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Motorcycle Industry Provides Positive Employment Opportunities for the UK

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The motorcycle industry is a vital employer in the UK providing thousands of jobs in a broad range of sectors across the country.

Currently, the industry directly employs 65,000 people in more that 6,000 businesses, which is a greater level of employment that those employed in UK call centres, the market research sector, as taxi drivers and throughout libraries, museums and other cultural activities. (1)

In 2008, the industry paid out more than £1.2 billion in wages and made total tax contributions of more than £1 billion.

There is a wide range of opportunities for people to take employment in the motorcycle industry.  Distribution and retail is the largest single field of employment (20,380) and the sport and leisure sector employs around 10,000 people contributing a gross added value to the UK economy of £238 million per annum. 

Other sectors offering work opportunities include; manufacturing, repairs , servicing and maintenance and other support services such as finance, marketing, publishing, training and couriers. Between them they employ almost 30,000 people, paying over £600 million in wages.

Although there is a concentration of retail and distribution jobs (31% of the total), average wages are £18,800 across the whole industry and are significantly higher in the support services (£21,600) and manufacturing (£28,600) sectors

Steve Kenward, MCI's CEO commented. " The motorcycle industry provides a significant financial contribution to the UK 's economy, generating added value of more than £2billion,  as well as acting as an important employer.

"There are many fields of employment within the industry offering work opportunities for people from all walks of life whether they want to work in a practical, hands-on role or take a more customer service based job there is something for everyone."

For more information about the motorcycle industry go to the website
1) All statistics are from the survey - The Economic Significance of the UK Motorcycle Industry by GHK - February 2010

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