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Born to be wild... and naked!

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It struck me a while ago that my first childhood memory, was riding pillion on my fathers cycle, where on a bright summers day, I was laughing, with my arms outstretched and from that moment I can remember the feeling I experienced...
From then it was inevitable that I would end up on a Motorbike. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of the road, being exposed to the elements with the sun on your face, the wind on your back and even the feeling of surviving another English rain storm on 2 wheels.

It still holds the same thrill now as it did when I started and to be honest, it just gets better with the more people you meet and the camaraderie that exists between Bikers. For example, after suffering a puncture on a motorway last year, we managed to get to the hard shoulder and whilst we waited for the AA to rescue us, Bikers were stopping to see if they could help. This genuine concern for your fellow human being is hard to find in this day and age, but it is very prevalent within this community.
I was hooked...

With brief moments on motorcycles over the years, it was not until I lived in Greece, that I became hooked. In fact one day as I lay on the beach, I heard the rumble of approaching motorcycles and as I looked toward the road saw a group of Bikers passing by, on what I now know to be Harleys. I made a decision: That I needed to ride myself!
For eight years I rode around the island of Rhodes for enjoyment and also work, which was selling advertising for an English tourist newspaper and magazine. I even took part in one of the first reality programmes, named 'Brits abroad', which involved a BBC film crew following my day-to-day living and work, which of course included shots of me on my beloved Motorcycle.
Answer that niggle

After five years of working for various media groups in the UK on magazines, newspapers and web-sites and dealing with the burocracy the corporate world brings, I decided to answer that niggling idea I had thought about years previously, which was to design a web-site for the Biker community which would include information such as Rallies, Shows, Ride-outs, Clubs, News, Biker Pubs, Clothing, Biker Friendly Accommodation, Camping, Custom & Parts and much, much more, all on one user friendly site.  
Born to be wild... and naked!

Launched in January 2009,, has quickly become a trusted source of information, mainly as we strive to include updated information and businesses which are of interest to the Biker Community and promote direct to Bikers at Rallies, Shows and have just produced THE BIKER CALENDAR, which features clubs and Bikers from around the UK, in various states of undress - all artfully taken to avoid envy or embarrassment for those which have took part!
The Clubs who have dared to bare are:

NABD, Northern Harley Club, Jesters MCC, FELP, The Wreckin Crew, Unwanted MCC, Salutation MCC, Bristol & Avon Roadrunners MCC, The Royal British Legion Riders Branch, Royal Oak Rejects and a few other 'lone' Bikers.
The Biker Calendar is available through the web-site.
Story by:
Sharon Rollisson-Slaughter
Bringing the Biker Community Together

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