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Don’t hold your breath for French drink-driving fines

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The French Minister of Interior has announced an indefinite delay on the fines for motorists, including motorcyclists, who do not carry a breathalyser kit with them in their vehicle. Previously, it was decided that fines would be issued from 1 March 2013.  

Currently, all drivers in France, including motorcyclists, are required to carry a breathalyser kit and the €11 fine for not carrying a breathalyser would have been applicable to all road users, except for those on mopeds.  

Anyone driving in France is already required to carry a warning triangle and a fluorescent safety vest to use in an emergency. Additionally UK motorists and motorcyclists must display a GB plate.  

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “The law for carrying breathalysers will no longer be enforced through fines, but in order to comply with the law we still recommend that you keep a breathalyser kit in the car whenever you’re travelling to or through France.”

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