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Wheels to Work Scheme Helping Young People to Get off Benefits and 'Get on' Motorcycles

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The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is today promoting new Parliamentary activity to gain support for the range of 'Wheels To Work' projects in the UK.

The MCI is currently lobbying for Government to provide support for national and regional schemes,which are seeking routes to public and private sector funding. MCI is also calling for the creation of a National Coordinator's post to develop the valuable scheme Wheels to Work, which can work with local programmes to help them secure the support that they need.

Stephen Pound MP has, this week, tabled the Parliamentary 'Early Day Motion; an MPs petition calling on Government to support Wheels To Work. The MCI would urge everyone who supports Wheels to Work to ask their MP to sign the EDM.

'Wheels to Work' is a term used to describe schemes which provide transport to individuals who are unable to access training, employment or education, due to a lack of suitable public or private transport. Solutions offered can include loan of scooters, mopeds, power assisted bikes or bicycles and in some cases assistance with meeting car running costs.

Given the proposed level of public expenditure cutbacks both nationally and locally, it is more important than ever for Wheels to Work to be offered support by Government. This is because the investment involved will be more than returned by young people being in work and contributing to the economy, rather than sitting idle and claiming benefits.

There are now over 40 national schemes across the UK and it is possible to find the local schemes by searching on the website which features a regionalized map

Wheels to Work or Wheels to Learning schemes (W2W) can be particularly important for people living in isolated rural communities where public transport is inadequate or only available during business hours. It is widely accepted that a lack of viable transport can have a negative effect on opportunities for training, education and employment, particularly for young people and those living in rural areas.

Individuals who have taken part in Wheels to Work have commented on how empowering the scheme has been, how it has opened doors that would have previously been closed and how training has enhanced their career prospects.

Steve Kenward CEO for the MCI commented, " Motorcycles and scooters are a convenient and practical form of transport that can help to reduce social exclusion for many groups of people including young people and especially those that live in areas where there is limited public transport.

"Wheels to Work is an incredible scheme that is enabling young people to access employment and college and also introducing them to the fun and freedom of a powered two-wheeler for a very reasonable cost. We call on Government to realise that Wheels to Work is an investment which can bring immediate returns and should form a part of any strategy which aims to reduce welfare and benefit dependency.

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