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How to navigate THE BIKER GUIDE®

In building the website we have strived to make it as easy as possible to navigate and use, where most areas (information) on the website can found in one, two or three clicks from the home page, with NO blank and annoying pages for you, so creating a very organic website.

We include along the top bar popular sections such as What's On, News, Competitions, Shop, Accommodation and our guestbook.

On the left hand side of the page, there is our directory, which includes a varied amount of information and has been described as 'Yellow Pages for Bikers'.

How to view information quickly

Some of the sections on the top menu have a drop down bar so that you can hover your pointer over to see the section you want and then click onto it directly. Otherwise the title on the top menu will be the master page for the information, with links on that page to other pages within that specification.

As we do not overload the website with lots of places and/or businesses all in the same area and/or offering a similar service, some sections are on one page, where you can see all included by simply scrolling up and down the page. When we feel there is too much on one page, we will open a new page for said information, which would be found from the master page by simply clicking on a highlighted link.  

Why are there green words

We have many times throughout the website included an external link to word/s by simply including this as a link which is shown on the screen as highlighted green word/s.

Rather than us just include lengthy text, we include various links that we believe are important to you our visitors and that we hope save you time and effort.

To view the information simply click onto the highlighted word/s, which should open up as a new page (unless you are on a mobile device), where you can look at said information. This is particularly useful when looking for Biker Friendly Accommodation as you can view the address (via the postcode/area link), see what is of interest in the vicinity and other wonderful bits of information which we hope is of interest to you and will enhance any trip.

How to find words within a page

On most pages we have chosen to organise information in an A to Z format, rather than in areas, as most Bikers will travel to an event, club, meeting place and accommodation, however if you need to search for any information in specific areas and/or including certain terminologies, there is a very easy way for you to search the page in question.

For example, if you wished to search within the Motorcycle Club links page for Yorkshire, simply go to the page (found in the directory on the left side of the screen), then hold down the control button and then F. A little search bar will appear to the top left of your screen, with the title of Find: Put in this space Yorkshire and all listing with Yorkshire in the title on the page are then highlighted, with the first one shown on your screen. Simply scroll down the page to see the others.

I cannot see a facebook address

As many businesses, clubs and events now have a specific page or group on facebook, rather than include on THE BIKER GUIDE® website the whole (long, messy and cluttered) weblink, we have instead included it as a click on link within the listing/information in question. This will appear in green. For example if we were talking about the page for THE BIKER GUIDE® it would be as facebook.

Is the information correct

Our website is regularly maintained and updated and we strive to include information and businesses which Bikers are genuinely interested in. It is a collection of events, latest news, club links, competitions, along with listings of relevant businesses and is on one very user friendly site.

Although we do often check information, links etc, we encourage those listed to send us any updates, along with asking you our visitors to let us know of any new places and changes that you know of. We would always suggest that you check information before you pack your tent!

I cannot find what I am looking for

We pride ourselves on being a niche website, which includes quality businesses who would like to attract the Motorcycle Community to them. We are not interested in overloading the website with lots and lots of places or businesses all offering a similar service, in fact we want to include quality links rather than quantity.

The businesses include within the website are interested in having Bikers as their customers and so we would hope that you our visitors support them and so help THE BIKER GUIDE® to continue to grow and always be free and easy to use.


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