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EXMoD LTD - Information

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EXMoD LTD - 'Forget-Me-Not', was  founded in 2005 by Anthony Finlay (a former member of HM Forces) who believed there was no provision for homeless ex-servicemen and women in the United Kingdom, especially those suffering from mental illness or addiction. It is a charity run by ex-servicemen for ex-servicemen.

Tony had served with the British Army for twenty years and found it extremely difficult to adapt to civilian life when he eventually retired. He has been homeless and for three months Tony spent each evening chained to his BMW 1100GS, in a sleeping bag around London and the south west. When he had the money breakfast was at the Ace Cafe, somewhere close to his heart. Upstairs was an old photograph showing  the lorry owned by his father parked outside the Cafe.  For a time he toured the Alps before coming back to the UK and asking for help.  He fully appreciates  the problems encountered and the lack of empathy shown by local authorities to these men and women who have laid their lives on the line for their country.  

Approximately five years ago, he decided that something needed to be done and wanted to establish a ,safe haven, where any man or woman who had received a  day’s pay from HM Forces, and who, for whatever reason had found themselves homeless would be safe.  He wanted a place where they could stay in a room, or pitch a tent, receive a hot meal and be amongst their own kind. 

EXMoD LTD, are now at the juncture where they need to relocate and are looking to raise half a million pounds for a suitable property, to enable them to offer further assistance and to prevent the need to turn our former heroes away due to lack of space.  Exmod prides itself in offering assistance to and former serviceman or woman.  Like the RBL and SSAFA our only criteria is that the client has received one full days pay.

Tony has been riding bikes since he was seventeen, his first bike being a Rayleigh Run About.  His first posting with his regiment was Northern Ireland during the troubles and Tony took it upon himself to purchase a Honda CB125 and travel by bike from his home town of Leicester to his posting.  When his first R&R came up, Tony rode back to Leicester with a small collie pup tucked in his jacket.

If anyone would like to fund raise on our behalf,we would be extremely grateful. 

Our Forthcoming Events

Several charities offer a sponsorship/adoption scheme, well if it good for the goose then it is good for the gander. We cannot promise that the horses, goats, pigs or rabbits  will actually write to you three times a year, because as far as we are aware they are somewhat clumsy with the keyboards.  However, we will write four updates per year send out photographs and allow our sponsors to visit three times a year.

It has also been suggested that we should arrange a sponsor a hero scheme. The money received will pay for vocational training courses, travel costs, etc.

If you would like more information, please contact a member of the team or watch the site for further details.

30th April 2011

We are hoping that the parents and children involved in The Forces Children’s Trust will accept out invitation to A Day On The Farm. We would like this to be a special day for all concerned and propose to include attractions like pony and carriage rides 4 x 4 off-roading, BBQ and treasure hunt.  Fund permitting we would like to arrange for several fairground rides to be at the venue.

Once again we are looking for support.  Anyone living in the Northamptonshire area that is able to offer their services are invited to contact the Exmod team.

May 2011

We are funding raising and will be holding a promise auction. We have already been offered several fantastic lots but need more. If you have a speedboat, or helicopter or can offer a ride in a side-car and don’t mind giving up your time or you have tickets to a show that you have seen, please donate the same. We need to relocate as quickly as possible and cannot do so without your continued support.

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