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The British Motorcyclists Federation has today congratulated Azhar Hussain the founder of the zero carbon, clean emissions TTXGP motorcycle race, on being honoured in The Queen’s Birthday 2011 Honours List with an MBE for services to motor sport. 

Speaking on the announcement, Azhar said: "This was a shock at first but I am honoured at the recognition. In truth the award belongs to the teams, suppliers, tracks, governments, and many others such as the BMF, who have stood with TTXGP and believe we can all make a difference. Competition not only provides great challenge and entertainment but also improves the breed; we hope that TTXGP will come to be seen as a milestone in bringing new transportation technology to the world of motor sports and beyond.”

Businessman and entrepreneur, Azhar, 38, the founder and CEO of TTXGP, the eGrandPrix, the world’s first formally sanctioned zero carbon, clean emission motorcycle race, is also the CEO of Mavizen, the producer of the Mavizen TTX01 and TTX02 electric race bikes and of the skills development project LEO.

Speaking for the BMF, Chris Hodder, Government Relations Executive, said: “Azhar deserves this recognition. He has worked tirelessly to get the TTXGP project off the ground and as the BMF’s aim is, and always has been, to promote, protect and safeguard the future interests of motorcyclists, events such as the TTXGP provide an exciting test-bed for clean-technologies that will enter the mainstream market in the future."

Launched on the Isle of Man TT in 2009 as the TTXGP, the eGrandPrix has quickly become an international race series providing a high profile platform for the development of electric vehicles. It is from this perspective that the BMF, normally concerning itself solely with the road riding aspects of motorcycling, has given its support to the TTXGP eGrandPrix from the beginning.

Now with races in seven countries and over 30 teams worldwide taking to the track in 2011, TTXGP is the leading global electric race series and at the forefront of motorsport technology.

Fully aware of the environmental impact of traditionally fuelled vehicles, the BMF sees cleaner propulsion methods as essential in promoting wider use of the motorcycle and scooter and in February ’09, Chris Hodder, the BMF’s Government Relations Executive, was the first to try the Mavizen TTX01 on the road, a 130 mph motorcycle built to demonstrate the potential of electric power for sports bikes.

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