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Racing dreams from SHARK

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SHARK Helmets has introduced a brand new helmet into its extensive collection. The Race –R PRO CARBON has been developed from the Race –R PRO and will be worn by SHARK racers in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, World Superbike and British Superbikes during the 2013 season.       

Sitting at the top of SHARK’s Racing Division, the Race –R PRO CARBON has a significant noise reduction of 4.5db(A), compared with the Race –R PRO. The helmet benefits from its lightweight carbon/aramid shell construction and has superb aerodynamics thanks to its shape and rear spoiler. It also features SHARK’s brand new bamboo comfort fibre interior.      

SHARK has its own safety laboratory where helmets are pushed to their limits and strict safety tests are carried out, to ensure these helmets meet the five-star levels of protection achieved by the Race -R PRO.      

The Race –R PRO CARBON is available in a variety of colours, which all show a section of the carbon/aramid fibre that makes up the helmet, and is priced at £479.99.

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