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British roads continue to get safer year on year for all road users. The Motor Cycle Industry's analysis of the Governments most recent statistics found that although traffic rose by 15% in the last year the casualty rate for motorcyclists fell by 6%.

The motorcycle casualty rate has continued to fall since 1994 and the number of motorcycle fatalities has also dropped by 4% since 2008.

The statistics reveal that rider/ driver errors are the main contributory factor to accidents (42% overall).

The three main causes of motorcycle accidents are; a loss of control - 16%, a failure to properly observe - 15% and a failure to judge the other person's path or speed - 12%. Slippery roads (7%) and inexperienced riders (9%) were also notable.

Steve Kenward, NMCI's CEO commented, " It is important that we continue to make progress and sustain the reduction in accidents and the casualty rate. Riders themselves can also take greater personal responsibility for their actions on the road and can get involved in different activities to improve their skills and experience."

Taking part in a BIkeSafe assessment is an excellent and affordable way to discover strengths and weaknesses on the road. These sessions include an on-road riding assessment with a qualified police bike instructor who will evaluate things such as cornering and breaking as well as your overall riding technique.

To find out more and book a session go to

Follow this up with some post-test training to help improve your skills and techniques. The better prepared you are the easier it will be to deal with hazardous situations that might arise.

For more information about how to find a suitable trainer and the different types of training that is available go to the website

Editor's Notes

Get On is the Motor Cycle Industry's three-year campaign to get the nation biking and is funded by a levy on every motorcycle and scooter sold in the UK by participating Get On manufacturers and dealers?

Notes: gives details of the companies who are supporting this campaign

Riding taster sessions are FREE and details of where they can be taken are on the website

You do not need a car licence in order to 'Get On' but must be aged 16 years or older

Each taster session lasts for approximately one hour

All riding is conducted in a safe environment and does not take place on main roads

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