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Motorcycle Industry Optimistically Awaits Election Outcomes

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Irrespective of the new politics that brings the motorcycle industry is optimistic that motorcycles and scooters will continue to play an important role on the transport agenda of the new Government

Government will seek to continue to reduce transport's impact on the environment and the motorcycle industry is well -placed to contribute to this and will continue to be a solution provider with its congestion beating and Co2 reducing vehicles.

The MCI's role will be to ensure that the incoming Government are fully aware of the benefits and importance of the motorcycle industry and its products. Powered Two-Wheelers offer a practical and cost-effective transport solution that supports 62,000 jobs in UK plc and accounts for over £7bn of sales and added value.

The Industry's 'Get On' campaign designed to introduce new people to two wheels has been proving a success. In the last 10 months in excess of 100,000 people have expressed an interest in motorcycling, as witnessed by the number of unique visitors to the "Get On" website.

The industry confidently expects that that this interest will translate to sales as people encouraged by Get On progress from; trying out a bike, to learning to ride, and then purchasing one.

Steve Kenward, MCI's CEO commented, "The public are expressing their opinions and as more people opt for an alternative form of transport in the form of bikes and scooters the industry's sales figures are set to rise in the months ahead. Government and its agencies must work with the MCI to ensure access to motorcycling if the personal mobility and environment benefits of motorcycles and scooters are to harnessed."

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