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Get On Your Bike as British Summer Time Begins

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As British Summer Time starts, with the clock change at the weekend, so does the unofficial beginning of the riding season, as we all benefit from the longer, lighter days and warmer weather.

There are about 1.3 million licensed motorcycles in Great Britain, which according to the latest Government statistics were ridden over 5 billion kilometres at the last count.

As riders prepare for the warmer weather it is important that bikes and scooters that have been locked up over the Winter are also fully prepared for the roads.

Preparing for a season of riding requires riders to undertake a thorough inspection of their bike, and we would recommend that inspection be carried out by one of the country's network of dealers.

Kit should be checked as the spring opens up many more opportunities whether riding for purely pleasure or practical purposes.

Bike Preparation - This will depend on what you did prior to putting your bike in storage. However, over the winter months bad weather can cause some problems so it is important that you give your bike a number of checks, such as looking for corrosion, checking the oil and brake fluid and brake pads.

Get in touch with your nearest dealer as mentioned, get them to check out your bike as the season begins. Be ready to enjoy safe riding, always remembering that regular maintenance is essential and will also help to prolong the life of your motorcycle

Washing and applying a fresh coat of wax to your bike not only keeps it looking good, it can also prevent rust and corrosion.

Kit - In addition to your bike, you should give your motorbike gear and any specialist clothing some careful attention. If you've just pulled out a helmet you wore years ago or have been wearing the same one for a few years check that it's still safe enough and have a chat with your local supplier. If it has been stored in sunlight, the lining is compressed, the strap is stretched or frayed or the visor is scratched it's probably time to buy yourself a new one.

There are plenty of alternatives to leathers too. You can now get jeans reinforced with Kevlar and similar materials. Whether you go for leathers or textiles, look out for armour at vulnerable points like knees, hips, elbows and shoulders. It should be CE approved. Again try the Get On website at

Get On - Anyone who is interested in enjoying all of the cost-saving benefits of a bike or scooter can dip their toe into the world of bikes with a free one-hour taster session with a local trainer

Steve Kenward CEO of the MCI said "Getting on a bike as the warmer weather approaches brings many benefits to the individual and other road users.  It is a fun leisure activity that brings together people from all walks of life as well as providing a cost-effective commuting alternative.

Anyone who hasn't got a licence, but is interested in life on two wheels can now have the chance to have a FREE one-hour experience as part of the industry's Get On campaign"

For more information about life on two wheels and choosing your motorcycle kit go to the website

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