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Watch your horsepower

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IAM’s head of riding standards and advanced motorcyclist, Peter Rodger, is advising on sharing the road with horse riders.
 • Riders are reluctant to take their horse onto a grass verge because long grass can hide hazards. Give them plenty of room so they don’t need to.
• Horses are unpredictable; don’t risk startling them by rushing up or making sudden noises when passing.
• If the horse reacts to the vehicle ahead, let it settle down before you try to pass.
• If you catch a horse up but have to wait behind, make sure the horse can see you.
• Horse box drivers will avoid stopping to give their passengers a smoother ride, and will leave longer following distances. Be patient and avoid cutting them up.
• Many riders will try to communicate with you, so make eye contact and keep an eye on their body language throughout the manoeuvre.
Rodger said: “At this time of the year, there are higher numbers of vulnerable road users – especially on rural roads – including cyclists and horse riders.
“Bear in mind that around every bend you could come across one of them, and keep your speed down, and scan the road well ahead for signs of their presence.”

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