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Traffic Light Loop Sensors

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Riders on the NI Bikers Forum have highlighted an issue on our roads regarding motorcycles.

This time it considers certain Traffic Light Loop Sensors which are embedded in the road surface. Riders report that the sensors are not triggering the traffic lights during time periods when traffic is light or late at night & early in the morning.

This is forcing riders to either “take a chance” to go through the red light; use various means of approach to traffic lights to try and activate the sensors or wait for a car to turn up to trigger the sensors.

Previously, advice was sought from the PSNI and although sympathetic that it was frustrating to be stuck at traffic lights for long periods while they remain red, stated that it would be illegal to jump the lights and the rider could be liable for prosecution.

However at Right To Ride we say don’t get frustrated, there is a way to solve this and that is to report the fault on the Roads Service “Report A Fault” online.

Does reporting a fault work?  Well one rider reports, “I used this link you provided last night and got this response: “The sensitivity of the detection has been increased. This problem should now be resolved. If you are still having difficulties please let us know. Thanks for passing on this information.”

The rider also received a separate pdf format response from a different person in the roads service saying they will issue a reply by 10th Nov.

The rider reports that, “For the first time ever, the lights changed for me this morning, so top job Mr Roads Service.”

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