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BMF Looking for TTXGP Glory in Isle of Man TT

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The British Motorcyclists Federation will be showing its support for the world's first zero carbon, clean emission grand prix, the TTXGP -The eGrandPrix, next week, by awarding a BMF trophy to the highest place British Rider.

The TTXGP eGrandPrix will be held on Friday 12th June as part of the Isle of Man TT fortnight and will be run over the world famous 39.73 mile Mountain Course.

Since the TTXGP’s inception some twelve month’s ago, the BMF have supported the race concept and the development of the road legal Marvizen TTX01 electric motorcycle and now see the awarding of a BMF trophy for this historic race as a natural progression.

The BMF’s Chris Hodder said: “We all know that racing improves the breed and the TTxGP eGrandPrix will stimulate and provide an exciting test-bed for clean-technologies that could soon enter the mainstream market. We want motorcycling to continue without the associated environmental concerns and without dependency on limited fuel supplies, the TTXGP eGrandPrix gives clean technologies the chance to prove that they are more than pipe dreams.”

TTXGP eGrandPrix founder and organiser, London businessman, entrepreneur and keen motorcyclist Azhar Hussain said: “This is a race designed to stretch the cutting edge of technology, married to the excitement and speed of open competition, with the ultimate goal of providing alternative, greener transport.”

Eighteen teams from six different countries; the USA, India, Germany, Austria, UK and the Isle of Man, have entered the race to produce a unique and international grid line up.

There are two classes within the TTXGP eGrandPrix race, the Open Class and the Pro Class 3A with the Open Class only eligible to machines that can be sold following the race for £20,000.

The winner of the Open Class will receive the ‘TTXGP Snaefell Open Trophy 2009’  the Pro Class category champion will be awarded the ‘TTXGP Snaefell Pro Trophy 2009’ while the highest placed British rider will receive the BMF Trophy and a cheque for £250.


Team name                                                    Class              Rider

Mission Motors                                                PRO 3A           Thomas Montano

Kingston University     (UK)                            OPEN              George Spence

EVOdesign      (UK)                                         PRO 3A           Paul Owen

MotoCzysz                                                      PRO 3A           Mark Miller

KillaCycle Racing /Lightning Motorcycles       PRO 3A           Alan Connor

eROCKIT                                                        PRO 3A           David Madsen-Mygdal

Barefoot Motors Racing                                  PRO 3A           Chris Petty

Imperial TTxGP           (UK)                             OPEN              Chris Palmer

Brammo/BIKE                                                 PRO 3A           Roy Richardson

Team Agni                                                       PRO 3A           Robert Barber

HTBLAUVA - TGM                                           PRO 3A           Paul Dobbs

ManTTx Racing                                               OPEN              Dan Kneen

TORK                                                              OPEN              John Crellin

XXL                                                                  PRO 3A           Thomas Schoenfelder

EVOdesign                  (UK)                             PRO 3A           Olie Linsdell

Electric Motorsport                                          OPEN              Chris Heath

Electric Motorsport                                          PRO 3A           Roger Maher

Peace e-rider                                                  OPEN              Antonio Maseo

Brunel X-team             (UK)                             PRO 3A           Steve Harper

Brammo/BIKE                                                 PRO 3A           Mark Buckley

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TTXGP flights

To see the world’s first zero carbon eGrandPrix, the TTXGP is offering an exclusive one-day return flight to watch the race for an all inclusive flight package costs £399. See full details.

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