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It's Fight or Flight on Bike Parking Charges say bmf

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Westminster City Council’s decision to make permanent their controversial scheme for motorcycle parking charges could have national implications and therefore makes it more important than ever that motorcyclists fight this retrograde move say the 80,000 strong British Motorcyclists Federation.

Although currently only affecting Westminster, the parking order takes effect on 25th January and the bmf say that with other Local Authorities across the country watching the situation closely, motorcyclists could soon be faced with the nationwide rollout of parking charges. If this were to happen say the No To the Bike Parking Tax (NTBPT) campaign, their supporters, the Tax Payers Alliance, have calculated that it would cost the motorcycle community a staggering £93,000,000 pa in parking charges.

A strong supporter of the NTBPT campaign, the bmf is supporting the NTBPT street protest on 4th February (, but is also calling on all motorcyclists nationally to support the NTBPT legal challenge fighting fund.  Currently standing at some £30,000, the fund needs at least another £20,000 to meet the expected minimum legal costs of £50,000 (see to donate.)

Commenting Chris Hodder, the bmf’s Government Relations Executive said “These parking charges run contrary to the Government’s aim to ‘mainstream’ motorcycling but the only option now available is to overturn the scheme in the courts. If we don’t, this could spell the nationwide end of free parking for motorcycles. Now is the time to stand up and be counted and support the NTBPT fighting fund.”

Warren Djanogly, leader of the NTBPT campaign said:  “Councillor Chalkley’s decision to make the scheme permanent has opened a window for us to launch a full legal challenge. It’s going to be expensive but if just 5,000 bikers contributed £10 each (less than a tank of fuel), we can beat this evil stealth tax.”


In backing the ‘No To the Bike Parking Tax’ (NTBPT) campaign, the bmf point out that where public transport does not serve a commuter’s needs and cycling is not a practical option, motorcycles and scooters, especially for low paid key workers, provide the ideal solution. With their efficient use of space they do not cause congestion, are able to filter through traffic congestion and when parked only take one eighth of a car parking space. They are also environmentally friendly, comply with current European emission limits and, coupled with their ability to avoid dense traffic, pollute far less than slow moving four-wheeled traffic. 

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