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Right To Ride - Down The Plug Hole!

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As reported by some European rider organisations, the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) argues that, “Road users and motorcyclists in particular, have serious doubts about the objectiveness of the EU decision-making process and the actual motives and democratic values of our representatives.”  

FEMA adds, “It would not be the first time the EU has been accused of not having its actual people’s interests as a priority.” and wonders, “how long it (we assume the European decision making process) can really afford to carry on operating like this.”  

These accusations and further mutterings from FEMA concern the European Commission’s proposal to introduce mandatory Road Worthiness Testing (RWT) for motorcycles in all European member states. At this point in time there are 9 countries that do not have RWT aka MoT for motorcycles and scooters.  

Just to be clear, our position at Right to Ride is and has always been that this is a national issue and should be left to Member States to decide, which is why we support the EU Council’s position (which is similar to the Northern Ireland Assembly’s position) to change the proposal into a Directive.  

However we have also made it clear that we believe that roadworthiness testing is a valid means of ensuring that vehicles circulating on our roads are compliant from a technical and emissions perspective.  

What is the actual problem between those individuals and bodies in the European decision making process?  In response to our queries, FEMA’s President Frederic Jeorge replied that they do meet the MEPs, interact and discuss, and have plenty of them (MEPs) on their side. However, evidently the FEMA representatives in Brussels are unable to have any impact within the TRAN committee or in this case with the rapporteur Werner Kuhn and Chairman Brian Simpson. Perhaps it is the case that FEMA left it too late and should have perhaps been in contact with these people months ago when the proposal was first introduced?  

As per our previous article – RWT – Is it Toast?

We considered what we believe to be the most likely outcome, which is that due to the vast difference of positions between the EP (i.e. Rapporteur Kuhn of the TRAN Committee) and the EU Council, we find it unlikely that this proposal will see the light of day in its present form, because the majority of the Member States don’t want it (RWT) as proposed by the Commission, nor do a significant proportion of MEPs.  

Let’s hope somebody can enlighten us or get this alleged problem sorted before riders representative credibility swirls down the plug hole!  

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