. Malcolm decided to join the cause after his sister was involved in a serious accident with her life being saved by the air ambulance. This led Malcolm to seek out ways to support them, which took him to the North-umbria Blood Bikes website. Malcolm described his best experience as a blood biker:

    “One time I got an urgent job for some blood to be taken to a hospital about 15 miles away. Because I was on a blood bike, I could cut through the traffic and ar-rived there very quickly before delivering the blood on time. The next day some-one posted a story about the lady we’d saved on Facebook. Apparently, this lady had cancer, and wouldn’t have survived without the blood transfusion she was able to have as a result of our work as Blood Bikers. That is one of the things that stands out for me. You never know who you are helping from one night to the next.”

    Blood Bikes Leinster

    Carole Nash also has a partnership with Blood Bikes Leinster, which was established in 2013 and supports hospitals throughout Ireland. Fergus Lennon, Director of Blood Bikes Leinster, commented on the support offering by the Dublin-based motorbike insurance specialist:

    Blood Bikers do fantastic and noble work helping to transport vital medical supplies in times of need to save lives and make the work of NHS staff much easier. This is also a growing organization and one that deserves as much support and praise as possible.

    “We are truly grateful to Carole Nash who have sponsored us and provided our bike insurance for the fourth year running. Every penny adds up for our small charity and we are so appreciative of their support.”

    “We also take the Carole Nash Blood Bike teddy bear with us on our Blood Bike travels which has brought a smile on the face of many a poorly child.”


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  2. Motorcycle Man Documentary

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    6th May - 9th May 2021  - Motorcycle Man Documentary

    The British Motorcyclists Federation is delighted to announce that an exclusive virtual screening of the documentary Motorcycle Man will be available from May 6-9 2021.
    Following the story of Dave Roper, the legend in his own lifetime who won the Isle of Man TT in 1984, Motorcycle Man looks at his life, times, career and thoughts on a life spent on two wheels.

    The 32-minute documentary has won a string of awards on the festival circuit and this will be the first time it has ever been screened in the UK. Better yet, the screening will also include a live Q&A session on the evening of May 9 with Roper himself and director Daniel Lovering.

    venue: Virtual Event
    price: $10 (approx £7.50ish) includes film screening and live Q&A with Dave Roper and the film maker.
    tel: 0116 279 5112
    website to watch
    facebook event
    e-mail: [email protected]

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  3. Manchester doubles amount of motorcycle parking, and it’s FREE

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    The number of dedicated parking places for motorcycles in Manchester car parks has more than doubled – and they are all free! A review of motorcycle parking within the city showed that demand for parking exceeded the supply, and as a result a considerable number of motorcyclists were parking unofficially, and sometimes illegally.   

    There are now 127 dedicated motorcycle spaces; a mixture of on-street (63 spaces) and covered car parks (64 spaces), and full details are available on the council’s website at:    Motorcycle Parking Provisions, Manchester City Centre

    The measures were informed by consultation with various motorcycle community groups and organisations such as the British Motorcycle Federation and Motorcycle Action Group. They told us that having spaces in car parks and on the ground or first floors, making sure they were well-lit and having CCTV coverage was important, along with anchor points or rails for chaining bikes to. All of these suggestions have been adopted.   

    A grace period informing motorcyclists of the new provisions will run from 12/03/21 – 6/05/21, where motorcyclists who are parked illegally will receive an information leaflet informing them of the new parking provisions across the city centre.  During the grace period motorcyclists will not receive a parking ticket. However, after the grace period ends, MCC will enforce penalties (£70 penalty, discounted to £35 if paid within 14 days of issue) for motorcyclists parking in the wrong place. This includes designated cycle parking spaces and racks. Motorcyclists can park in a normal pay and display bays anywhere across the city, provided that they purchase a pay and display ticket. It is advisable to write 'M' for motorbike and the registration number of the bike on the ticket before attaching this to the motorbike, to discourage theft.  

    A motorcycle parking policy will be produced in order to finalise and formalise the changes.

    Motorcycle Parking Provisions in Manchester City Centre , new bays

  4. Prescott Bike Festival 2021 postponed

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    Prescott Bike Festival

    It with a heavy heart that the organisers of the Prescott Bike Festival announce today that this year’s Festival won’t go ahead and has been rescheduled to June 25th / 26th 2022. All ticket holders, including those who rolled over from the 2020 event, will be contacted directly.

    Gordon Downie, Festival Organiser said, “Who would have thought that we’d still be in the grip of the pandemic a year on but here we are again. We’ve again been faced with the difficult decision on doing what’s best for you and the charity. It’s with a heavy heart, but we’re postponing the 2021 event to 2022.  I guess we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel but realistically that’s not going to be at the end of June and we just can’t take the risk, for all our sakes.”

    The Bike Fest website is currently not taking bookings for 2022 and will be back, fully operational, later in the year.

    We’re all aware that the Festival is an important date in the Blood Bike fund raising calendar but until better times, Gordon and his team wish all their supporters well, to keep safe and give a wave when they pass a Blood Bike on the road.


    Gordon Downie, Event Organiser

    Prescott Bike Festival - Postponed