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...but there's rock music in Wirral seven nights a week.

Welcome back to those of you who attended Download. We had a bit of a do here too with rock chicks from the continent providing wonderful eye candy either side of the bands. Great feedback on the forum too. Check out
Kate's gallery. Anyway, wherever you ended up, we hope you had a good time. Unlike Download, we move on to next week. Coming?

This Saturday The Gypsies return for another timeless set of classics. DJ Camo is on home soil both weekend nights. But no wait! The weekend actually begins on Thursday with Jaie and his Tone Junkies taking us through until 2.

Revolver and The Swinging Arm are sponsoring a new Rock Show on 7 Waves which takes its cue from the iconic Great Easton Express. Kev McDempster, co presenter to the late Phil Easton, will be relaunching on Sunday 7-10. I might even pipe up from time to time if you're lucky. Get your requests and any band demos to
[email protected] The emphasis is on the past, present and future of rock. No playlists. No corporate interference. Record companies are delighted. Big profile interviews and news promised.

Talking of class acts, that bloke who broke the hearts of mums around the UK and educated a generation, Neil from Art Attack is taking his first creative baby Marseille back to Revolver for another sesh of fun and mayhem on Saturday July 11. Admission is actually £2.50 which is a small price to pay when you consider what our friends in Bolton are playing (£6) the night before for the same show. Bargain.

Neil & Steve are popping in to see Paul Anthony for an interview on 106.1 Rock Radio Manchester on Thursday 18th June at 8pm. You can also listen in online at They will also be appearing on on our show (as above) at on Sunday 5th July.

Next Saturday 27 June it's Ultimate Madness. No it aint strictly rock but it aint strictly a fascist state where music always has to be the same. Gods of Rock will take Friday by fire and brimstone.

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