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Compulsory Basic Training

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The nidirect Government Services website has published a reminder and information:  As of yesterday, 21st February 2012, “all learner moped and motorcycle riders must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before they can ride unaccompanied on public roads.”
CBT was introduced last year on 21st February 2011 and riders with a motorcycle provisional licence entitlement were allowed a year to take a motorcycle practical test without having to take CBT.
As this deadline has now passed, you will have to take CBT before you can do your practical test, which consists of two parts, a manoeuvres test which will last approximately 30 minute, (at present this is only available from certain test centres) and an on-road motorcycle riding test which lasts about 40 minutes.
There are five elements in the syllabus that covers CBT training. Elements A to D are not time bound – the duration will depend on your ability. However, element E will be a minimum of four hours. The overall length of the course will vary depending on your ability, knowledge, understanding and skills.
The nidirect Government Services website comments, “Biking can be a great experience but ridden inappropriately, a motorcycle becomes a lethal weapon. CBT will improve learners’ riding skills because they will receive training in a safe environment before being allowed to ride on public roads.”
Adding that, “Drivers should look out for motorcyclists -  Half of all motorcyclist casualties are caused by other drivers. Motorists should give extra consideration to motorcyclists and look out for bikes:
 •when overtaking
•at junctions
•when turning right
•when emerging onto main roads
Only registered Approved Motorcycle Instructors (AMI) will be allowed to conduct these training courses. It is intended that this new training scheme will improve safety for all road users.”
Module 1
Element A Introduction – theoretical training
Element B Practical training (touch, balance etc)
Module 2
Element C Practical riding skills
Element D Pre road-ride briefing
Module 3
Element E Practical on-road riding (compulsory 4 hours duration)
More Changes
If you are not already aware, in January 2013, the motorcycle test and licence categories will change through the implementation of the EU Third Licence Directive.
Yesterday (21st February) Right To Ride along with other stakeholders attended the second meeting to discuss this implementation.
To read this article and for further information and links on CBT in Northern Ireland go to Right To Ride


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