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Get Greener on Two Wheels in European Mobility Week 16th - 22nd September

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Riders can do their bit for greener travel and healthier cities by getting their leg over daily, according to the Motor Cycle Industry Association at the start of European Mobility Week. During the week, people across Europe come together to tackle the increase in pollution and related problems associated with transport in towns and cities. ' In Town Without My Car, ' taking place on the 22nd September, is the perfect opportunity for riders of bikes and scooters to demonstrate how powered two wheelers (PTWs) can help in the battle for less congested roads and reduced pollution.

The green advantages of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are clear. On CO2 emissions, the PTW fleet as a whole (at 110g/km) has already bettered the new EU targets for cars. (120g/km, to be met by 2012)(1). PTWs don't get stuck in queues, and so don't stand in traffic jams with their engines idling, which means that total Co2 emitted will always be lower for any given journey. PTWs also take on average only half as long as a car to do a similar journey in town, and take up less space when parked.

The MCI is calling for actions and events which promote sustainable transport to recognise that in reality, walking and cycling are not always the most practical alternative to a car journey, particularly for everyday commuting and business travel. The MCI's analysis of the National Travel Survey has shown that:-

· the average commute is 8.7 miles/27 minutes
· the average business trip is 19.4 miles/38 minutes
· the average bicycle trip is 2.6 miles/20.3 minutes
· the average motorcycle trip is 9.75 miles in 23 minutes

An average commute of almost 9 miles is over three times as long as the average bicycle ride - but the same trip would be a comfortable journey by P2W.
This campaign that encourages sustainable travel modes must also take a realistic view of people's travel habits. The NTS analysis also revealed that one quarter of participants said they never walked for 20 minutes, and that seventy percent of people surveyed rode a bicycle less than once a year. For these people, the PTW can be the perfect halfway house between car travel and bicycling, offering personal, flexible travel at a lower environmental cost than the car, while being a more achievable alternative than walking or cycling.

MCI Spokesperson, Sheila Rainger commented, "Events like European Mobility Week must not let the best be the enemy of the good. PTWs are cleaner than cars, take up less space on our congestion urban roads, and can comfortably handle journeys that would be a daunting distance for novice bicyclists.

"60% of cars on the road have only one occupant. Around 80% of car commuters are travelling solo. If even a small proportion of these switched to P2Ws, rush hours would be less congested, and no additional burden would be placed on public transport systems already bursting at the seams.

"Motorbikes, mopeds and scooters offer a practical, cost-effective alternative to the car for those who can't or won't cycle or walk. Choosing a PTW won't add to the pressures onto the public transport system, will help to reduce congestion and also offers clear environmental benefits. Now's the time for everyone who is serious about promoting sustainable travel to recognise the PTW as part of the solution."

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