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Right To Ride - Digesting - Throttle Control

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Right To Ride’s campaign “No To Throttle Control” has reached across the Irish Sea and has been acknowledged by the UK motorcycle magazine “The Riders Digest”.

The Riders Digest in-house reporter, Amelie Summers’ column “Inside Line” has featured the issues on Throttle Control in an article entitled, “Automatic speed limiters – coming to your bike soon?”

The article also mentions that inspite of preliminary advice given to the SAFERIDER project by training experts, they were ignored. Partners in the project include the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) of which the BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation) and MAG (Motorcycle Action Group UK) are both members.

Riders Organisations

Right To Ride’s Trevor Baird says, “We have been writing to these organisations over the last three months regarding this fundamental issue of rider control and have not received any positive feedback on what they intend to do to stop the development of this system”.

FEMA’s answer to threats of throttle, braking or steering interference is to use its best weapon of “plain common sense”.  We ask - when will its best weapon of plain common sense be deployed?

Urgency is required, because the SAFERIDER project ends in November when the final review will be presented to the EU Commission and the deliverables (results) of the project, including the force feedback throttle will be seeking the EU Commission’s approval and support.


Meanwhile at Right To Ride we have written directly and presented a paper to the EU Commission Project Officer and Directors of the SAFERIDER project, setting out the reasons why we consider the Force Feedback Throttle dangerous.

Our argument in this paper is that any interference with the throttle will de-stabilize the motorcycle and place the rider in a precarious situation. We set out our reasons in detail why the development of this device – the force feedback throttle – must be stopped immediately and withdrawn from the SAFERIDER project.

We say – “No To Throttle Control”

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