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Mass Lobby of Parliament - Riders Are Voters campaign

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The Riders Are Voters campaign organisations have called for Mass Lobby of Parliament on Monday 8th November 2010.
The Mass Lobby is not a street demo, it is a rare opportunity for riders from across the UK to gather at Parliament and tell the politicians how best they can serve the riding public.
There is plenty for the riders to say to their elected representatives and the governing parties:
• The cost and bureaucratic complexity of getting a licence is spiraling out of control, while DSA has slashed the number of driving test centres.

• Road conditions are worsening - road design and repair must become bike-friendly if cuts in public spending are not to result in avoidable danger to riders.

• The UK Parliament must resist European proposals to restrict rider choice - current proposals for a new 'Multi-Directive' threaten to restrict riders carrying out basic maintenance task or modifying their own bike to suit their needs.  Mandating the use of expensive anti-lock brakes and electronics will add further cost and complexity to biking.  Mandating permanently lit headlamps on all new bikes may do more harm than good.

• Riders are paying too much for too little in return - many bikes pay higher amounts of road tax than do less fuel-efficient cars.

• The Bike industry has been left to sink or swim as Government bail-outs for the Car industry and public money to develop more environmentally-friendly vehicles are not available for two-wheelers.

• Many Bus Lanes are still closed to bikes despite the advantages of opening them.

• Motorcycle Sport is under pressure from agricultural policies that deter landowners and planning rules that threaten to close circuits.
 Taking part in the Mass Lobby is very easy and free of charge, but you must register your details with Riders Are Voters if you want to attend.
You can register by emailing MAG at [email protected] or Phoning the Riders Are Voters office on 0800 9883193 (rider registration is being co-ordinated by MAG on behalf of the RAV campaign organisations).
You will need to tell us:

• Your name and home address including the postcode (we will need to check details for your constituency and MP).

• Your e-mail address and telephone contact details (we will need to confirm your registration and may need to tell you about final arrangements for the day).

• Which motorcycle organisations you are a member of, if any (RAV is a coalition of groups working for a better deal for riders).
RAV will send you further information about arrangements for the day, including travel information.
Riders who are not able to take part in the Mass Lobby at Parliament can still support the campaign by making an appointment to see their MP at one of their local constituency ‘surgeries’ - ideally before the 8th of November.

or phone 0800 9883193 for further information.

This is your opportunity – meet your MP where they work for you.

Hear what lies ahead for biking in the UK - Say what should be done.

Be a part of it, let your voice be heard.

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