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Right To Ride - Distracted Driving‏

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MAG Ireland, the Irish Motorcyclists’ Action Group, reports that at its recent AGM MAG Ireland members voted to adopt a new policy on distracted driving in light of the increase in motorcycle accidents.

MAG Ireland say, “It is clear from research carried out by the RSA (Road Safety Authority) among others, that distracted driving (most typically use of a mobile phone while driving) is both a growing problem and a significant contributor to motorcycle accidents where another vehicle is involved. RSA figures suggest it may be as high as one in four collisions.”

At Right To Ride, riders in the context of vulnerable road users, are more than just concerned of the increasing use of mobile phone and other electronic devices by other road users.

MAG Ireland have brought a rational position to this debate, with suggestions for cyclists and car drivers as well as drivers of goods, construction, agricultural or public transport vehicles and including motorcyclists for policy, rigorous enforcement of the existing laws, public road safety education and funding to get rid of this road user menace and socially unacceptable driving on our roads.

In Northern Ireland we can only support MAG Ireland’s position as well as the inclusion written in Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Strategy To 2020:

•Educate and inform people about the dangers of using any mobile phone while driving, including hands free kits.
•Consider further measures to reduce mobile phone usage, including texting, while driving.

Information on mobile phone use contained in the Northern Ireland Survey of Seat Belt Wearing 2013, states that “In total 13,293 cars were observed and details of 19,792 occupants recorded. This recording took place in eight half hour sessions between 08:30 and 17:00 on Tuesday 23rd and Saturday 27th April 2013.”

•1 per cent of drivers in 2013 were observed using a mobile phone which is the same as reported for 2012 (0.7 per cent were using a hand – held phone and 0.4 per cent were using a hands – free phone)

Travel along any street, road, urban or rural byway and it would not be too long before the count of mobile phone use exceeds the number of fingers you have to count on.

These pariahs of mobile phone use, should be penalised for their actions due to the danger they cause and as motorcyclists or any other road users, avoided at all costs!

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