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Motorcycling road safety initiative RideSafe BackSafe is seriously concerned about the number of learner riders who are riding illegally, having failed to renew their CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate.

A CBT certificate is valid for just two years at which point a moped or motorcycle rider is required to retake their CBT course; unless they have  passed both parts of the test to acquire their full motorcycling licence, or moved on to driving a car instead. 

Road Safety Adviser and RideSafe BackSafe team member, Rob Winn, explains; “If you do nothing, your CBT expires after two years and by continuing to ride on public highways you are committing a road traffic offence. This would also mean that your moped or motorcycle insurance is no longer valid, which is another offence that can result in your bike being seized by the Police and possibly crushed. What makes this all the more alarming is the fact that your CBT is a basic, ‘entry level’ introduction to riding on the roads and really should be seen as a short-term stepping stone to other training and safer travel“.

Recent figures issued by Transport Statistics show that the number of people riding mopeds and motorcycles has increased dramatically and the motorcycle population as a whole now travels in excess of five billion kilometres per year.

Although moped and motorcycle riders only make up about one percent of all road traffic, they still account for about 20% of all collision casualties and 16 to 24 year old riders are at greatest risk.

Rob Winn continues, “With the cost of fuel and insurance going up dramatically, many people are living on a tighter budget and this may cause some learner riders to simply not bother renewing or ‘moving on’ from a CBT certificate, some may even just forget. RideSafe BackSafe is keen to highlight the fact that no reminder is issued when the two year time limit has expired. Casualty statistics also tell us that riders who do take additional training are less likely to be involved in road traffic collisions, so we are encouraging inexperienced riders in particular to develop their riding skills, as well as remaining road legal“.

More information can be found at – and learner riders can join the bikers forum through the website to ask for advice and guidance from motorcycling experts and enthusiasts.

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) also provides an informative leaflet on the subject entitled ‘Routes to motorcycling'.

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