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The Farmyard Party 2012 - You Came, You Saw You got wet, But you didn't half party!

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Over 6 thousand of you, well 6,007 of you to be exact, turned up at the Farmyard gates and demanded to get down in the mud and party!

If you talk to any event supplier, trader or caterer, 2012 has been a washout. Events have been cancelled all over the UK, but not us and not you, we opened our gates and you rode from all points of the UK, Ireland and even Europe to come to a sodden North Yorkshire. Hats off to you, it has to be said, well done! And you didn't moan or complain, you just got on with it and got slaughtered... Nutters the lot of you!

If in your panic to get pissed you missed your chance to visit the product tent, we have a bit left, T-shirts, vests, strappy tops, badges, ect.

Just ring Neil on the Free phone Number 0800 988 3199 and he will take your order and post it to you.

So moving on. The Yorkshire Pudding Rally 3 to the 5/8/12 is full, sold out, no tickets left, none on the gate as its pre-book.

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