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Bad weather, rising costs, post-Christmas debts and going back to work are just some of the reasons that 'Blue Monday' has been established as the worst day of the year.

This year Blue Monday falls on the 17th January. Expert, Dr Cliff Arnall devised a mathematical formula that identifies this day as the most depressive of year as a mix of factors come together,

The best way to get over this is to have some fun, start a new hobby or do something you have been putting off for months or years...

As the annual New Year resolutions starting to fade why not make a new resolution to do something that you will find easy to stick to and get on to two wheels , a pleasure that can last you a lifetime.

Get On -  The Motor Cycle Industry is making it easier than ever before to help interested people take their first steps into the world of motorcycling by offering a free one-hour riding experience with a local trainer, that will get you kitted out and ready to go at no expense. Already 21,000 people have booked their ride and we are seeing a growing number of interest from women accounting for 34% of participants.

A dedicated website has been set up to help you search for a local trainer, so go online, find out more about life on tow wheels and take those first steps at

Training -  For others who are ready to get stuck in or have lapsed or maybe only ever completed the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), now's the time to reap the economic and social benefits of a powered two-wheeler and take their next step to completing their test and broadening your motorcycle experience.

Experience -  More and more people are enjoying off-road adventures and over land travel experiences on bikes. There is a growing number of companies that provide tours to anywhere any everywhere from Canada to Africa, so for the more experienced rider who wants to see more of the world , now is the time to stop dreaming and  start planning.

MCI's Spokesperson CEO Steve Kenward commented   " You can beat 'Blue Monday' by doing something positive to challenge it.

"Motorcycles and scooters are the best way to beat the ongoing credit crunch and turn the daily commute into a joy.  Two wheels will let you move through traffic, with ease. Not only that, in London they are exempt from congestion charge and can also use bus lanes, so you will save time and money every day, which is certainly something to smile about"

"If you want to make commuting more fun and economical, start this new year with a new approach, get on a scooter or motorcycle and join the 1.5million other converts. "

For more information on passing your test and other useful information go to

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