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Warwickshire Road Safety Unit have collated vital casualty statistics for road users across the county and identified a clear need for rider training amongst young and inexperienced moped and motorcycle riders.

Information taken from reports for every reported road traffic injury collision over a two year period shows that:

·          More than a third of all mopeds and motorcycles involved in injury collisions were ridden by under 21 year olds.

·          One in every five collisions where moped and motorcycle riders were considered most blameworthy, were attributed to learner, inexperienced or nervous riders.

·          Nearly a quarter of all fatal or serious injury collisions involving a moped or motorcycle rider, involved no other vehicle.

Road Safety Officer, Stephen Rumble has analysed the findings and said; “Moped and motorcycle riders are always going to be at greater risk because bikes afford them no or very little protection compared to other vehicles. But our research clearly shows that young and inexperienced riders, particularly males aged 16 to 20, still represent a disproportionately large number of Warwickshire’s casualties. The findings are also reasonably consistent in our neighbouring West Mercia counties. Unfortunately, some young riders are over-confident, ride as if they are immortal and they are hard to influence. However, many do acknowledge their vulnerability and inexperience as road users and we can now offer free and friendly rider training to help them to be safer on two wheels“.

In a joint initiative, Warwickshire together with, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin have recently re-launched the hugely successful Take Control rider training scheme and three of the five courses available are tailored to meet the needs of young riders. ‘CBT Plus’ is an ideal follow on from Compulsory Basic Training, whilst ‘Auto to Gears’ helps moped riders to progress to riding geared 125cc bikes. The ‘125 Rider Development’ course is a half-day session for riders new to 125cc bikes who are keen to develop their riding skills. 

Stephen Rumble continues; " All of the courses last just a few hours and there is no pressure to pass a test or achieve a minimum standard. Our instructors simply offer a helpful assessment and riders can complete the courses close to home on roads that they use regularly. We also have an exclusive moped and motorcycle insurance deal with British Superbikes official title partners, MCE Insurance for Take Control participants."

For more information, go to

To book a free young rider course, call 0845 370 91 91.

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