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BMF Welcomes Red Tape Cut

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The British Motorcyclists Federation have welcomed the Department for Transport’s announcement that it is to cut the requirement for annual renewal of Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).

In its submission on the DfT’s consultation, ‘Road Transport Red Tape Challenge’, the BMF had pointed out that for many motorcyclists with either classic bikes or other motorcycles undergoing renovation, they have had to renew their SORN every year even though the machine in question may not even be roadworthy. Now, once owners have notified the DVLA that their vehicle is covered by a SORN, they will no longer have to renew it.

Other cuts to red tape announced by Transport Secretary Justine Greening cover scrapping the regulation (by 2015) requiring motorists and motorcyclists to hold a paper counterpart to their driving licence and more controversially, the removal of the need for an insurance certificate.

In a previous consultation the BMF said it was concerned that under the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement Rules there would be sole dependence on the Motor Insurance Database (MID), a database that had proved less than reliable in cases of multi-vehicle insurance policies. However the Department for Transport says it will now work with the insurance industry on removing the need for insurance certificates.

By using the MID system the DfT say this will also remove the need for owners to prove they have insurance when taxing on-line because this will be checked against the registered keeper details held by the DVLA.

Commenting, BMF spokesman Jeff Stone said: “It makes a pleasant change these days to have less red tape and we know from our members that the removal of the annual SORN requirement will be particularly welcome.”

In the light of pending EU regulations, the BMF also welcomes the fact that the Motor Cycles (Single Vehicle Approval) Regulations 2003 are to be retained. These are regulations that provide motorcycle special builders and personal importers with a cost effective way to obtain type approval for one-off machines.

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