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Super Rally Greece

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From the organisers:
We receive these days many emails with questions regarding the current situation in Greece. Many people are afraid that there will be problems during their stay at the Super Rally and also during some days before/after the SR, which they would like to spend in Greece.

Unfortunately there were problems during last week, because people made demonstrations with regards to the financial situation of Greece and understandably due to the fact that they fear personal consequences on their salaries, taxes, etc.

This fact was picked up by the press and the TV stations in order to show “the situation in Greece”. As usual the media make things seem worse than they are, because the demonstrating people certainly did not want to get other people hurt.

We want to inform you that currently there are no demonstrations and that we don’t see any signs for such further activities.

We Greeks are very hospitable and this hospitableness did not change due to the present financial situation and therefore we can assure you that there will be no problems or even danger for the visitors of the Super Rally.

We are looking forward to see you all in Patra and to celebrate a great Super Rally!

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See you all soon on the beach!

Harley Davidson Club Hellas – Organizing Committee

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