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Contact Us Page - Marketing tips fromTHE BIKER GUIDE

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To many of you this may seem like a very straight forward section to have on your web-site, however many websites just get it SO wrong...

The entire purpose of a Contact Us page is to help people contact your business as easy as possible, in a variety of different ways.  

One click Wonder...  
There are certain pages that visitors expect to be able to reach in one click from any page of a website, such as the home page. The Contact Us page is one of these kinds of pages.  
It is not user friendly to include this information at the bottom of your website as many visitors are not going to bother scrolling down. People use the internet as they want information quickly, so make it easy to find at close to the top of the website as possible, either in your left-side navigation or across-the-top navigation... or even both!  
Despite the fact that many large companies, such as Amazon, make it hard to find their contact information, it is generally true that if you do not make your contact information easy to find, visitors will trust you less. Trust is everything on the Internet, especially when you're trying to run a business. In general, people will not buy from those they do not trust. Your Contact Us page does not need to have a lot of information; indeed, it's likely to be the smallest page on your website. What should it contain? I'm glad you asked...

The following three are imperative:  
address - with postal code telephone number, including a land line and a mobile e-mail - not just as a contact us form   You can also include on this page information about yourselves and even a photograph - Remember people buy people so why not let your potential customers know who you are!  
Address - with postal code or gps  
Many people will search your address to plan the route, so include your full address, with postcode and if you can include a hype-link from the post-code to a Google map, even better.  
Telephone number, including a land line and a mobile  
Many people prefer to call on a land-line than a mobile, so try and include both. If you do not have a mobile connected to the business then get one. If someone wants to contact you, they usually want it instantly and not wait for a returned call from your answering service.  
e-mail - not just as a contact us form  
Some people do not like to include their actual e-mail address as you can get spam. So what? Do not put potential customers off by making them fill in a lengthy form when all they want to do is ask you a simple question.   And for the love of all things holy, make that e-mail address relevant to your business. If you own the web-site the e-mail should relate to it. Use any of the following before your web-site address and just get it directed to your e-mail or you can set up a new e-mail account for less than £15 per annum, which relates to this address.   [email protected] [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc...
Most people use e-mail these days and for some people they simply prefer it as a means of correspondence - yes rather than talking on a telephone!  
It is now expected that people do not have to speak to someone to ask a question and get an answer. Using e-mail means everyone gets a solid record of the communication, too, providing an extra layer of protection in case things go awry. Also it gives your customers an easy way to contact you after hours.  
Available 24/7/365  
Not everyone will be in a position to call you during your normal business hours. That is simply a fact of life, if you are doing business globally – which you are, technically, if you're doing business on the internet.  So by including all of the above you can be contacted, with ease, any time of the day or night.  
Customers you have not met yet!  
By updating your Contact Us page, your potential customers will appreciate it and you should see a marked increase in enquiries.  
As with all marketing suggestion from THE BIKER GUIDE, apologies if you are already doing this.
Bringing the Biker Community together!  

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