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More interference in biking from Brussels - MAG Press Release

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• Mandatory anti-lock brakes.
• Anti tampering measures.
• Mandatory daytime headlight use.
All the above are threatened by Brussels in a new wave of legislation which bureaucrats think will cut motorcycle accidents.
The current proposals suggest medium and high powered bikes be routinely fitted with anti-lock brakes, while linked systems to ensure broth brakes are applied, are proposed as an option for low powered machines.
A raft of anti-tampering design features to obstruct owner modification in pursuit of higher power is being promoted for all bikes.
MAG President Ian Mutch said: “The Commission is trying to address complex road safety issues with ‘sledge hammer’ tactics yet again.  
“Rider groups defeated anti tamper legislation in the 1990s and now we have to respond to the threat once more. The benefits of anti-lock braking systems are as unproven as the use of headlights in daytime and yet these supposed panaceas are being re-floated in lieu of sensible efforts to develop better attitudes and consideration among all road users.
“Worse still, the EU is handing over responsibility for these issues to
technical experts appointed by the United Nations, thus robbing European citizens of a voice in the future of motorcycle construction and use.
“The resilience to logic of these irrational demands underscores the need for an articulate voice for motorcycling. MAG will work  to inform the debate among the  technical specialists if the politicians cannot be persuaded against abandoning their responsibility.”

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