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Carbon Monoxide poisoning in tents - Stormin the Castle

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We have been asked to take measures to advise our customers of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning in tents.

Witton Castle have received a visit from environmental health officers, it appears they are doing a tour of campsites warning them of incidents as described below.

This Bank Holiday (5th – 7th May 2012) saw the tragic but avoidable death of another teenage camper.
Earlier Saturday afternoon this teenager had been enjoying watching the FA Cup Final with her family in the pub to which their campsite belongs. After the match they left the pub and the family barbecued at the families tents.
Sunday morning, family members from other tents realised their relatives had not yet stirred and approached their tent. Horror struck as they realised the family were almost unwakeable. Two adults, the girls mother and stepfather, stirred as did her 11 year old brother, sadly the young girl could not be revived despite the efforts of a doctor on site and paramedics arriving shortly after the discovery. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Her parents were very ill and her brother still recovering in hospital.
Why did this happen? A disposable barbecue, the kind in a foil tray costing around £3, was found in the tent and the carbon monoxide fumes emitted from this are believed to have been responsible for the incident.
All Fossil Fuels emit carbon monoxide when burned. They continue to emit carbon monoxide for may hours after they cease to be of use for cooking. Campers are tempted to take the residue of the burning embers in the foil tray, in to their tents to make use of the warmth it is still generating. Then, disaster strikes! The odourless carbon monoxide released increases the already tired occupants drowsiness and sends them off to sleep. Sadly for some, never to wake up again.


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