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Bikers and Charity and Travel!

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There are many different ways that bikers are involved with charity. Europe`s largest motorsport show, Autosport International, managed to raise £4,000 for its 2010 nominated charity, the Make A Wish Foundation UK.
The British Motorcycle Charitable Trust is dedicated to protecting and restoring rare British motorcycles through donations and memberships. The BMCT also gives grants to improve transport museums. There are also annual motorcycle `runs` for charities. On a run, bikers ride in parade collecting donations and gifts from the public. At the end of the run, the organisers collect the donations and distribute them to charities. Well established runs include; the Star Bikers Motorcycle Club and Stoke on Trent Bikers Charity`s annual charity toy or egg runs. There are also many rallies organised to raise money for charities, through ticket and entrance fees and donations! The Look Up Rally raises money for the C9 Charitable Fund, which helps over worked and underpaid nurses at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge. Last year the Look Up Rally raised over £5,000 through ticket sales and donations.
There is a long tradition of doing whatever it takes to get to the next rally. European bikers regularly travel to the US, even without their bikes to be at rallies. There are rallies taking place throughout the summer in California; in Sacramento, Long Beach, right down to Orange County.
To attend biker rallies in California, there is always car rental in California.

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